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1 The Mind of Remus Lupin

16 year old Remus Lupin sat at an empty table in the great hall. It was Christmas Eve. He whistled and started to read a book.

' Eat some house elves!' Said his mind suddenly. The suddenness of the thought surprised him.

' No thankyou. I had a very big dinner.' He replied back.

' Come on! There is a bunch of them in the kitchen. Very tasty they are!" He mind replied.

' No. They probably are full of fat anyway..' Remus responded with a bit of anger.

' They are always annoying you! Just one! They are quite meaty. No fat. Just meat!' Remus drooled.

' It'll be easy to catch them. Besides there is one tied up in the kitchen.'

' Tied up?'

' Yes. Tied up.'

' You've been planning this?'

' Yes. Every time the moon is full.' Remus punched his head and then screamed out in pain.

' Ha! I get hurt, you get hurt!' Remus rolled his eyes and went back to hi book.

' House elves.' Said his mind in a sweet voice.

' Fine already. I'll eat some freakin' houselves!'

' That's my boy'

In the end Remus ran to the kitchen. He ate 15 ½ house elves. He then blamed it on Peter.

Author's note: If you liked it, tell me! I'll write one for Sirius next. One clue. Forks!