Warning: Utilizes both country and Human names. I will use accents wherever I bloody want, so either deal with it or please understand I am not going to change this because you are unhappy. Please be understanding and just do not read it if my decision to expand on my writing upsets you.

This story actually involves a higher concentration of Humans interacting with Nations. This will be a long and complex plot that hopefully I will not loose you in. Do not read if you want a fluffy or happy ending. Though I suppose you can read far enough for a somewhat humourous and fluffy beginning. If you want, I will give out a warning when the changeover comes.

Land Of The Free

"Alfred-san... are you even up?"

Alfred groaned, pulling his pillow over his face. Typical Kiku, just waltzing into his house to wake him up on a weekend. It took him a few moments to realize that no, that was not typical of Japan. That was typical of him waking up Kiku on a weekend. Or weekday. Waltzing into his house or not. Which made him wonder why Kiku was here.

"Whu...?" he asked, pulling the pillow off his face. Kiku looked down at him, seeming slightly amused. The Japanese man suddenly yanked on the blankets, pulling them off the bed. Alfred grasped at air blankly before hugging himself for warmth. "That's just cruel," he sniffed. Then, with a flash of insight, he grabbed Kiku and pulled him on top of him.

"Alfred!" Kiku protested as Alfred cuddled into him.

"You're warm... your fault..."

"You forgot completely about the meeting, didn't you?" Kiku sighed. Alfred sat up.

"Shit. There's a meeting today."

"Oh." Kiku sat still on the bed as Alfred ran around the room, finding his clothes. "Is there, Alfred? Thank you for reminding me. I would have forgotten without–"

"Oh, stuff it!" Alfred threw the blankets back on the bed, completely concealing Kiku from view as they fell on top of him. "Where're those shoes Jenny said I should wear?"

"She picked out your shoes?" Kiku asked, pulling the coverlet off of him and sliding off the bed. Alfred peeked his head out of the closet, just in case he had left them out somewhere else.

"Well, yeah."

"I am beginning to believe that your President's job is less strenuous than I previously believed."

"You kidding? Do you have any idea how difficult shoe shopping is?" That finally managed to get the other Nation laughing. Alfred grinned, coming out of the closet with the aforementioned shoes in hand. "You stress yourself out every time you are putting together a cosplay outfit."

Kiku stopped laughing almost instantly. "When you are finished," he said, making his way to the door.

"Aw, Kiku... Kiku!" Alfred called after, but Kiku had already left the room. Alfred groaned.

Really now? He had just woken up.

From one perspective things were not much different than they used to be. Before the Red and Blue war he found himself going to these meetings, but dreading them. Before the war he would see Japan, by going to his house and bothering the other Nation. In a friendly way, of course. Before the war he was a Nation and now he was still a Nation.

That was what most people would see. Nations saw things differently, they encompassed much.

He had a new President. Who was awesome. Of course almost anyone would be better than the last one who deliberately started a war with Russia. To be able to trust his leader once more was such a relief, America would do anything to keep it that way.

People saw his brother. Alfred had never thought about it before because Matthew had always just been Matthew to him. He could be an ass, even though people often blamed him instead. It was the only reason that Alfred had agreed to letting him spend any time with Russia.

Plus, every Nation had voted against America having anything more to do with Russia (oh, thank God finally it is all over–). He really should have killed the bastard while he had the chance (no, they used to be friends, he did not want that, he just wanted it all to be gone–). He really should have–

No, no. He was not supposed to think like that. Alfred sighed.

What was the meeting for? Had he been given the run through? Probably. Damn, he probably should not have been bothering Canada so much as of late. It was distracting him from doing his work. Of course, he had to pretend he knew what was going on, because Japan was likely to have a coronary or something if he admitted he had not bothered to figure out what the meeting was about. Hopefully he could get Jennifer to give him a heads up when they got there...

"Ready?" Japan asked him as he came down the stairs.

America frowned. "Breakfast?"

"It's not my fault you did not wake up on time. We are going to be late." Alfred stared at Kiku, giving the most pitiful look he could muster without loosing his awesomeness. Kiku's lips twitched upwards. "Though I suppose we could stop at one of your fast food places for something."

"McDonald's it is!" Alfred cheered, turning Kiku around and making him lead the way out.

