Uhm… yeah. Just had to get it out of my system O.O Of course I know some things might not be true or not true and not false either, but let my imagination do my job please~

The definition of Mad.

"Raven is a bird." Alice explained. Gilbert looked up annoyed and ignored her afterwards. Seeing Break was the only other one in the room, he looked up and responded.

"How clever of you, Miss Alice~" He replied mockingly and Alice harrumphed before pulling back her hand, which had been in the air with one finger smartly.

"I mean, a raven is a bird. And Raven is a bird." She repeated. "And Eques can be from the…" She fell silent.

"Equestrian order!" Emily chimed with a high voice.

"They had a lot of horses there." Alice finished for the doll, and then she pointed at herself. "I'm a rabbit because I look like one."

Naturally, this got a response of Gilbert. "Damn right you do, stupid rabbit."

"What was that, seaweed head?!" Alice spat, forgetting about her earlier subject and Break watched amused as Gilbert fumed that he was not a seaweed head, though Alice claimed he was because of his messy hair. Now that he mentioned it…

As soon as Gilbert left the room to brood about the many ways he could torture the girl, Alice turned back to him so fast it could've startled Break, had he not been paying attention. "And then we have… what's that gigantic clown of yours called?"

Break, not the least offended by the young Chain, replied without hesitation. "Mad Hatter~" Alice's eyes twinkled with curiosity, as if she thought that too, but wasn't sure and asked for confirmation.

"Yeah. Mad Hatter. Why's that?"

"Well, a few years ago, I met a Chain who-" He started with a sing-sung voice before he got interrupted by none other than Alice.

"Why is he called that way?" She pointed out seriously.

"Oh ho ho~" Break mused, happy that Alice was paying genuine interest. As far as genuine interest can go. He'd been delighted when he explained it to Gilbert and he got that shocked expression on his face. Of course, he might've been exaggerating at the time…

"Well, he wears a hat, doesn't he?" Break implied and that crossed Alice mind briefly. "But why is he mad? Someone steal the decoration of his hat?"

Break smirked. "I wouldn't define the mad as angry, Miss Alice."

"Then as in what?" Alice shot back immediately, the earlier brief scowl leaving her face for dumbfounded curiosity again. Break, who had risen to fill his tea cup stopped in front of her and thought for a while. Alice, still standing with her arms crossed, looked up at him impatiently. "As in silly, perhaps." Break continued. "But it really isn't his fault."

Alice raised an eyebrow. "No? Than whose is it?"

"Mine, I dare say." With that, he leaned down and pecked her on her nose, which enraged a red blush on her cheeks. She wasn't that behind with the intimate knowledge.

"T-thought so, s-stupid clown." Alice muttered, pushing him away from her and making a bee line for the door.

Break grinned wickedly as he watched her speed away and wondered if he should've just told her that the 'mad' in the name 'Mad Hatter' was only a nickname Pandora gave the 'gigantic clown'.