A Funny Thing Happened on V-Day

Chapter 1

"Man Yug, I can't believe the worst day on the planet is tomorrow." Joey groaned as he and Yugi were standing by their lockers at Domino High.

"Oh come on Joey, what are you saying? Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year." the smaller explained with a smile.

"Yeah sure, if ya actually have someone to be lovey-dovey with. I mean look at Yami; the boy ain't got a woman yet he is flooded with V-Day stuff every year because girls love him."

Then Yugi got a dreamy, loving look on his face, "How can they not?"

Joey furrowed his eyebrow as he tried to compose his friend, "Yeah now come back ta me Yug. Earth ta Yugi; hey!"

"Huh, oh sorry Joey; I can't help thinking about him. He's cute, smart, and cute, kind, and cute, and funny, and did I mention he is cute?"

"Yug, I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Do you know how many girls want Yami as their own?"

"As much as the many girls who want Kaiba as theirs, too?"

"Yug, I told ya to never mention his name around me!"

"Joey, you don't really hate him do you?"

"Of course I do; that rich, stuck-up, obnoxious…"

"Uh, Joey…"

"Not now Yug; that wanna-be, cold, arrogant,"

"Joey, seriously; I have to tell you something!"

"Oh for pete's sake, Yug what!"

"He's right behind you."

"Don't be ridiculous Yug; if he was behind me, I would hear dat snide, little voice say…"

"Hello mutt, what are you howling about this morning?"

Joey turned to the source of the voice without looking at who it was, "Just a sec…anyway Yug as I was sayin…"

"Mutt, I'm talking to you..."

"Just a sec, will ya…okay, before I was rudely interrupted…"

The person behind Joey grew more impatient, "Mutt!"

Joey turned around and cried angrily, "Got damn it what! Can't ya see I'm…!" The blond's eyes widened at who was standing behind him. It was his rival/worst enemy: Seto Kaiba. "It's about time I got your attention, Wheeler."

"Kaiba, what are you…where did you come from!" the amber eyed teen asked in panic.

"I just got here five minutes ago." the young CEO answered.

The blond turned to Yugi and asked, "Yug, why didn't ya tell me he was behind me!"

"I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen." Yugi explained calmly.

The amber eyed teen ran his hand through his hair, "Oh ya did, didn't ya?"

The sapphire eyed teen sighed, "Again, Wheeler who were you referring to just now?"

"Well…uh…I was uh…referring ta…um…no one in particular." Joey said stuttering.

"Actually Joey, you were referring to h…mph!" Yugi's mouth was covered by Joey's hand as the blond said to the young CEO, "Don't mind Yug; he has no idea what he's talkin about!"

"That's funny, mutt because it sounds like" Kaiba walked up to Joey smirking, "you were referring to me."

The blond took his hand off his friend's mouth, "And what if I was, rich boy?"

"Let's just say, it's much too complicated for a puppy to understand." the brunet said as he patted Joey's head.

Yugi heard Joey growl and got worried, "Oh boy, this isn't good!" Then he saw the blond charge at the brunet. Yugi quickly held him back trying to console him, "Now Joey, calm down; let's not start anything this morning, please!"

"You can't just go pettin' people's heads; what do you think I am, a dog!"

Kaiba smirked, "You said it, not me."

"How many times do I have to tell ya, I'M NOT A DAMN DOG, RICH BOY!" the blond exclaimed in anger.

The brunet petted his head again, "Whatever gets you through the day, pup."

When the young CEO walked off, Joey called back, "Hey just a minute, don't you walk away from me! I ain't done wit ya yet!"

"Now Joey, you really don't want to hurt him, do you?" the smaller teen said trying to calm his friend down.

"Oh no Yug, I ain't gonna hurt him, I'm gonna kill him! Lemme lose, man lemme loose!"

"Joey, please chill out; it's over with, you can relax now."

The amber eyed teen sighed as his friend released him, "Man, he makes me sick so much! Why does he always do things that make me mad!"

"Joey, did it ever occur you that maybe he does it because he likes you?" the amethyst eyed teen suggested.

The blond furrowed his eyebrow at Yugi, "Him like me; Yug, don't make me laugh. But one these days, oh one of these days, I'm gonna get him."

"Wow Joey, you and Kaiba are at it again?" The two teens turned around and saw Yami Atemu smiling at them. Yugi was blushing with a loving look in his eyes as Joey replied, "I know what you're gonna say Yami, but it wasn't my fault; he started it!"

"I'm sure it was." Then the crimson eyed teen turned to Yugi (his secret crush) and smiled, "Hello Yugi, how are you doing today?"

The amber eyed teen turned to his smaller friend who was to nervous to speak, "I-I-I-I'm…uh…d-d-doing fine…uh."

Joey smacked his forhead as Yami chuckled, "That's good, well I better get going; I'll see you guys later."

As Yami was walking to class, girls were going gaga over him. Yugi sighed dreamily at him as Joey said, "Way to go Yug, smooth."

"Oh no, I did it again, didn't I?"

"Yep, but look on the bright side, you got three words out this time."

