The Office Romance

I have always wanted to work in an office environment. I don't know what it is about desks and photocopiers, but they bring a hell of a lot of fantasies to the surface when I think about them.

What could be better than being in an office with Ianto for company? Ianto is my ideal person for the office fantasy. He has the posture and position, the office manners and knowledge, and of course there's the suit. Any office would be proud to call Ianto an employee.

After what happened this morning with Gwen I need something to take my mind off her engagement. Ianto is the answer! Although he's been very quiet since I got back, more than usual. I don't think he's forgiven me yet, but who can blame him? I did leave without a word to anyone.

So here we are walking into what could be a dangerous situation and all I can think about is Ianto and office equipment.

"Oh, yeah! Loving that officey feel! I always get excited in these places. To me, they're exotic. Office romances... photocopying your butt... Maybe not your butt, although as we're here..."

"The rift was active at these coordinates 200 feet above ground. That means this floor or the roof."

Hear how he interrupts me and ignores the innuendo and suggestive behaviour. It's like we've never been lovers, or I'm some wayward child doing wrong. Clearly Ianto is more angry than I thought he was. I think I'm should take another shot at trying to smooth things over with him.

"So Ianto. How are you?" I ask. It's a sincere question. I want to know what he's been up to while I've been with the Doctor.

"All the better for having you back sir." The look on his face tells me a different story to the answer he's just given me, but his manners and self control prevent him from creating any kind of outburst. I do like Ianto, a lot. He's a little too much like a puppy though, always willing to do what he can to make I have what I need when I need it. To be honest, if I were in his position I'd have resigned by now. I do make him go above and beyond his job specification.

But he never tells me no. Not once. No when I asked him to start disposing of the mangled, animal ravaged bodies, or the first time I kissed him. I never thought he had bisexual tendencies. That was a shock, even for me, but it never stopped me flirting. He just never seemed the type, always too prim and proper to do anything other than his work, never joins in with office games or jokes. Straight down the line…well not quite as straight as I thought.

Still looking at him surrounded by potted plants, photocopiers and cubicle desks I can't help but indulge my fantasy

"Can we maybe drop the sir, now? While I was away, I was thinking... Maybe we could, when this is all done... Dinner? A movie?" Where had that come from? I swear I hadn't meant to say that.

"Are… you asking me out on a date?" Ianto looks decidedly shocked. Yes, clearly I am asking him out on a date, well my mouth is, my brain is lagging behind by five minutes. I might be old but I can still surprise myself.


"Well... As long as it's not in an office. Some fetishes should be kept to yourself."

"Looks like we're gonna have to go through every drawer, bin and plant pot."

"Right. OK. I'll do this floor, don't want you getting overexcited, and you take the roof. You're good on roofs"

"Jack? Why are we h-helping him?"

"He's a reminder of my past. I want him gone."

"By the way... Was that a yes?" My smile is a mile wide

"Yes! Yes." mumbles Ianto.

Looks like for now the office fantasy will have to wait but an office romance wouldn't be out of the question.