To all those who are too cowardly to trash these stories without signing the review so I can reply, please take notice that these stories are some of my older ones. If you take a look at my most recent stuff then I hope you will realise that I have learnt a lot since writing these. No, I am not thick or stupid (or even have a blood clot). I write these stories because these are the stories that I want to read.

I want to read something interesting. Something unique. I don't want to read another boring story about people slowly falling in love. There are plenty out there. I like stories with hidden pasts, or time travel, or immortals. I like stories where the romance is important to the plot, but not the sole focus. True, these stories have not been written in the best way and one day I might rewrite them (and in fact I am in the form of original fiction) but for now take them or leave them.

If you do not like these stories, please move along. Or at least sign your review so I can repeat what I have just said. These stories are old and not my best work. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Especially when half of you don't have the capability to write decent english in these insulting reviews.