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Year: 2399.9 Day: 30/30

My name is Aaricia Reynolds. I have brown hair and green eyes. I was born in the capitol of the New Commonwealth of the British Isles, the principle province and dominant political power of the world. I am the Princess-Heir to the throne of the Commonwealth, and my father sits as head of the world-wide Pangaea Alliance.

The Princess's Diary

I am 17 years old tomorrow, born on New Year's Day 2383. I was told that it was lucky; being born on New Year's Day. That good fortune would come with me wherever I go and in whatever I do, and I can certainly see the good fortune today. Tomorrow, the parliament will be dissolved, and all its members are being sent to hang in the central plaza of the castle. Father says that they are traitors, and so does Oberst. I'm not sure who said it first, but if father says so then I suppose that they must have done something terrible to receive their sentence. I asked if I could see their penalty, but father refused. I told him that he was being stubborn, and that Kemuel was allowed to go and as princess so should I, but he didn't change his mind. The execution will not be televised, so I cannot see it at all, but I have settled with being able to ask Kemuel about it when he returns. Though I still cannot conclude why father insists that I not attend the festivities. And there will be festivities. Father says that parliament has long held back the advancement of the human species with old laws and tired traditions, which they push not just on us in the islands but on the world through the islands' vote in Pangaea, and that because of this the public is enthusiastic over the end to the unfair treatment. Also, with the parliament gone, father says that he can help push the Alliance into what he calls a "new age," where humanity will sail through the stars in giant space ships and live on other worlds. It sounds ridiculously ambitious when I type it, but it is anything but far-fetched. Humanity has come close before, but we have been divided before and never has anyone been able to make the last push outward. He talked of restarting the space program, but with the resources of all the Alliance, using a fuel for the ships that is nearly inexhaustible and renewable; a radioactive material that can be manufactured but only used in a certain way. I was never told the details of the substance, but from what I hear it capable of solving an energy crisis when it was discovered, in 2359. That never interested me, and apparently never happened; however, father and his scientists talking are sure that their tests show it can be used in space with their technology.

In the conference room, they said that it, combined with the planet's natural metals capable of withstanding heat and the dangers of space, would allow for the construction of viable spacecraft, with the minerals crafting the hull and the 'new' fuel being used in a special 'Ion Engine.' Most of it I either missed or didn't understand, as it was all mostly science and math equations, which father was always much better than me at, but when they mentioned spacecraft, sailing as ships between stars, my mind took on an adventure. I nearly bust in to ask all my questions, but I knew better and returned to quarters before I was caught eavesdropping. Father came to tell me later; he could not do anything without in Pangaea without having parliament agree on it first, and while they couldn't kick father out of power, they could slow him down and sometimes stop all together his goals from ever reaching their conclusions. This caused father to try and find a way around them, but while he was looking father says that he found something that made the members of parliament traitors to both the Crown and the Alliance, and so they were to be hanged. Which they will be, and while father won't tell me what exactly they did, (top secret, he says, so not to endanger anyone else) he told me not to worry and that justice will be done. In fact, their scheduled hangings are just one hour away, along with the turn of the century. There's a metaphor in this, but it's never seemed important to dwell on imagery and in any case it's time to move on.

If you're wondering why I'm tucked away in my room on New Year's Day, it's because I needed to get away from the festivities down on the first floor, but even here, on the third, the muffled sounds of drunken visitors can be heard. I'd wish them away, but I can't go against father's wishes. He'd be very upset if I told all the politicians and officers attending as guests tonight to leave. But while I can't make them go away, they can't make me stay, so I went up to my room.

…I wish that Kemuel was here instead of at the execution. We have so much fun together, but lately he's been going on longer and longer trips around the world, and very seldom do I see him. But not all news is bad, because I heard that he's training to become an officer himself, and that some day he may be at a position rival to Sir Lexington. So I wish him well, and I don't get in the way of his training, whatever it may be.

Well, I'm going to take a break from writing and watch the fireworks go off, celebrating the New Year of 2400. My birthday was already celebrated, so now all that's left is to sit back and enjoy the show from my balcony.




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