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Author's Note: This is journal-style format from Lucas Carter's POV. They're short entries because Lucas wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box; he always did the minimum amount of work to get by.

Author's Note2: Where ever there is an ellipses (aka .dot.), there should have been a cross out in his writing. Unfortunately, when I uploaded the files to they didn't go through. Please keep in mind that that is why his writing trails or sounds jumbled up.

Characters: Lucas Carter, Peter Simmonds, Nadia McConnell, Ivy Robinson & baby, Matt Lloyd, Tanya Garret, Sister Chantelle.

June 8th – Day 1.

Tonight was opening night of Romeo & Juliet. I played Benvolio, the peacekeeper. We were supposed to have three shows. Ivy was Juliet and she's knocked up. I watched my friend Jason die on stage. He was Romeo. He's Ivy's babydaddy. I don't understand what happened. How did he overdose? I have a feeling I'm respon… I gave him the drugs, but I didn't think he'd… but I should've known better. I graduate in two weeks. Jason won't be there.

June 20th – Day 12.

I almost made it to graduation. Five years at St. Cecilia's, and I was finally at the end of my high school days. Jason was the only one who never made fun of me for having to repeat freshman year. I was so close. So close. But instead I was arrested. Nadia watched them put me in the cruiser. I couldn't tell what she was… I wish I knew what she was thinking. I bet she hates me.

July 3rd – Day 22.

My trial was today. Peter and Nadia sat together. I wanted to… I couldn't look at them. Even if I was allowed… I couldn't tell them I was sorry. Ivy and Matt didn't even show up. Tanya sat in the back. I could hear her crying. We were together for two and a half years. I ruined everything. I don't want her to think I'm a killer, but the trial is gonna take longer than they thought.

August 16th – Day 43.

The last day of my trial was three days ago. I was ruled guilty of second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, possession, intent to sell, and selling. I didn't get my sentencing until today. Court gave me 5 years in prison for the murder/manslaughter charges and 2 for the drug charges. But I didn't mean to… kill him… Did I?

To be continued through the seven years Lucas spends in prison. Don't worry; Peter, Nadia, Matt, Ivy and Tanya will all be involved as the story goes on. Things are going to get much more interesting. Lucas's writing abilities will become better the more he writes in his journal, and more details will appear in the story.

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