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Chapter 1 Pledge

It was raining and thundering as a little girl held tight to a young boy about a few years older. The girl had black hair to her shoulders, a white simple dress,and white shoes. The girl was soaked as she clung to the boy. He was looking at the girl his black kimono dripping wet, his brown hair was down in stead of it's normal spikiness look, and his eyes were cold black dots.

"I must go Love."The boy said his voice holding sadness in it.

"No you don't! Please stay I'll be lonely with out you!" The girl cried.

"I have too. But I pledge to you that one day I will come back for you and take you with me my Beloved, remember that name it is yours from me." The boy said as he walked away from her. It's been 300 years since the boy made that pledge and the girl had died, but her soul was reborn and the boy found her as he pledged. Though the girl does not know him but her soul does.

"Chihiro!"Yelled a short black haired girl in black cargo pants, black tank top, and black gloves.

"Hey Tsuki! What's up?" Said a girl with long dark brown hair wearing army cargo pants, green tank top, and a cross necklace with a key on it hanging from her neck.

"Did you hear about the new guy?"Tsuki asked.

"Yeah I heard he was from Romania! That's so cool! Think he will be cute?" Chihiro asked excited by the news.

"I hope so new eye candy is always welcomed right?"Tsuki said as they walked towards Lucais High School.

"Right!" Chihiro answered happily. Tsuki and Chihiro were in the same class so they always tried to sit next to each other, but with the new kid they got separated. Chihiro sat at the window seat where her name was and Tsuki sat on the other side of the class where her name was.

When the bell rung the teacher came in with a boy at his side. the boy had black eyes, brown short spikish hair, blue jeans, white dress shirt, and a book bag. "Alright class this is Kaname Kuran he is our new student. Please make him feel welcomed." The teacher the pointed to the seat behind Chihiro which made every girl,but Tsuki, glare at her. Chihiro went straight when he sat behind her. She felt a tinge of sadness but didn't know why. "Psst."Chihiro heard behind her.

"Psst."Chihiro casually leaned back."Hey what's your name?"Kaname asked in a whisper.

Chihiro blushed and whispered back,"It's Chihiro."

"That's a really lovely name. I hope we can be friends Miss Chihiro." And with out anyone looking he kissed her neck. Chihiro eyes widened and she sat up straight and leaned over her desk hiding her face. Kaname chuckled lightly. Chihiro kept her head in a book until the bell rung for lunch and she bolted passed Tsuki pulling her along. Getting outside fast.

"Hey Chi what's wrong?"Tsuki complained.

"That...That new guy kissed my neck!"Chihiro said as her and Tsuki sat under a tree for lunch.

"He what? How?"Tsuki asked.

"Well he whispered me and I leaned back. At first he wanted to know my name and then he kissed my neck."Chihiro explained.

"Wow. Do you need me to kick his ass?"Tsuki asked.

"No just watch him since I can't."Chihiro said.

"Alright!" Tsuki said smiling. Chihrio and Tsuki sat silently eating and once in awhile trading food.

and Chihiro knew each other since preschool and could never be separated. they felt like sisters to each other and didn't need to talk a lot when they knew the other was next to them. Once the bell rung for class Tsuki and Chihiro ran to class.

When Chihiro sat down she had that feeling of sadness again when Kaname sat behind her. Chihiro went through the class ignoring Kaname's whispers really not wanting to get kissed again. By the time class ended Kaname was not happy that he was ignored the whole time.

"Chi come on or your mom will flip if your late getting home."Tsuki called from the doorway.

"Alright, alright I'm coming!" Chihiro said getting up and heading to Tsuki.

"Come on you lazy bum."Tsuki said teasingly.

"Hey!"Chihiro retorted as they walked out heading home.

Kaname watched them go and grinned as he got up and headed home. And his house was right next to Chihiro's.

I wonder if her family is as bad as they were 300 years ago....

Kaname mused to himself as he kept a good distance from Chihiro and Tsuki who were jokingly pushing each other.

My Beloved soon I will take you back with me away from this place.

As Kaname said the word Beloved in his head Chihiro felt chills down her spine and goose bumps popped up every where making her shiver. After that her and Tsuki parted ways and they went home.


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