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Blue Edward

I felt my cock harden as she looked me up and down.

"You couldn't even speak to me, and now you want…" Her eyes flashed. "What exactly is it that you want?" She asked with a sneer, her voice as biting as acid.

"Uh, I was just wondering if you'd like to share my notes, I mean, since we are lab partners," I sputtered, shifting in my chair to hide my obvious hard-on.

"Right," she spat, turning back to the teacher.

I didn't know how I was going to get around this. I had been unforgivably rude to her that first meeting, but I couldn't help myself. She smelled so good, like sex and chocolate and everything I'd ever wanted to eat… or lick… or suck…

The bell for the class rang and she shot me a look of pure annoyance as she grabbed her books and fled. My thoughts of my mouth on different parts of her body didn't help me get out of my chair, so I sat there, acting as if I were making notes. Mr. Molina didn't say anything to me; he'd learned long ago to leave me alone. He picked up his papers and left the room, heading to the cafeteria and leaving me alone.

I didn't know what to do. I bent over my notebook, writing her name over and over, trying to think of something else, anything else that would ease the swelling in my pants and get her scent out of my mind.

"Hey. Edward." Jasper stood at the door of the biology lab, sending me a quick nod of recognition. I saw his pupils dilate for a brief instant as he picked up on my pathetic arousal. "Still can't talk to her without a stiffie?"

If it had been anyone else, I'd probably have been pissed, but Jasper said it all without judgment or ridicule. I could feel comfort rolling towards me suffused with relaxation and the icy muzzle of sexual revulsion that accompanied kissing your grandmother.

"Thanks, Jazz. Yeah, I'm still having 'problems'." I looked down at my crotch as my erection began to fizzle. "I can't get her out of my mind. I don't know what it is about her that just bothers me so."

"Look, Edward. I know it's har- I mean, tough. She's pretty. She smells good. It's been what, like a hundred years? You just gotta get a hold of yourself." He stood across the desk from me as I gathered my things. "I mean, like literally, dude. Grab the reins."

"Jasper, I'm trying," I said, feeling as if I weren't really trying, just whining. "I just don't know what I'm going to do."

Have you jerked off? Today? Like, recently?

"Jazz. What do you think." He should know by now. Any more trips to the bathroom and people would begin to think I had a permanent case of the runs. I stood up, brushing the front of my t-shirt and pants back into smoothness.

We just worry about you, man.

My head flew up as my eyes met his. "Oh, Jesus God! You didn't tell Alice, did you?" He looked down at his feet; his sheepish grin was as plain as an admission. "Christ, Jasper! She's my sister, for crying out loud!" I grabbed my books from the table, any vestiges of my erection sapped away in shame.

"Edward," he started. "I didn't want…"

"He didn't tell me, stupid, I saw it." Alice waited by the door, hand on hip with that impish smirk on her face. "And it isn't like the is the first time, either. I have so many visions of you pulling on your dick I think I'm hiccupping."

"Look. Just. Leave. Me. Alone." I knew I couldn't blush, and I'd never heard of a vampire dying of embarrassment, but I knew there was a first time for everything. I fished my keys out of my pocket. "Just take the damn car home. I'm going to walk." I slammed the keys on the lab table and ran out the door at top speed.

"See you tonight, after, " I heard Alice call as I sped toward the forest.

This meadow had been my refuge ever since the Swan girl had moved to Forks. She didn't seem like the type to go exploring on her own, even though she was strangely absent from the circles the other kids ran. The times I'd gone by her house after school and at night, she was in her room, reading from the sound of it. I'd never seen anyone else here, either. This was my place.

I laid in the sun and let the streaming rays warm my skin. She'd be warm, I bet. If I could just break through her anger, I bet she'd be warm to talk with as well. We would talk for hours, pulling closer, her warm, luscious breath blowing on my cheek, across my lips…

Just to be safe, I looked all around for a moment, listening, before I took my cock out of my pants.

