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Rose's POV

I hate my alarm clock.

The infernal contraption succededs in waking me from my slumber, but also succededs in annoying the heck outta me first thing in the morning.

I guess it's my fault The Thing (mine and Albus' fond nickname for it) was never shut off over summer break. Truth is, once school ends, I'm just too damn lazy.

"Shut. It. OFF!!!" my cousin Lily shouts from the bed across from me. At least, it was supposed to be a shout. She generally sleeps on her stomach so her face gets muffled by the pillow, making her exclaimation sound more like, "Shuffm it opmmm!". I pretend like I didn't understand her, because annoying Lily can be tremendous fun.

"Whah was thah, Lils?" I fake a sleepy sounding reply, like I was still half asleep when in reality I'm sitting up and looking at her. She groans, enticing a bout of silent laughter from me.

"Turn it OFFFFFFFF!" she lifts her head up slightly to scream at me before plopping back down.
"Oh! Ok! Geez, no need to yell." I say to her, earning a rude hand gesture in return.

Switching off The Thing, I threw the covers off and quickly dressed. I took my time walking down the stairs, trying to prolong the inevitable. Yes, it was cowardly. I just didn't want to see him. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my nerves before the onslaught of agrivation that was sure to come.

"Hey Rosie." Albus said, barely looking up from the Quidditch magazine he was pouring over with his best friend. The source of my constant irritation.

Scorpius Malfoy.

"Weasley." He greeted me. We had a mutual unspoken agreement to attempt to act civil for Albus' sake, as well as the rest of my family's.
"Malfoy." I responded in the same expressionless tone he had used.

Albus and Malfoy had been friends since first year, since they both got sorted into Ravenclaw together. I got sorted into Gryffindor. It was funny when Albus first brought Malfoy home, since everyone decided to hate him for his fathers faults.

It wasn't so funny anymore when they adopted him as one of the family.

Now he was a regular at the Potter/Weasley homes each summer.

Oh what fun!

Please note how that sentence drips with heavy sarcasm.

I don't even understand why my parents let him in our house. I mean, sure, Albus, James, and Lily stayed here sometimes over the summer and Malfoy and Albus were like two peas in a pod. I mean, why couldn't Malfoy just go home when they stayed here?

I accepted the food my mum set in front of me and began eating, minding my own buisness. Lily came down and sat next to me.

Yawning, she also accepted her breakfast. "Pass the butter." she mumbled sleepily. Lily Potter was not a morning person.

Malfoy, knowing this all to well, practically threw the butter dish at her. I still laugh uncontrolably whenever I remember when he ignored her one morning when she asked for the marmalade. She threw her fork at him and punched him repeatedly whilst screaming "I SAID PASS THE MARMALADE!" at the top of her lungs. It was funny because she was a skinny eleven year old and he was a Quidditch toned thirteen year old at the time.

The image of her sitting on him while screaming and punching is what I used as my happy memory to produce a Patronus the first time.

"Rose, a letter came." My dad said as he walked in from the living room. He held a piece of folded parchment out. I took it, wondering who could possibly be writing on the last day of summer break.

"Rosie-Posie!" The letter started. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculus nickname one of my my best friends, Masen Clark, had bestowed opon me in third year. I've told him repeatedly to knock it off. He doesn't ever listen. "Rosie-Posie! Sorry to write on the last day of holidays. Sadie keeps owling me, complaining that you refuse to answer her phone calls or letters. She wants you to remember to bring her shirt. I told her that it would help if she had a reliable owl or knew how to use a phone, but of course, she never listens.

Bring the damn shirt.


I chuckled slightly. I knew the shirt he was talking about and had already packed it away.

"Who's it from?" Dad asked through a mouthful of scrabled eggs.

"Masen. Sadie asked him to ask me something." I responded.

"Why doesn't she just write herself?" Mum asked, joining in. I rolled my eyes.

"Apparently, she did. And called. You've seen Old Royce. Stupid owls about as useful as a broken wand." I replied. Sadie Anveray was another of my best friends, along with Daphne Draven.

Sadie was outgoing, bubbly and vivacious. Daphne was almost her polar opposite. She was quiet, sarcastic, and headstrong. Masen was like me, at times a loud mouth, others introverted. The four of us had been friends since first year. I became fast friends with Masen on the train. Sadie became my friend since she was one of my roommates. We had become attached at the hip. She and Masen got along great, which was a plus.

Daphne took a while. She was the quiet, seemingly shy girl in Gryffindor who didn't interact with anyone. That was, until the day she punched Victrola Slater in the face. Victrola Slater was a bitchy, self absorbed Slytherin who hung around with Malfoy and Albus' group. I'd hated her almost more than Malfoy since the first train ride. She and her awful best friend, Missy Goyle, a pug-faced, slut of a girl, had sized me then did that shoulder-shove thing that asshats do to try and rile people up. Anyway, one day, Masen, Sadie, and I are walking in the halls when we round the corner and see Victrola and Missy (what the hell kind of name is Missy, anyway?!) picking on Daphne. They were calling her names and saying she was ugly (which is stupid in itself since Daph is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, even if she doesn't think so) and then they called her The Name. Daphne is Muggle-Born. She comes from an exceedingly wealthy, although unattentive Muggle family. So Victrola goes and calls her a Mudblood. And Daphne punches her. In the nose. And breaks it. Victrola had two black eyes for a week. It was amazing. Since then Daphne has been one of our group, even though she and Masen bicker alot.

"Is everyone packed up? We've got to get to the station before eleven." my mother says, making me jump, seeing as I had been off in my own world.

There were mumbled responses all around.

"Good, its 9:30 now, and I want to get there by at least ten. Everyone get upstairs and get your stuff." mum prattled on, doing some house-holdy things with her wand.

