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You could always count on daytime television for one thing, concluded Rail, and that was a line-up of movies chock-full of nothing but drama this and drama that. Case in point: The Color Purple.

Oh gods did this movie have it all! Depressing plot, dramatic women, and a running time that was much too lengthy to be good for you (not to mention the lack of a good explosion here and there). But what was worse, was the fact that the movie itself was not a bad movie. No, this was a masterful work, both on paper and on screen, and it was for that reason alone that Rail was stuck watching it…. Well, almost.

"So this book was banned from school reading lists?" Rail glanced next to him and gave a nod to poor Izsak, who looked, as the movie drew on, like he was realizing more and more why, indeed, the book had been banned.

"Yup. Published in 1982, it received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction a year later and has been a part of the one of the greatest controversial debates ever since." Rail finished off his little rigmarole by unceremoniously shoving the last slice of cold pizza from the coffee table into his mouth.

"Oh, well you certainly seem to know your stuff, Rail," said Izsak absentmindedly, smacking his lips at what used to be a plate full of pizza. It was mid-afternoon by now. Having watched one lengthy movie and with the idea that they would have no choice but start another, the two boys had fixed themselves some leftovers and returned to the couch, only now Rail sat against the armrest while Izsak chose to remain alone in the middle.

Rail gave his rounded shoulders a shrug of nonchalance, cheese dangling from his overstuffed mouth as he chewed out a response. "It was some book analysis for my English class in 11th grade; no big deal. I didn't even get a good grade on it."

Now that had Izsak genuinely surprised. Apprehensively watching Rail powerhouse through cold pizza, he said, "You, Rail? You got a bad grade on something?"

"Hey, it's not as dramatic as it sounds alright? The teacher had it in for me that year," was the guitarist's retort, his words slightly distorted as he slipped his fingers in and out of his mouth, crudely lapping up the pizza grease that coated them. Izsak blinked and averted his eyes, trying not to take notice of Rail's crude show.

"Uh, right, of course they did." He sat there awkwardly for only a second before he stood up, his legs a bit wobbly from both sitting down too long and being sick, then grabbed up the empty dishes, saying, "I'll just go ahead and clean up here. You go ahead and finish the movie for me, Rail."

"What! And just where the hell do you think you're going?!" Rail demanded to know after removing his fingers from his mouth with a small pop! Izsak paused momentarily on his way to the kitchento look back at the other man, but he only smirked good-naturedly and said,

"I can see why that teacher must have had it in for you that year."

Rail was left sputtering in disbelief as he watched the retreating back of Izsak disappear into the other room. Never one to lose face, Rail called out in retort, "Oh yeah? Well…you…uh, oh, ohfuckit!"

Man enough to realize that his retort hadn't been much of a retort (yet not yet man enough to have left the matter alone in the first place), Rail turned back toward the television set and crossed his arms with a huff. He chewed his lower lip in unconscious thought while forcing himself to regain concentration on the movie.

The chewing soon stopped however as he quickly began to regret staying in the living room once he realized what part of the movie they had come to.

"Oh hell no, I am not watching the process of female circumcision performed on a small child. I'm not that kind of guy. Hey, Izzy, do you mind saving some of those dishes for me?" And with that, he sprung up from the couch and followed after the bassist, the soft music of the movie's end credits beginning to play gently in the background.