"Aw man, he must think I'm a joke. Why do I get so nervous every time he talks to me?"

"Because you've been in love with him for a long time and his very presence makes you weak in the knees?" Joey answered.

Yugi dropped his head in defeat but Joey consoled him, "Now, now, Yug buck up; besides he may feel the same way bout you."

The smaller's amethyst eyes lit up, "You think so, Joey?"

"Well yeah, he doesn't seem to give those girls much attention so there maybe a chance."

"Thanks Joey and who knows there maybe a chance for you and Kaiba too."

"Yug, I just got relaxed; don't make punch something." Joey said sternly as Yugi laughed nervously.

That night, Kaiba was busily typing away at his computer in his home office till he heard a knock at his door, "Come in."

The door opened to reveal a boy with long, spiky hair with onyx colored eyes wearing light blue pajamas, "Hey Seto!"

The young CEO smiled, "Hey Mokie, how are you doing?"

Mokuba smiled, "Oh I'm alright; I just wanted to ask you how school was today."

The older brother sighed with a hint of sadness, "Same old, same old little brother."

The onyx eyed preteen walked up to his brother, "Lemme guess, you and Joey got into it again, huh?"

Mokuba watched the brunet nod then say, "I know I shouldn't but I can't help it, you know."

The younger brother smiled warmly at his love struck brother, "Seto, you really love Joey, don't you?"

"Is it really that obvious?"

"Yes, it is."

"I really do, but I doubt he feels the same way about me; not after all the teasing I put him through."

"Aw Seto, don't say that; you may have a chance. I'm sure Joey doesn't...'hate you, hate you'; he just um…"

"I know you're just trying to me feel better Mokuba and I appreciate it, but I know he does. If I could express what I really feel for him especially for tomorrow, then maybe I'd feel better."

"Who knows Seto, anything is possible especially on V-day."

"That is true." Then Kaiba heard his little brother yawn. He got up from his desk chair and said, "Sounds like it's time for someone to head off to bed."

"Aw Seto, I'm (yawns) not tired yet."

The brunet ruffled through his brother's hair, "Sounds like it to me; now off to bed you go."

"Alright oh and I don't have school tomorrow, by the way."

"They're cancelling school for Valentine's day, now?"

"Kinda considering the teachers went on strike to have the day off tomorrow, which eventually got on the principal's nerves and you can pretty much figure out the rest."

"Oh I see; well, lucky you. You don't have to worry about fan girls giving you chocolates and cards all day long."

"Oh Seto, if you don't want them, can I have them?"

"Sure, as long as you don't eat them all in one day. We don't want a repeat of what happened last year."

"I couldn't help it; they were so good that I couldn't stop eating them."

"You were so hyped up on sugar; you were practically bouncing off the walls and you almost broke the sculpture in the living room."

"But I didn't."

Kaiba laughed at his brother, "Okay, okay; off to bed little brother."

"Okay," Mokuba hugged his brother and smiled, "Night, Seto."

The brunet watched his little brother leave, "Good night, kiddo."

When Mokuba got to his room, he walked over to his balcony and stared up at the sky. It was clear, dark blue filled with twinkling stars. The onyx eyed stared at them with delight but sighed sadly, "Poor Seto, he really loves Joey but doesn't have the strength to show him his true feelings."

Then the preteen gazed at the brightest star of all and closed his eyes, "Oh bright, shinning star; please grant my wish tonight; I wish that Seto and Joey could become a couple so that he would have the best Valentine's Day ever."

As Mokuba was heading to bed, he saw a bright pink light shine from behind him. He turned around and saw what appeared to be a pink comet heading towards his room. He quickly ducked behind his bed as it crashed against his wall. Mokuba peered above the edge of his bed and gasped at what he saw. Standing up out of the pink smoke, was a girl with long, ebony hair, coffee colored skin, rich lavender eyes, and she was wearing pink colored tunic. But what amazed him the most was that this girl had white, angelic wings.

The strange girl brushed herself off and groaned, "Man I gotta get better at my landings; I don't have the insurance for this."

"Um, excuse me."

The girl jumped, "Huh…what…who said that?"

"Uh, I did." The girl turned around and saw Mokuba walk up to her. She smiled, "Hi there, how are you this fine evening?"

"Um…I'm fine, I suppose."

"Oh pardon my rudeness, here I am crashing into your room and I didn't even introduce myself. Hello, my name is Anju and I'm a love angel at your service.

Mokuba smiled at the black haired angel, "Hi, I'm Mokuba Kaiba; it's nice to meet you, Anju. If I made you feel awkward just now, I'm sorry."

"It's cool; if someone crashed into my house and I didn't know them, I'd be nervous too."

"So Anju, what are you doing here and where are you from; cause it seems like you're not from around here."

"That's right, I'm from a completely different world and I was sent here to grant your wish."

The preteen looked at the angel with a confused look, "What wish?"

Anju smiled, "Why your wish to help your brother win his true love of course."

To Be Continued…

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter; sorry about the cliffhanger. Don't worry, I'll update as soon as I can but till then, holla!