The first thing I thought about as I rubbed my shaft was her smell. I'm not sure how the humans in the class didn't pick up on her scent, but she smelled as if she'd rubbed her hand in her crotch and smeared it across her neck and face before coming to class. She was sweet and musky, dark and cloying, and completely toothsome. It was no wonder I dreamt of tasting her, my tongue icy against her flushing skin. I imagined her taste amplified by her smell and my cock began to throb in my hand.

Her breasts were small but perfect, I bet. Her nipples would be pink and smooth, virginal, until she was turned on; then they'd be hard as diamonds, bright and hot. Her lips were young and pliant and warm, and the idea of them on my mouth, my chest, my cock…

God. I don't think I lasted three minutes.

I laid there, wondering how I was going to make it through tonight, let alone tomorrow in class. I threw my arm over my eyes, wishing I could just cry and get it over with. Sex was the least of my worries; it was just the physical manifestation of the need I had for her.

I'd always felt I'd really blown it when I first met her. I could not stop staring at her, thinking of the different ways to kill her with and without witnesses, of all the pleasure consuming her would bring me. The hour in the classroom had stretched to a millennium. I was desperate to eat, desperate to get her in my mouth, her soft neck between my teeth, her blood pulsating through her translucent skin before I tore into her soft flesh. There were witnesses, there were appearances, there wasn't enough time… I wracked my brains trying to figure how to take her, where to take her, where my bite would bring the blood the quickest. That's when it hit me: I imagined biting her femoral artery. The idea of her blood and her sex so close together drove me mad and stiff simultaneously. Even now, remembering, my cock responded even though I'd just come. I rolled onto my stomach, hiding my face in the tall grass.

It was apparent she'd felt the intensity of my stare. She wouldn't look at me directly the rest of the day, and if I caught her in the corner of my eye watching me, she'd quickly turn away, her nose up in the air.

She didn't know I'd watched her outside her house as she took little walks in the woods. I kept high in the trees, mesmerized by her quick, jolting steps. She fell every so often, tempting me to come down from my perch and help her, but she always recovered before I had to make that choice. I watched her come to the old log and sit, obviously sorting something out, but who knew what it could be. Some days she wandered without a jacket, wearing a t-shirt and no bra. Those were good days, days I prayed for rain.

Just the idea of her breasts under a wet t-shirt made me want her again. I rubbed my cock into the earth, fucking the ground I wished was her. A few strokes and embarrassment over my pathetic state took over. I sat up, adjusted my clothing and decided to run.

The wind felt good, cleansing. I was still hard, but the exhilaration brought me some relief. I still had no plan, though. How would I get through tonight? Would I have to spend the whole night running, away from my family, away from her? I slowed to a walk as the dusk began to envelope me, trying to give myself time to think. I walked until it was dark, and when I finally lifted my eyes, I realized I was standing in front of her house. I could hear her and her dad in the kitchen, spoons scooping against ceramic.

"Want any more ice cream or topping?" The chair skid across the linoleum as she moved to the sink.

"No, Bells. I think I'm just going to turn in. What about you?" Another chair skid on the floor, and I heard a bowl set down in the sink.

"Thanks, Dad. I'm just going to wash up these dishes and go to bed myself. See you in the morning."

"Night, sweetheart," he said, and after a short soft kiss, his footsteps were on the staircase.

"Night, Dad," she said more to herself than anyone listening.

I moved in the darkness so I could watch her at the sink. She was wearing a tank top and matching bottoms, the loose pajama kind. She looked like an angel. She was rinsing the dishes with the nozzle on the faucet, when a spray of water shot out and soaked her top. I stopped breathing and moved closer.

"Damn," she cursed and leaned back, looking up the stairs. She stood listening for a moment and I all could think was 'yes'. She pulled her head back and yanked off her tank top.

Two of the most perfect buds of breasts popped out of her shirt as she pulled it over her head and tossed it to the laundry room. She was just as I'd dreamed of her. She went back to washing the dishes as if nothing had happened and I stood there completely still and stiff.

