This out take takes place between Chapter 13 and 14.

OutTake 1 - Secret Family Meetings


"Squee!! Jazz she's so going to be our sister," I heard Alice bouncing around upstairs.

The rest of the house went instantly silent as we all processed what Alice just said. "Alice," I said, "anything you want to share with the rest of us?" I started walking downstairs. I had been in my office researching PTSD in hopes that I would be more prepared to help Bella; I had been greatly troubled earlier when the others had explained the phone conversation about Bella testifying in a double murder trial. Her wounds went deep. I had been talking with Jasper, who had 3 psychology degrees, about ways that we could help Bella going forward, but we were at an impasse until she opened up to someone.

Everyone in the house came into the dining room for an impromptu family conference, Edward of course being absent and with Bella. I had my thoughts about the relationship between him and Bella but had kept it mostly to myself. Esme and I had talked and agreed that discussing it with Edward would only cause him to panic but it was obvious to me that he had finally found his mate.

Alice and Jasper came in. Alice was bouncing in glee but there was apprehension too as she looked at all of us. She sat down and five pairs of eyes looked at her as she fidgeted a bit Jasper grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes as they communicated whatever needed to be said between them. Alice took a deep breath, "Jasper and I have kinda been keeping something from the family. We didn't want to say anything in case we were wrong or if something went bad but I just know it's going to be ok now!"

I looked at Alice. We didn't normally keep secrets in our family but I was willing to give Alice the benefit of the doubt that if she hadn't shared up until now, it was something that needed further clarification. I hoped she planned on opening up now. "Can you share with us now?"

Alice was practically buzzing in her seat she was so excited. "Bella's going to become one of us!"

The silence in the room was deafening. Rose eventually broke it shouting, "What!?"

"I have been watching Edward and Bella closely and their future and trust me this is meant to be. Edward has finally found his mate and someday she will be one of us."

"I can confirm the mate part. Edward of course is in denial of the whole thing but the emotions coming off both of them from the first moment they saw each other confirmed it. They are mated." Jasper added.

"He mated with a human. A perfectly healthy human and he's going to change her?" Rose was very upset and Emmett was trying to calm her down but I could see a smile on his lips.

"Rose as I recall you mated with a human and had him changed. Yes, Emmett was on deaths door step but he completed you. Would you deny Edward his mate? He didn't choose this anymore then you did." I knew I needed to be firm with Rose who never got over what she lost when she became a vampire. Her regret weighed heavily on me. "Alice what exactly have you seen?"

Alice shifted a bit in her seat. "Well . . . things are still not totally clear but tonight they got a bit clearer." I nodded at her asking her to proceed. "Well you all know that I saw Bella dead, having killed herself. When she met Edward I saw the possibility of him killing her. But a third option came, Bella and Edward standing together – and she a vampire with red eyes, obviously a newborn. All three futures are still there and are in constant flux, though the one of Edward killing her is usually the most hazy and unlikely. Tonight Bella and Edward further bonded and the possibility of her becoming a vampire is very strong. No matter what I see, Bella will not have a heartbeat come this time next year."

The room was quiet. Finally I asked. "Alice when do you see her being changed?" I was assuming that I would be doing it, but I was also tentative. Edward had strong feelings about the soul of a vampire and I couldn't see him changing his mind about that, particularly with someone he loved. Then again I knew he would be broken if something happened to Bella, once a vampire is mated a bond is formed and often when a mate dies the remaining mate seeks out death to end the suffering of the loss.

"I'm not sure. There are so many decisions to be made and honestly Bella complicates things. I have a hard time getting a read on her. Edward and I talked about it and we think she is so depressed and so into a routine to get by that she doesn't make many decisions so her future remains clouded. Take tonight. I knew that Edward was going to take her home and that they would sit together, but it wasn't until it practically happened that I saw Bella lean over and rest her head on his shoulder and he will place his head on hers. It is incredibly romantic."

I was very concerned. I knew out of all of my children that Edward was best able to handle being around humans, but Bella was his singer and he was obviously in very close proximity to her. "Alice is Edward going to be able to be this close to her? You yourself said that you saw a future of him killing her."

Alice searched through the futures of Edward and Bella and was quiet for a moment. "I don't think he will kill her. It will be close a few times I think . . . but he will resist. His love for her will stop him in the end."

"So Belly is going to be our sister?"Emmett was obviously excited by this prospect. "Do I have to keep avoiding her then? I miss playing with her. She's fun to joke with."

I sighed, thinking through everything that I had heard so far. All eyes were on me waiting for me to make a decision that would change the course of our family. "I have suspected for a while that Edward was mated to Bella. Now that it is confirmed I would say no Emmett, you don't have to avoid her. Her bond to Edward bonds her to all of us. That would also explain why she is so close to you Emmett and why we all feel drawn to her and her problems. Bella will need that bond if she is going to heal.

"The question going forward is what, if anything, do we tell Edward? He has not admitted that he is mated to Bella and knowing him, he will be in denial for a long time. I suspect if we force the issue the fall out will be problematic. I am hesitant to say that we try to keep this information from him for a while, which should be easier since he is rarely home and always with Bella."

Alice chimed in, "Every time I have thought of talking to Edward about it I have seen him running and Bella dying. He will decide that he is a monster and not worthy of her. We need to give him time to figure this out himself. Edward won't admit what he is feeling and we need the time for them to bond more. Once he is further bonded I think that he will stay. If he leaves and she kills herself I don't think Edward will ever come back to us."

"So you want us to play with the human to make Edward happy while knowing that she'll be dead one way or another in months?" Rose was very upset.

"Yes Rose. She is your sister at this point. No matter what happens. Edward has found his mate. Knowing Edward this means one of two things, either she becomes a vampire, - I have no idea how that will happen with Edward's thoughts about that - or we will end up losing Edward because I am sure that if Bella dies he will do something drastic and hurt himself."

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