Edward = Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – Vampire mated to Bella

Chelle = Chelle – Author of DBtD (pronounced Shelly if you care)

This interview takes place directly after Chapter 28 before any events in Chapter 29 happen.

Corrine was wonderful enough to beta this for me! Thank you!

Chelle sits down to work on more chapters of Darkest Before the Dawn. Edward comes in through the window and clears his throat to get her attention.

Chelle: Well hello Edward. What can I do for you this find day?

Edward growls: I'm not happy with you.

Chelle smiles sweetly: Really why is that?

Edward scoffs: You tricked me that's why. You told me you had a wonderful story to write with the perfect mate for me. I told you I was hesitant to have you write such a story, but you assured me everything would be fine. You started the story, and I came asking you, early on where my mate was and all you told me was I would figure it out soon enough. Never once did you tell me that you were mating me to a human!

Chelle: Is there a problem with Bella? I think you are pretty cute together if you want my opinion.

Edward growls and pinches his nose: That's irrelevant!

Chelle: Stop being an emo moody vampire and deal. You love Bella and you wouldn't be happy with anyone else. Anyway, since you're here, some of the readers have some questions they wanted to ask you. Will you let me ask them?

Edward: Yes, but only because you're readers are awesome.

Chelle: That they are. So, which do you want first? The questions that are related to the story or the personal ones?

Edward: Personal ones? What do you mean personal ones?

Chelle: Well, my readers want to know more about the man behind the vampire.

Edward scoffs: Whatever. Start with the story ones.

Chelle: Gotcha. Robskitten wanted to know what it feels like to be mated and why do you feel that way?

Edward: hhmmm it's hard to describe. Imagine going your whole life thinking you're complete; that everything you want and need you can provide for yourself, and then in an instant, to realize everything you need you and want is connected to another person. That person's happiness is all that can make you happy and wanting to do for them is the only goal you have anymore. But it isn't a hardship in anyway, it's . . . wonderful actually.

Chelle: ECis4Me asked; now that you know you're mated, how do you think your relationship with Bella will change?

Edward: That's an interesting question. I'm not sure how things will be. Specifically, when she comes back but I can tell already, just the acknowledgement on my part, has changed me and allowed the bond to strengthen and become more intimate. I would think it would be similar to having a best friend your whole life and one morning waking up and realizing he was your true love. It would be like that, but in an incredibly stronger fashion.

Chelle: Babbles brings up an interesting question then, will you tell her she is your mate?

Edward sighs and tugs his hair: Yes, no, I don't know. I know I should tell her. I don't know how to do it exactly or what her reaction would be. Then there's the timing, I mean the minute she walks in the door I don't want to open it saying "Hello my love. Guess what, we're mated isn't that great." No, I need to come up with a plan of some kind. I have no clue.

Chelle: So Sherylb's question is perfect. What's the first thing you're going to do when you see Bella again?

Edward: I have no clue. Hug her? Kiss her? Touch her in some way.

Chelle: I think you'd be blushing if you could right now!

Edward glares

Chelle: iluves2 wants to know, if you could have gone to Bella while she was at the trial what would have been the first think you said and/or did?

Edward: I'm not sure. The same thing I think, touch her in some way, but also stress to her my coming wasn't to stress her but help her and that I didn't want her to feel she would have to tell me anything.

Chelle: Next question. BethMasenCullen wants to know what you enjoy most about spending time with Bella.

Edward gives a soft smile: Everything. I think maybe my favorite thing is her silent mind, as much as I want to know all her thoughts, I love sitting with her in silence, holding her with nothing entering my head but my own thoughts. Her silent mind puts us on an equal level I can't have with anyone else. But, I do often wish I could read her thoughts.

Chelle: So you've had a pretty unconventional relationship with Bella, compared to other human couples and assuredly compared to vampire couples. Wanda 1988 wanted to know when everything is settled will you take Bella on a date?

Edward sputters: a date! Hmmmm. I like that idea. I admit to not giving it thought yet, but yes, I think that's a splendid thought. I wonder what Bella would like to do? I'll have to put some thought into that. Definitely.