There was his relationship with Japan. Kiku, as the other Nation finally was allowing him to call him. It was strange to think that only a few years ago they were 'friends' in the only sort of way America was allowed to have friends. Breaking him out of his shell, which was really ironic considering how often Japan seemed to be all holed up in his house by himself in his lifetime.

Not that he would admit any of this. Again. He had already thanked him. And now they were moving on with what they had now.

"Let's take the bike!" Alfred suggested, pulling Kiku in that direction.

"Actually, I would rather–"

"I'll drive! And I still have your helmet." He pulled out the white helmet, much too small for his own head, and stuck it on top of Japan. Japan's hands came up to either side of his head and America turned around once more to grab his own helmet, jamming it on and straddling the bike. "Com'on!"

"You are intolerable."

"But you love me!"

Japan huffed where he was standing for a few moments before giving in. Like America knew he wanted to. The engine roared to life and within moments Japan was clinging to his waist and they were tearing down the road.

"Speed limit!"


"You are over the speed limit, America!"

"Can't hear you~!"

For all Alfred could tell, Kiku was now just grumbling in Japanese, arms wrapped tight around him. Maybe a little too tight.

"Can you loosen up your grip?"


The fact that Kiku's hair could not settle down after he took his helmet off sent Alfred into giggling fits. Kiku glared at him, but Alfred could not stop himself and Kiku could not keep up his anger forever.


"...yes. Thank you."

Despite Japan's worry, the two of them arrived on time. Certainly they were not pristine pressed like they should have been, but America had always been open when it came to appearance. At least, to himself and in the company of other Nations. It seemed more real that way. They did represent everything that was happening, after all. None of them should ever look perfect.

None of them should ever look fake.

The day was normal, meeting aside. Meetings were relatively normal. Japan kept fidgeting in the seat next to him.

"You okay?"

"Yes," Japan whispered back, elbowing him in order to make him stay quiet. America decided to ignore the message.

"Then why are you so twitchy?" he asked, poking Japan in return.

"This will tie us closer together," Kiku said quietly, fingers running across the table in front of him. "Almost... as if we were to be married."

Alfred stared at him. All of the sudden, it just seemed obvious.

"America... what are you doing?" President Clarkson hissed at him. He looked over at her with a sheepish grin, hoping that Japan would not hear him.

"Just filling myself in on what's going on?"

"You didn't read the...?" Jennifer cut herself off, then rose her hand to her mouth to cover the smile which appeared on her face almost instantly. "Well? You understand now?"

America looked at everyone who was there. Everyone who was looking toward them, waiting... Japan was right, maybe he should keep a bit more informed up and to date with everything.

"Yeah. I understand."

It was because he understood that he was the last one there, everyone else having left, Kiku waiting for him at the door. "Alfred? Are you all right?" Alfred did not answer. "Alfred?" He walked over, looking up at him quizzically.

"Will you marry me?"

Kiku blanched, staring at him with wide eyes. "Nan... what?"

Alfred smiled, dropping to his knees without any further thought. "Let me rephrase this. I'll go through all that paperwork I like to avoid, but... just for right now, because of everything, because of us, let me just ask you now for the sake of asking you. If I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?"

Kiku was blushing so much that Alfred was beginning to wonder whether the rest of his body had enough blood to function.

"Between you and me, Kiku. Between America and Japan. If I asked..."

"I..." Kiku cleared his throat, staring over Alfred's shoulder. "I should think... if you asked... I would say yes."

"Okay. Thanks."

"No problem."

Alfred hugged him, the impromptu action which he should have seen coming in his mind for a long time sinking in. Oh, he would ask. He would ask with a ring and flowers and all that other stuff that people should have when proposing.

"You sure you'd say yes?"

"I said I would, Alfred."

"Oh... just making certain you hadn't changed your mind."

"I... might change my mind?"

"Well, you do tend to... Kiku? Why are you mad?"

The world had changed. The world was always changing. Alfred loved that and he loved being a part of it.

It meant the world to him.

Silly me, I have started writing something which has another back story I will not yet tell. One day I might write the prequels to this as well... I give myself too much to do. Dear lord, but I do like creating worlds far too much. Hopefully this means I am improving in communicating the aspects of an entire world.

There will be no official update for this, despite or maybe because of how epic I am hoping it will be. I promise whenever I write a chapter for this I will put it up. Love you all.