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Where am I? How did I get here? Where's Sasuke?

I looked around the strange room trying to figure out where I was. There's a few chairs, a table, some paintings on the walls, and a squirrel.

The paintings are beau- Wait a SQUIRREL? What's a squirrel doing inside? It just went through a whole in the floor. I wonder where it goes.

I walked over to the whole and peered through it, suddenly I lost my balance and fell through. It seemed like I was falling forever. Then I hit the bottom.

This place was even stranger the trees were lime green and electric blue, the grass was hot pink, the sky was a beautiful deep purple. The flowers smelled like cotton candy and berries smelled like candy canes. It was like a dream.

Where is this strange place? Why am I here? Is this even real?

Then suddenly a fairy came flying through "I'm late, I'm late, the Queen will have my head if Duchess Haruno is late again!" She kept mumbling over and over again as she tried to keep her cool.

"W-w-who a-are you? W-w-where a-a-am I? W-w-where is D-d-duchess H-haruno? W-who is the Q-queen?" I asked timly.

"Oh, you startled me," The fairy exclaimed. "I'm Moegi, and you're in Wonderland. I have no time to answer anymore of your questions," Moegi then flew away. I tried following her but she was to fast.

"Throw them in the dungeon!" I kept hearing from a faraway voice, getting louder and louder by the second, more and more cold with each word, I started to run, to flee the voice, I didn't want to get thrown in the dungeon.

"You, yes you there, come here," The cold voice demanded. I walked slowly over to her, she looked kind of like Ino, dressed as a queen.

"What is your name?" She demanded harshly.

"H-hinata H-h-hyuuga," I told her politely.

"Well Miss Hyuuga, I'd like you to come spar with me this afternoon at the palace, don't be late," She told me then started to walk away.

"W-what t-time am I t-to b-be t-t-there Y-your M-majesty?" I called after her.

She just kept walking and throwing people in the dungeon.

How am I to not be late? She didn't say what time I need to be there? If I'm late, I'll be thrown in the dungeon at the least. I started running in the direction of the palace as fast as I could.