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Chapter One


Hermione stared dully out of the window as the countryside rushed by. She was alone, no Harry or Ron around to keep her occupied. A rat known as Ginny Weasley had seen to that.

She still couldn't believe how easily the boys had turned from her, over Ginny.

The boys and Hermione were curled up by the fire at Grimauld Place when Ginny burst into the room in tears. "I can't hide it anymore!" Ginny cried dramatically, throwing herself at Harry.

The three exchanged confused looks. "Hide what, Gin?" Harry asked kindly.

Ginny glanced at Hermione. "I…I can't."
"You just said you wanted too." Ron said with his usual tactless approach.

Ginny pulled up her sleeves to reveal several bruises littering her pale arms. Hermione and the boys gasped in horror.

"Who did this to you?" Hermione asked, approaching the younger girl.

Ginny flinched back. "Please, don't hurt me!" She whined.

"You'll hurt me again!" Ginny wailed, curling up into Harry's lap. The boys glared at Hermione.

"You've been hurting Ginny? Does it make you feel big and important? Hurting girls younger than you. You make me sick." Ron growled, glaring at his curly haired best friend.

"You don't think I did this?" Hermione gasped in horror.

"You think Gin would do this to herself?" Harry spat, his emerald eyes filled with hate.

Hermione's own chocolate eyes bore into his, pleading with him to see sense. "I would never…"
"And she still denies it! Even though the evidence is right in front of us!" Ron hissed.


"Enough." Harry cut her off. He stood, scooping a sobbing Ginny into his arms as though she were a baby.

"You really are a sick one, Hermione. All this time, we thought you were our friend. Ginny's friend. Now we find you just liked the power that came with being our friend." Ron added.

"No! You know me! I couldn't…"
Ginny met Hermione's eyes over Harry's shoulder and smirked. "She's lying!" Hermione yelled.

Harry shook his head. "You've sunk to a new low, Hermione. From this day on, you are no longer our friend. You can leave Grimauld Place tomorrow and don't ever come back!"

Hermione's heart had broken when she was cast out by her once best friend. The worst thing was that Ginny had gotten what she wanted and no one knew.

For the rest of the summer she had spent her time living alone in her childhood home, once full of happy memories but now housing haunted ones and gathering dust. She would wake up screaming every night in that house, the house where her life began to go wrong.

Hermione shook her head slightly to dispel any dangerous thoughts. She was so tired. Her eyelids began to droop as the soft rocking and rhythmic chug of the train began to lull her to sleep. As soon as her eyes shut, the nightmares would begin.

Hermione sat with her faithful cat in her living room, one of Shakespeare's many works in her hands as she read it avidly. Each time she read it, she found something new.

The front door opened and her father's voice rang out into the otherwise silent house. "We're home!"

Hermione leapt off of the sofa and ran to his side. "Hi Dad. How was work?"

"It was alright. I think your mother has had a tough day though. One of those kids bit her again."

Jenny Granger entered the house at that moment, tying her hair into a loose bun as she came. "Hello, sweetheart." She smiled upon seeing Hermione.

"Hi, Mum. Dad said you had a bad day at work. One of the Thompson twins bit you again?"

"Yep. Nasty little things those boys."
"At least you don't have to see them again for a while."

Henry Granger laughed. "That she doesn't. Now, enough chit chat, who wants Chinese?"
Henry Granger stuck his head around his daughter's door to see she was still at her desk reading one of her many school books. "Darling, you should really get some sleep. It's eleven o'clock."
"Okay, Dad. Just give me five more minutes."
Henry laughed quietly. "You always ask for five more minutes, then five becomes ten, ten becomes thirty and thirty becomes two hours." He teased.

"I mean it, please."
"Okay, five minutes only."
"Thanks. Night Dad."
"Night, Darling."
As the clock hit Midnight, Hermione went to put away her books. There was a loud bang and Hermione drew her wand on instinct. She held it close to her and crept to her door.

