Bob slowly woke up into consciousness. He could hear voices mumbling around him so he kept his eyes closed and remained acting asleep, just in case the people around him weren't friendly's. He then felt a soft bed under him instead of the hard floor and considered this odd.

The last he could remember he was sent on a mission in Turkey where he was currently in charge of a temporary Turkish team for that mission. Jonas, Hector, Charlito, and Mack had been sent on another mission. Bobs mission was to try to capture the Turkish ambassador however things went terribly wrong when Bob and his team got caught. Bob did not know for how long, but he was tortured by the Turks for information on why an American was sent to Turkey. Bob of course with all his training never gave them anything.

Bob then became aware of the shooting pains in his leg, chest and head. Actually his whole body hurt. "Dang" he thought "I must still be in Turkey" He then heard someone walk around the side of the bed. In an instant he forgot about his pain and was on his feet. He grabbed the man around the throat and pushed him into the wall. When he focused on the man's face he realized he was staring straight at Mack. He was confused and aware of the pain again and did not loosen his grip on the man's throat. "well Bob if you didn't want me here you could have just said something." the man said. Bob gave a small smile it really was Mack.

Bob loosened his grip and feeling his body weakening he stumbled backwards. He felt someone come up from behind him and grab him by the arms just as he was about to fall. "Its okay sergeant your home." came a voice that sounded like Jonas' from behind Bob. Jonas then proceeded to lead him back to the bed. Bob gratefully sank down into it. He closed his eyes as he felt waves of pain. When they finally subsided he opened them again and realized he was in his room. He looked around and saw Mack, Jonas, Charlie, Hector, Molly, and Tiffy all gathered around him. "Where is Kim?" was all Bob could manage to ask.

"Dont worry she went to drop your kids off at her moms and then she'll be right back." molly replied to him from his side. Bob nodded and then turned to Jonas and asked "what happened?" "It seems someone wanted to beat you up pretty good solider. You currently have some cracked ribs, a sprained angle, a skull fracture, and multiple bruises and cuts. And that's if you stay in bed and quit moving around." Bob gave a small laugh "I have work to do I can't stay in bed."

Charlie then spoke up "you have to."

"Why?" bob asked.

"Because your doctor said to." Charlie replied

"And what doctor is that?"

"Me" charlie said with a laugh.

"Oh well in that case I think I want a new doctor." Bob said with a smile and everyone around him laughed.

Soon Kim and walked through the door and Bob gave her a smile. She worriedly looked at him meeting his eyes. Bob saw nothing but concern and let out a sigh. Kim after a moment then said "Bob your awake!How are you feeling?"

"Like a got run over by a herd of elephants" Bob said smiling trying to joke it off and cover up his pain.

Kim walked over to him and leaned down and kissed him fully on the lips. The kissed was passionately and lasted for about a minute and when they pulled apart Kim softly said "I glad your finally home."

Charles then walked up to Kim and gently touched her arm saying "we should let Bob get some rest."

"right of course" see said to him and then turned to Bob "Ill see you later" she then got up and made her way for the door.

"feel better brother" Hector said giving him a nod and followed Kim out the door. Everyone else smiled at Bob and then left the room and went down into the kitchen.