The car chase

Rob was thrilled! Not only did he get to ride solo, he got to ride solo on an ATV speeding through the sewers under Philadelphia with armed cops chasing after him. Now that was fun! Sure, Charlie was sitting on the back of the ATV, buthe didn't do anything but sit tight and enjoy, or not enjoy then ride. He loved being the decoy. It meant fast and thrilling. He almost lost his enjoyment when he saw the guy on the other boat point a gun at Lyle, but not quite. Almost. Man, there were two bikes chasing them, and another four were going to be coming around at the next turn. That would be sweet. Charlie said something. Damn, time to leave his nthoughts alone.

"What Charlie? Can't you see a man enjoying himself in the thrill of the chase here?"

"Yeah, but they are coming around to head us off at the third right."

"okay then Charlie, we'll take the second left. How does that sound?" sheesh, that guy really knew how to get on his drivers bad side. Charlie was boss though, and everyone had to take him seriously.

The motorbikes were nearly on top of them when Rob and Charlie veered sharply left into the turn. The motorbikes once again left in the dust, the two hi-fived, before steering toward their rendevous with Stella, Left Ear and Lyle.

Home Free

"Lyle, what were you thinking?" Rob berates.

"Ya Napster. Letting the cops sneak up on you in your own house. Geez."

"Sorry you guys. I thought I had covered my tracks pretty well. And for you rinformation Left Ear, I was sleeping and my maid let them in. Besides they had a warrant. They could have broken in."

"S'alright. Me and Left Ear here were just joking with you. We know it wasn't your fault. Charlie gave you the snitch's name. He couldn't have known either that the man would give you up."

"I know guys. To tell you the truth, I'm just pretty glad to be out of there."

"We understand. None of us would like prison either, but you would have been the only one of us to die in there. Your to tiny to defend yourself."

"Be quiet Rob. As if I don't know that I'm not as macho as the rest of you."

"Handsome Rob, please leave Lyle alone. How about a group hug you guys? I don't know about Napster here, but I have really missed all of you."

"Aww, thanks Stella."

And so they all gave a group hug, and decided to spend more time together. They were almost like family-but almost, JUST almost.