Silence reigned as she slid open her door. The darkness seemed to suffocate her as she tried to blindly see into the gloom, separating the shadows from the light.

Suddenly, her wand was torn from her grasp and she was thrown onto the landing by her hair. She cried out as she hit the floor. Hermione looked up into the glowing red eyes of Lord Voldemort.

Over three hours later, Hermione lay in a pool of her own blood and vomit. She was panting after suffering yet another bout of the Cruciatus curse.

Voldemort grinned wickedly down at her. "Filth like you don't deserve magic. Which is why I made this little curse. It's experimental; all the others have just exploded. Let's see what happens with you. Nex Veneficus."

The red curse hit Hermione and she cried as the pain pulled her into the darkness. "Goodbye, Hermione Granger."

Hermione woke with a scream, panting as her wild eyes stared around the silent carriage. It was the same nightmare every time she shut her eyes. The nightmare of the day she lost her parents.

Hermione drug herself off of the train and towards the carriages, waving to Hagrid when she saw him with the First Years. She just was so tired, but couldn't sleep again. Not now. She climbed into the carriage, ignoring the Thestral pulling it, and settled into her seat, ignoring the third year Hufflepuffs entering the carriage.

The sorting ceremony seemed to pass by like a breeze as Hermione lost herself to her thoughts. Dumbledore soon got to his feet, silencing the students.

"Welcome back to Hogwarts. It is wonderful to see all of you again, and sad to see some of you missing." Dumbledore paused, everyone recollecting on the Battle that had only occurred last year and all those they had lost.

So many had lost their lives for the cause, on both sides. Hermione bowed her head as the thoughts of Terry Boot and one of her best friends out of the Golden Trio ran though her mind.

She had gotten to know Terry quite well due to a project in Charms and the two had become good friends. She had met Anna Smithland, a kindly Hufflepuff, through him, she had been his girlfriend.

The two had been found lying together; Terry led protectively over Anna's body. Tears sprung to Hermione's eyes as she thought of them. It wasn't fair. Neither had deserved it. But then again, had any of them really deserved it?

"But it is time we had a fresh start. We have a new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, Professor Ivan Holts as well as a new Flying Instructor, Professor Bill Weasley."
Hermione looked up at Bill, sat proudly at the Teachers table with a rather pregnant Fleur by his side. He had turned on her too after Ginny had spread her little sob story.

None of the Weasleys had believed her. After all, why should they? Ginny had them wrapped around her little finger, being the only girl and the youngest Weasley child.

Dumbledore began to speak again, drawing Hermione out of her reverie. "Our Head Boy is Draco Malfoy from Slytherin," A cheer rose from the Slytherin table as they acknowledged their prince. Draco stood and bowed his head, smirking smugly.

", and our Head Girl is Hermione Granger from Gryffindor." The Gryffindors let out their own cheers, with the exceptions of Harry, Ron, Ginny and Lavender. They all glared at her.

"They shall be available at all times, situated in a private room in your Common Rooms. For the rest of the school, simply knock on the Portrait of Bertha Mugglewarp and state whether you wish to see the Head Girl or Boy. The Forbidden Forrest is, as its name suggests, forbidden and Mister Filch has a list of banned items on his office door. He requests you take a look."

"Now that it is all, enjoy your meals." The elderly Headmaster took his seat, smiling at his students, and the plates of food appeared before them all.

Hermione ate in silence, listening to the stories of her fellow house mates' summers. Parvarti was sat next to her, talking to Seamus and Dean about how Lavender had ditched her to spend time with Ron.

"I don't get it. She didn't like him like that last year." She sighed, leaning her head on her fist.

"Maybe it's because he's a war hero and a member of the Golden Trio." Dean suggested. "Speaking of which, why aren't you sat with them, Hermione?"
Hermione sighed. "I don't want to talk about it." She mumbled. She felt a wave of dizziness overtake her and shut her eyes, rubbing her temples slightly.

Neville, sat next to her, put his hand on her arm. "Are you okay, Hermione?"
"Fine." She replied. "Just need a good nights sleep."

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