Chelle: Well Burntcore's question might get your juices flowing. What is one place you would want to go with Bella, humanity notwithstanding?

Edward: Anywhere, Everywhere. I would love to travel the world with her. There are places I haven't been and I know she's not been many places. I would love to go all over with her. I would love to see things with her eyes, so open and innocent. But is there a specific place? Hhmm No, not one specific place.

Chelle: Now that you know Bella's your mate, and mates protect each other with everything in them, Babbles wants to know if you will be seeking vengeance on the people that harmed her in her past?

Edward growls loudly and clenches his fist: YES! They do not know it, but they will. Their days are numbered. Very numbered.

Chelle: No one specifically asked this for me to question you, but I know it has come up multiple times, are you upset Bella hasn't shared her past with you yet? You've opened up to her about you being a vampire and your history of killing humans, are you upset she hasn't returned the favor?

Edward: Returned the favor? Are you serious? Of course I'm not mad. Bella had something horrific happen to her, I know she isn't ready to share. I remember when Esme was turned; it took her months before she told Carlisle about her abusive husband. Rose didn't really talk about her dying at the hands of her fiancé until Emmett came around and then it still was over a year before she opened up. No, I'm not upset, I wish she would open up because she's baring to big a burden for her shoulders alone, but that's all.

Chelle: Well now for the few questions from ladies that are a bit ticked off at you.

Edward: Ticked off at me?

Chelle nods: Multiple readers, MULTIPLE readers commented last chapter about your broody emo attitude that you won't change Bella. Navarre asked specifically why you're an ass. Wait, nope she worded it nicer let me go look, Ok, here it is: If Carlisle, who has been a vampire for little over 350 years, does not see himself as damned and has found happiness with not only his family and his beloved Esme, but his life as well, why can't you see yourself as NOT damned, find peace in this new life given to you 100 years ago and know that letting Bella die a human death would only destroy you? Do YOU really want to exist in a world without your Bella? Do YOU really want to die?

Edward: No I don't want to die! I don't want to live without her either. It isn't that simple; that straight forward. There's more to consider than just what I want. Look it at it from my point of view. Vampires can die. Yes, it's hard to kill us, but we can die. What happens to us then? I don't know. Can we go to heaven? I don't think so. I don't think that's an option. Does Bella deserve to go to heaven? Yes, she does! So should I deny her an eternity of happiness just so she can be with me for however many centauries or millennia we are together? Yes, it's easy to say I want Bella with me always, and I do, but I need to think in terms past just what I want and think about what will happen to her later.

Chelle: whynotjustjumpintoavolcano wanted to know, how could you let Bella APOLOGIZE for causing an erection? (in ch.27) it might only add to her guilt and overall sex-related-issues, and causing/having an erection is nothing wrong, and certainly not anything that can be described as "fault" or needs apologizing for! On neither side

Edward: That wasn't my intent. I was so surprised at her reaction and the swiftness of it. You're right she shouldn't feel like she did something wrong and her apologizing makes it seem as if she was at fault for something. I will make sure to rectify that in the future.

Chelle: Wanda 1988 had another question. Edward do you ever fantasize about Bella? How often?

Edward smiled: I fantasize about her often, especially, with her away right now. I think of summer and taking her to my meadow, or just curling up with her watching the sunset. I have many fantasies about Bella.

Chelle: I'm not sure that's what Wanda was referring to. Maybe PJ Austin will help you understand better. Since you've been having umm... physical reactions to Bella, have you ever umm... taken matters into your own hands? If so, how often. If not, how do you deal with it without having the vampire equivalent of blue balls? Just to make sure there isn't a misunderstanding she's asking if you masturbate.

Edward with a dropped jaw: Chelle, seriously, I doubt anyone would ask that.

Chelle: Actually, Edward, many ladies are wondering.

Edward: I've never taken things in hand. I will never take things in hand, that's vulgar. I'm in control of myself and my . . . baser needs.

Chelle: so how do you deal with the reactions you have.

