A/N – just a silly little 'snap shot' about some friends…


Anakin stopped mid mouthful, staring at his friend incredulously. Even after spending nearly two years at the Jedi Temple, Anakin still found it difficult to comprehend how food was always in abundance. Under normal circumstances, once he started he rarely stopped for anything, but in this instance…

"You're kidding, aren't you, Schurke?" He mumbled around a mouthful of nerf. "You didn't really believe that touching Master Windu's head – rubbing it even! – would bring you good luck?"

"He tripped over his robe because he was staring at the girls, he means!" Gris Chavel shook her white haired head with a snort. "Master Windu was sitting down with some of the other younglings – every Master does it at least once – and when he fell…"

"I call it a failed attempt at levitation!" Kampher broke in, he brown eyes dancing merrily, while the object of the laughter looked on indignantly.

"I'll have you know it is lucky!" Schurke added, his good humor returning. "At least on Alderaan!"

"Like you've even been to Alderaan!" Kampher giggled. "I thought Master Nu had you on perpetual archive duty!"

"I've been to Alderaan once," Anakin said quietly. "Master Obi-wan took me there to meet with a friend of his. A guy named Bail Organa…"

"Senator Organa?" Schurke asked, wide eyed. "The Senator who's almost good looking enough to be Corellian?"

Anakin blushed, the thought of Senators brought forth images of Padmé Amidala, and he felt himself blush hotly. He turned away, hoping his friends hadn't noticed, but to no avail.

"Why Toboo! You've gone as red as a sunset on Iago!" Schurke laughed as he poked a forkful of his muja salad. "Me-thinks he's discovered boys at last!"

Anakin's mouth fell open in horror. Boys?

Grinning, Schurke prodded him more. "Boys, girls, and all in between! Life is a buffet my friends!"

"I thought Ani was into… older women," Gris interrupted him dryly.

"Of course!" Kampher added. "Maybe someone like…"

"Master Nu!" Both Gris and Schurke finished for her, as the whole table erupted into peals of laughter - Anakin included – and quickly the conversation turned to other things of important to young ones. Such as, what would be worse? Being stuck in a turbo lift with a wookiee with gas, or a Jedi Master…?

Masters and apprentices looked on at this display with perhaps more than a little chagrin, after all, laughter – and such boisterous laughter was relatively unheard of here in the Temple, but not all present found the scene objectionable.

"Good for the boy to have friends, it is," Yoda said softly to Obi-wan as they stood in the door way of the refectory, unnoticed. "Help him, guide him they will…"

"But Master," Obi-wan murmured. "Don't you agree that… objectifying fellow beings so openly is a bit… unusual for Padawans?"

"Jedi or no, Obi-wan" Yoda chuckled softy. "Living, feeling beings the Padawans are – natural such feelings and expressions are, even for Jedi." His eyes twinkled with merriment as they met Obi-wan's. "Besides, good taste they have, Master Nu is very lovely… especially for one so young…"