Konata, a short girl with blue hair and green eyes, sat watching her favorite TV show, Super Smash Brothers. The Brawl season was about to start. SSB had been on for only two years and Konata was already hooked to the show.

"Konata, I'm here!" a voice chimed.

"Come on in, Kagamin! SSB just started, they're talking about last year's stuff!" Konata yelled.

Kagami, an average-height girl with lavender hair in twin ponytails and violet-blue eyes, came in. "Super Smash Brothers is on?"

"Yeah. It's Melee season. Just started today." Konata turned up the volume. "This episode is just a recap."

"Mario and Luigi had a stunning victory against Master and Crazy Hand, finishing off his season. And Kirby captured the hearts of many as he defeated the Ice Climbers for the third time last season." Mario and Kirby's pictures pop up on the screen.

"Pikachu also captured hearts in his lone victory against Link and Zelda/Sheik." Pikachu's picture replaces Mario and Kirby's.

"The new season is starting next month and we are now accepting entries," a big hand says. "Please come to one of the many registrations placed throughout the world. In the Tokyo area, there are five."

A second hand yells, "SUGAR!!!" The show is over.

"Kagami, we can be on the show!! This is SO AWESOME!!" Konata jumped to her feet and turned to her tsundere friend.

"Y-you're serious about this?! Each season lasts six months! We'll have to quit school and--"

"But it's worth it," Konata chimed. "C'mon, let's go!!" She practically dragged her friend to a registration.

Tsukasa and Miyuki were already there. "Konata, Kagami!" they called.

"Hey," Konata said, "are you signing up to?"

"We're signing up for support, stuff like that," Tsukasa answered.

"Me and Kagami are gonna be Brawlers!" Konata declared proudly.

"What?! Don't I get a say in this, you little twerp?!" Kagami yelled at Konata.

"C'mon, Kagami! Have some fun." Konata smiled.

They were next in line. Konata and Kagami signed up at the Brawler stand and Tsukasa and Miyuki signed up at the Staff stand.

Three weeks later, the results were in.

"And now, the results are in for who will be in the Brawl season," Mario says. "Everyone who was accepted will have a letter in their mailbox waiting for them."

Konata jumped to her feet and rushed out to check the mail In the mail was a letter for her with the Super Smash Brothers seal on it.

She ripped the letter out of the envelope and gasped when she saw its contents. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I GOT ACCEPTED!!"

She quickly biked to Kagami and Tsukasa's house, letter in hand. "Kagamin, Kagamin!" she yelled as she burst through the open door. "I got accepted!!"

"Me, too," Kagami said, looking up from the light novel she was reading.

"How are you not so excited about this?!" Konata said. She waved her letter.

"Konata, we still have three days before we have to leave." Kagami put down her light novel and stood. "You know, we don't have to go now. Besides, we need to wait for the package of starter equipment: our card keys, our passes, and stuff like that."

"Okay, see ya later!" Konata left.

That night, she got online.

KONAKONA: Sensei, I got accepted into Super Smash Brothers!

NANAKON: Whoa, no way! You gotta tell me stuff about it everyday!

KONAKONA: Gimme your number and I'll call everyday.



Konata read the message, which contained her teacher's number.

KONAKONA: Thanks, Sensei!

NANAKON: No problem. Just call everyday!

KONAKONA: I will! Hey, let's find the others.



"Gah!!" Konata furiously tried to log in again.

KONSKONA: My computer logged me off!!



NANAKOM: Mine did it too!!

KONAKONA: I gotta go. Bye, Kuroi-Sensei!


Konata jumped into bed and fell asleep.

"So, Kagami Hiiragi and Konata Izumi, was it?" Zelda asked Mario.

"Yeah. Konata loves video games and Kagami loves to read." Mario turned to the princess of Hyrule.

"Huh. They sound interesting," Link said as he came into the room. "We should give them the welcome we gave Sonic or something."

"We don't even know what kind of fighters they are," Zelda disagreed. "We'll wait and give them a warm welcome."