I love Kings Cross station.

I've loved it since my first train ride. It was a symbol of friends, knowledge (blame my mother for my nerdy tendencies), and just overall happy feelings. For me, anyway.

"Oh Rosie! I'll miss you so much!" Mum was sobbing, smiling at me with watery eyes. Dad wrapped an arm around her waist, throwing me an apologetic look. Uncle George and Auntie Angelina were here, too, since it was my cousin Freddy's last year.

Uncle George winked at me from behind Mum's back and said, "Don't do anything your parent's and Harry wouldn't have."

"George!" Aunt Angelina smacked him playfully on the chest. He just laughed and kissed her cheek. Fred rolled his eyes at his parents. "Get a room."

Shaking her head a her brother, Aunt Ginny turned to me and said "Be good," before hugging me. She turned and moved onto Hugo.

Uncle Harry was next. He hugged me and said, "Have a good sixth year."

Next in the Annual Weasley/Potter Hug Fest was Teddy. He and James had both taken the day off work (Teddy was an Auror, James was his protegee) to see the Mob (as Masen and Sadie called it) off. He was my favorite cousin. I always missed him most while at school. "Have fun, Cricket." he said as we hugged.

Teddy and Victoire were the only ones allowed to use that nickname. They had been calling me that since I was five. I was obsessed with the noises crickets made and always went around mimicking it instead of talking normally. From there stemmed the nickname. I must admit its loads better than what they call Albus.

Finally, the Hug Fest was over and I could finally get on the train. I was forced to stick with Albus and Malfoy, who kept throwing me nasty smirks every once in a while. I of course, returned the smirks with sneers of my own, but I couldn't help but wonder why he was looking at me like he had something on me. It diconcerted me.

They found a compartment with their friend Landon Riley, whom I got on with well enough. Since I had been walking behind them I was forced to pass by Malfoy on my way down the corridor. As I passed, Malfoy, who had been shutting the compartment door hissed, "See you around...Cricket."

My face flushed with embarassment. I spun around, preparing to scream, or something. No sound came out except a shocked little squeak. Malfoy smiled evilly, his silver eyes twinkling madly, and shut the compartment door with a snap. I made my legs move. No one aside from Teddy and Victoire were allowed to call me that. I hated that name. I was embarassed by it when they said it at family functions.

I barely knew where I was going. All I knew was that I had to get as far away from Scorpius-freaking-Malfoy as I possibly could.

I was saved when I heard voices calling my name. Turning around, I saw Sadie and Masen sticking their heads out of the compartment I had just passed.

Mutely, I entered the compartment and plopped my self into a seat, leaving my stuff for Masen to kindly stow away for me.

"Thanks, Masen." I mumbled.

"Welcome." He said. He looked worried. I saw him share a look with Sadie out of the corner of my eye.

"Um, Rose... Are you okay?" Sadie asked uncertainly.

"Malfoy knows about the nickname." I whispered, staring at the wall of the compartment infront of me.

"Which one?" Masen asked, "Rosie-Posie?"

I shook my head.

"Rose the Rocket?" Sadie asked, meaning my Quidditch nickname from Freddy. Again I shook my head.

"Oh, no..Not...Cricket...." Masen whispered the offensive name, looking shocked. I nodded. Sadie gasped. They knew how much the damn name embarassed me.

Masen's brown eyes were wide with shock. Sadie's glossed mouth was wide, and her already big blue eyes were round like galleons.

Daphne chose that time to enter the compartment in a huff. "Do you know what that bitch of a sister said--- whoa, whats up?" Daphne dropped her purse and set the cage containing her owl, Azula, gently on the floor before taking the remaining seat next to Masen and across from me.

Sadie cleared her throat and spoke first. "Malfoy knows about Cricket." Daphne's cobalt eyes widened and she gasped. "No!"

I nodded mutely.

"What happened?" Daphne asked looking between Masen and Sadie. I took a deep breath. "I guess he overheard at Kings Cross. Teddy said it when we hugged goodbye. Then when we got on the train he kept throwing me looks. Then when he went in his and Al's compartment, he said, 'See you around, Cricket' and smiled at me."

Sadie seemed to snap out of her stupor. "Was it a flirty smile, or a maniac smile?" she asked. We all simultaniously turned to look at her in bewilderment.

"What?" she asked. "These things matter! You know I firmly believe he likes you!" That was true. Sadie had been saying since third year that Malfoy was secretly lusting for me. Please.

"Sadie, you are so...." Daphne didn't finish. She just shook her head.

I don't know what came over me. I stood up and strode to the door.

"Where are you going?" Sadie called, but I had already left the compartment. I headed up the aisle, fully intending on getting Al and begging him to make his friend keep the name to himself. My plan backfired when I passed the bathrooms and was slammed into as someone rounded the corner.

The person and I fell to the ground in a heap. I didn't see who it was, but I knew it was a guy. They were tall, very, very, muscled, and wearing an amazing smelling cologne. The way we fell, the guy was on top of me, our heads mere inches apart. The hood of my jacket was covering my eyes. I extracted my arm from the very compromising place it had been before. I sincerely hoped that whoever it was that fell on me wasn't related to me in any way, because I had just felt them up when I moved my hand. I finally managed to get my hand free. They had some major abs, from what I felt. I had also felt another piece of their.... anatomy, causing me to blush profusely. Who ever it was, I really, really hoped we weren't related.

I pulled the hood from over my eyes. I almost wished I kept it on, because the guy who was currently laying on top of me, the guy who smelled pretty damn good, the guy who had amazing abs, and the guy who I just felt up was none other than Scorpius Malfoy.

"Oh, shit." we said similtaniously, staring at each other with wide, shocked eyes.

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