She picked up the tea towel and began to dry the bowls, then opened the cupboard and put them away. I was mesmerized. I knew I was no better than a peeping Tom at this point, but I could not stop staring at her small, pert breasts as she reached for the upper shelf and then returned her arm back to her side. She yawned, reaching up one more time. She closed the cupboard door, stretched and turned out the light, heading up the stairs.

Was she trying to drive me mad? This was not over. I needed more.

I raced around to the window on the side of the house. I climbed up the side of the house and was at her window before she made it up the stairs.

She came in the bedroom with her arms over her chest, covering her nakedness. She closed the door and dropped her arms to her waistband. In one swoop, she pulled her loose pajama bottoms off and jumped into bed, lying on top of the comforter.

Naked. Pink, pale, dark-haired, and bushy. She was a dream come true and she was naked. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from moaning aloud.

She laid there, motionless except for breathing, her long hair spread out beneath her. My view afforded me an unobstructed view of her sex, and I could not stop staring. After a few minutes, she began to play with one of the long strands of hair with one hand, as the other ghosted across her collarbone and down to her nipple. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. I leaned closer to the window.

If she opened her eyes, she would definitely see me. Normally, this would make me cautious, but I was so completely absorbed in her nakedness and her gentle stroking of her nipple that I lost all connection to the world and sat transfixed watching her. It didn't seem as though her eyes were going to open anyway; her hand began to travel down her torso, across her smooth belly to – bingo! – her crotch.

I gasped. Even with my hand on my mouth, the beauty and sexuality of her own embrace was just too much to contain. She half opened her eyes; I was afraid I'd been discovered and that I must leave, when the most amazing thing happened.

"Edward, mmmm, Edward touch me there, yes," she said, her moan almost a hiss.

I think I began to drool. I could feel my cold precum on my boxers. All I could do was stare, and drool.

She dropped her other hand from her hair and squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple. Her fingers were circling in her crotch furiously now, and I could see she was close. "Yes, yes, come, Bella, come," I whispered, working my cock through my pants. As if on command, her body tensed and she moaned a hoarse "Edwardddd" as she came, forcing me to come as well.

I tried to gather my thoughts. I watched her relax and fall asleep, pulling the covers around herself as she cooled off. I was hard again, and I knew it was going to be tough to leave.

I waited until she was sound asleep, and slowly opened the window.

It was fascinating to watch her sleep. Her dreams weren't all that hard to decipher; her hand moved back to her crotch in sleep and she murmured my name again. My reaction was identical to my earlier episode: I was immediately aroused and completely stiff. I refrained from touching myself, just so I could let her moans and sighs control the moment. As dawn began to rise, I'd watched her touch herself three times throughout her sleep, each time with an accompanying moaning of my name.

I left by the window before she awoke and ran home to change. When the house came in view, I noticed Alice sitting on the stoop. Her head popped up and she stood up, smiling in my direction.

"Edward," she said, knowing I'd hear, "I'm glad you didn't wake her tonight. Tomorrow will be a different story." She flashed me a smile as I slowed to a walk.

"Alice," I said, "Can't a guy have a little privacy? Sheez!"

"It's not as if you give me any, brother. Don't think I haven't seen you listening to Jasper and me and having a little go yourself. It's kind of a turn-on, in a sick, twisted sort of way."

"Alice! I – " I wanted to deny it, but who was I kidding. "I try not to listen. Maybe if you two would have a little mercy on a man…"

"Oh, come on, Edward. You love it and you know it," she said, her impish grin returning. "Besides, your lust feeds Jasper, and we all know how good that is."

"Yes, it is good, Edward," Jasper said as he opened the front door and moved to the porch. "Your lust is potent, bro. Thanks."

I just looked at them. They were so self-satisfied and smug, I couldn't think of a single retort. I looked from face to face, my mouth hanging open. I dropped my gaze to my feet and tried to shuffle past.

"Hey. Edward – tomorrow night." Alice grabbed my arm as I pushed past her, looking at me with some urgency as if there were something big looming on the horizon.

"What is it, Alice? What about tomorrow night?" I was immediately worried I'd missed someone's approach or malevolent intent.

"Tomorrow night, go back. When she dreams tomorrow night, she'll let you touch her."