Ducking the flailing arm of a pissed off infectee, Sean Cavanaugh dodged out of reach, hoping to get a clear shot and stun the pain in the ass.

Molly Caffrey staggered to her feet, knocked senseless for a minute by an earlier blow. Raising her weapon with a still unsteady arm, she shouted, "Cavanaugh!"

Trusting his partner, the man dropped to the ground, giving her a clean shot and she took the infectee down with no fuss.

As Cavanaugh bound the man's hands, Molly stumbled over and dropped down to sit beside him. He looked over at her. "Guess the infectees don't know it's a holiday."

"Are you kidding me, that's probably why they planned a strike today. Catch us with our defenses down."

"Well, someone's just a ray of Christmas cheer."

"Bah humbug."

"Da Who Dor Ae."

"Little big to be a Who, aren't you?"