AN: Okay, this is a drabble series dedicated to all the different things that could have but didn't happen, but would have been incredibly funny if they did (AKA: the plot bunnies that won't leave me alone but aren't enough in themselves for me to make them into full fledged story). Some of the prompts involve the question of what would have occurred if Conan ended up staying with someone other than Ran and a number will be based on what could happen if Kid DID find Pandora.

These chapters are going to be short scenes depicting these alternatives, mostly in humor and for comedic purposes. While they will mainly be one-shots, some may have other scenes added to the plot bunny later on in future chapters. There will be crossovers, crack, and general craziness. Romance will not be as major of a focus in these, though I'm not against making pairings. Angst may be included, but sparely depending on my mood. I do take requests, and any of these are open to adoption if one asks.

Adoption: KAITO

There are moments in history where the unexpected occurs. Moments where it seems that the very workings of fate have conspired to alter the whole of reality itself to bring about one particular event—for good or ill. These are the moments where all the planning and effort of the higher powers ruling this world come into fruition as a person is faced with their intended fate, however much they may try to avoid it.

Then there are those people who give the big "f—" you to said fate and drag the chosen "destined" person onto an entirely new path, usually running like hell while cackling like madmen with a very angry entity on their heels.

Kaitou Kid was one of these people. If anyone knew how to outmaneuver the best-laid plans, it was the white-clad phantom thief. Even if, however unknowingly, those plans he disturbed were those of fate itself.

"This is the BEST DAY EVER!"

"What the hell—?!"

But he's still having way too much fun with it.

It started out innocently enough—or as innocently as anything can be when Kaitou Kid is involved. He was just flying on his glider, making another fantastic getaway from the local law enforcement after stealing yet another priceless gem—which he WOULD be returning in a few days, sheesh, not that anybody bothers to remember that part—when he passed by a nearby amusement park and happened upon some poor soul getting clobbered from behind by a couple creepy guys in black who looked like they could definitely be part of the same group as Snake. Immediately, he set down somewhere out of sight and returned to the scene only to find that the men in black coats were gone and the only thing left behind was an injured child in much-too-big clothes that looked suspiciously like those of the teenager who had just been attacked only moments before.

After that, it was only a matter of bringing the kid to one of his several hideouts where Jii was waiting for him and getting his story. Once the story was revealed and the similarities between the criminals involved in their two situations noted, Kaito—in full Kid regalia—came to one conclusion.

"Now I have my very own sidekick!" Kid cheered, glomping the chibi-fied Shinichi for all his worth.

"I'm not your 'very own ANYTHING'! Put me down!"

"We'll have to get you your own costume, of course!" Kid continued, obviously not listening to any of the smaller's protests or paying him any mind as Shinichi finally managed to get out of his grip and back away. "A mini of mine? That would be hilarious, but there's no telling how you'd pull off the cape and top-hat..."

Shinichi glared. "You're a thief! Why would you want a sidekick, anyway?"

"Hey, it gets lonely sometimes," Kid told him. "Stealing gems...outrunning the know how it is."

"No, I don't. And do you know why? Because I'm NOT A THIEF!"

"Well, of course not!" Kid chided. "Not everyone can start out being as skilled as me, after all." A very scary grin formed on his face. "I'll show you the ropes and teach you everything you need to know about being a phantom thief!"

The shrunken Shinichi's eye twitched. 'Is this guy for real?' He sighed and shook his head. "But I'm a detective!"

"Think of it as getting to know your enemy." The thief reasoned.

"But you're not my enemy!"

Kid smiled at the not-child, starry eyed. "Aww, I knew you cared!"

"In that you weren't the one to give me experimental poison that shrunk me instead of killing me." Shinichi deadpanned.

"So MEAN, Tantei-kun!" Kid pouted.

"Well," Jii mused. "It would be more likely for you to accomplish your goals if you were to work together."

Shinichi sighed. It was true that he and Kid probably had a common enemy in this criminal organization—judging from what information they could gather, which honestly wasn't much, but was still enough to give the impression that they were linked somehow due to their similar style of dress, associations, plans, and general MO. Even if their two situations weren't caused by the same group, they were still likely linked somehow. And even if they weren't, Shinichi wasn't about to let any criminal group escape justice. And it'd help to have others working with him to bring these guys down and find a way to restore him to his true age.

"Fine. I'll give this partnership a try." He conceded.

Kid beamed. "This is going to be GREAT! I can be all broody and angsty and pessimistic and stuff as I'm driven to fight evil-doers in all their forms in the darkness of the night and bring them to justice through fear and vigilantism—"

"You're not Batman!"

"—Tortured by the horrible death of my parents years ago and driving myself nuts dealing with the guilt by taking down criminals—"

"Um...your mother is still alive..."

"—And you can be my foil reminding me that there is good in everyone and slowly get me to open up and be more human through your wide-eyed child-like innocence!"

Eyebrow still twitching, Shinichi looked up at Jii. "He DOES know I'm not REALLY seven, right?"

Jii sighed, resigned. "Let's just let the young master dream for a while..."

Yes, this would be the start of something quite interesting.


"Alfred, I'll be in the Bat-cave!" Kid shouted out over his shoulder as he opened a door to a large grandfather clock and walked inside.


Shinichi blinked. "Is that actually...?"

Jii sighed, more annoyed this time. "No, that's just a regular clock."

"Hey guys? I think I'm stuck..."