Edward: I just deal. I either think disgusting thoughts or try to will my erections away. Can we stop talking about this, it's not seemly or proper.

Chelle: xrxdanixrx wants to know if you wear boxers or briefs.

Edward: WHAT? What kind of questions are these? I want to see them.

Chelle shows Edward the questions and reviews.

Edward: These are not appropriate questions!

Chelle: Just answer them!

Edward: Fine! Normally I wear boxers if I have an occasion I need to wear underwear. Honestly, I forgo underwear unless I'm going into a gym or somewhere I need to remove my pants. Right now though, I'm wearing tight bikini briefs so certain, physical reactions, don't tent my pants. Please, tell me were done talking about my under garments.

Chelle: yeppers, all done with that. Newmoonaholic though has a question about your excretions.

Edward: Excretions?

Chelle: specifically she wants to know if you pee. Since you consume so much blood where does it go and if you do in fact urinate does it sparkle? Lastly does semen sparkle?

Edward grumbles: I can't believe this. No, I do NOT pee! The blood is absorbed into my muscles and keeps me functioning. As for my ejaculate, I wouldn't know if it sparkles as I have never ejaculated, though I highly doubt is sparkles.

Chelle smiles: Well you never know, maybe we can revisit the question when and if you do.

Edward glares: Do you have any other questions?

Chelle smiles: Nope! All done. Thanks for coming in and talking to me. I do appreciate it and I know the readers do as well.

Edward nods: Can I ask something?

Chelle: Of course you may.

Edward: Is Bella ok?

Chelle sighs: Well, I promised no spoilers in this interview. So I will just say this, she will be ok.

Edward: She better be.

Chelle: She will, I promise. Thanks again. Hey do you think you can send Jasper and Alice over. I had a few things to clear up with them.

Edward raises and eyebrow: Yeah, I'll see if they can.

Chelle heads off to help her mother for a few minutes until Alice and Jasper knock on the door. She opens the door and invites them in.

Chelle: Hello there! I'm so glad you both could visit. I know my contract is with Edward so I appreciate your willingness to come over.

Alice laughs: No problem! What can we do for you?

Chelle: Well my readers had a few questions for Edward and one for each of you as well. Would you be willing to answer for me?

Alice gives a knowing look: Of course. Tell Wanda1988 that I do like being sneaky and organizing things but I have nothing in the works right now for Edward and Bella. With me not being able to read her future *scowls* I don't know what all of her reactions will be. Up until now I've just been trying to get them to be around each other. Now that Edward finally admitted he's mated, that shouldn't be difficult anymore. But if I think they need a push I might step into give it to them. *winks*

Chelle laughs: Fair enough Alice. Hello Jasper. How are you doing today?

Jasper: Pretty good, yourself?

Chelle: good, thanks for asking. Since you're an empathy iluvec2 is wondering if Edward's sexual frustrations will cause you and Alice to "get really physical".

Alice laughs

Jasper: Well to be honest. There's already been enough repressed sexual tension coming off him, I don't know what it's going to be like now. Yeah, I'll probably be spending more time out of the house and when in the house I'm sure Alice and I will leave for "extended hunting trips".

Alice laughs more: So Jasper, newmoonaholic had a fun question Edward didn't answer. I think we should.

Jasper: Yeah? What's that?

Alice: She wants to know if your jizz sparkles.

Jasper chokes: Did you ask Edward that?

Chelle: Yep I did.

Jasper: Oh I wish I could have seen that boy's reaction!

Chelle: It was pretty good. So do tell, does it?

Alice laughs: No, it doesn't. Sorry to disappoint.

Chelle: That's ok. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

Alice: No problem, see you soon, I hope you don't make things to easy for Edward.

Chelle winks: I wouldn't dream of it!

Alice: Bye

Jasper: See Ya

Chelle: Bye-Bye!

Well that concludes the interview. I hoped some of you liked it. I kinda had fun writing it. I know I had a few requests to interview Bella. I will have to think that over. She will be sharing her story soon, maybe after that.