Harry Potter

Summary:Voldemort finds out that Dumbledore faked the prophecy and feels guilty for what he has done to Harry.

What will he do when he finds out that Harry is in even worse condition then anyone thought!

Warning! Evil Dunbledore and Ron! Angsty Harry and child abuse! Rated M for abuse, atemptted suicide and later lemons!!!

MPreg people!! Harry and Remus!!

Pairings: Voldie x Harry, Hermione x Draco and Sirius x Remus!!!

This is Yaoi! Don't like don't read!! I will try not to spoil anything and If I do I will leave a warning up here!! I do not own Harry Potter! I only own my plot!!

General PoV

"You must be joking! The prophecy is a fake!!??" The dark Lord yelled viciously at Lucius Malfoy. "Yes my lord. Albus set you up so that you and the boy, Potter, would kill each other and he could rule without any one to stop him." Malfoy answered in a grave tone. "Then you are trying to tell me that I have been destroying a childs life because of of lie!? I killed his parents and you want me to believe that it didn't have to happen!" Voldemort was angry but more than that the Dark Lord was sad. Sad that he had hurt a boy who had nothing to do with this war between himself and Albus Dumbledore.

"Yes my Lord, that is what we have been trying to tell you! Now I suggest you make hast and fetch Potter! I overheard the Headmaster talking about the boys home life and it is not the spoiled rich kid we had believed! I am not sure how bad but he is being gravely abused there as we speak!" Came the voice of Severous Snape. "WHAT!! We must save him!" with that the Dark Lord apparated to 4 privit drive in hopes of explianing to Harry Potter what he himself had just found out.

Harry's PoV

"BOY!!" 'No, No, NO! he can't be drunk again! Just not again! I barely escaped with my virginity last time, how can I get away this time!' I thought hoplessly. Vernon, my uncle, was stomping threw-out the house in search of me. I can hear Aunt Petunia trying to stop him. The abuse has been getting worse and worse but she has gotten nicer since he almost raped me. Even Dudley has taken to helping me to bandage my injuries.

Why did the Headmaster send me back! I had already told him how bad it was! BAM! "Found you BOY!" my uncle laughed as I tried to pull myself further into the corner of the closet that I had been hiding in. I started to cry and shake. I didn't think I would escape this time. "AHG!" I cryed out as he ripped me up by the hair. Before I could try to escape he crushed his lips against mine. I wanted to scream in disgust. Vernon pulled away and drug me over to the bed in the room. He threw me down and climbed over me before I could even sit up. Pining my arms over my head, he started to rip at my clothes.

When he had my shirt off he started to pull at my pants. "No, please NO!" I begged him but he just smiled. "Now Now, freak, be a good slut or I will make this even worse." He kissed me again. He pulled away though when my aunt slamed the door open. She shook her head before calling over her shoulder, "In here, Hurry!" Vernon had just turned back to me and I couldn't se past him. Just as he undid the zipper on his own pants in prep to rape me he was flung against the wall by an unseen force. I scrambled up, clutching what was left of my clothes to me. I was shaking and crying but I didn't care who saw, I was to afraid. I suddenly felt strong arms wrap around me.

I started to struggle before realizing that these were not the arms of my uncle. These arms were thin and strong and the chest pressed against my side cover in fine muscle. I looked up carefully and saw one thing I never imagined would be my savior. Vodemort. His red eyes were watching me with a mix of anger, guilt and sadness. "I'm sorry." was all I heard before I let shock and fear send me into a restless sleep in the arms of my supposed enemy.

Vodemort's PoV

I looked into the emerakd gaze before the pale eyelids hid them from view. How could this be the supposed Golden Boy, The-Boy-Who-Lived? No this child was nothing but a broken shell of one of Albus's puppets! I looked over to where the childs uncle still lay. I could only sneer in disgust at horrible Muggle. "Is he going to be okay?" I heard the woman who had helped me find him ask. I turned and saw her and her child watching Harry as he slept quietly in my arms. "Yes, he will be fine. I do suggest though that you and your boy get out of here before the man awakens." I told them. I could tell the woman seemed to care ever so slightly for the boy and I held no animosity for them. "Before you go I want to give him something." She left before coming back with a small box in her hands. "This was something that was found and the rubble of his home. I think it was his parents." she opened the box to reveal two arm bands.

One was a silver and black snake curled up with a line of green running along its side. The other was a silver lily with the stem curled around a band of red. Inside the box was a slightly burned letter. "Is that the original box?" I asked. She nodded and I pulled out the letter.

Dearest Harry,

If you are reading this then James and I have died and left you all alone. If that is so than I am very sorry But I have a very important message! When you were born we took you to a seer who would tell us who tell us who your soul-mate would be. The bands were made during this as the embodiment of who it would be. The green one will be for him and the red for you. Your soul-mate is VOLDEMORT!! Now don't be scared my dear boy! James and I have a warning though, Beware of Albus! He is not the good guy my love! He wants to keep you two apart so that it will be easy to destory you! If you...I'm sorry I am saying to much. The only thing I can say is I hope that the two of you can look past each others wrongs and focus on what is good and pure about the two of you. James wants to say something now...

My son! I want you to know that no matter what you do we will always love you and I will always be proud of you! Now, since I am sure Vodemort will some how see this letter, If you hurt my son I swear to god I will come back from the dead and kill you myself! Make him happy because we already know what he will have to go through just to know all this! Now Tom, Harry, I don't blame you Tom and I don't want you to either Harry! Sorry but we have to go now, Baby you is crying. HEHEHE now tell me that ain't wierd!

Good-bye Son

Love Lily and James Potter

October 31

I smiled at the letter before folding it up again and placed it in the box along with the braclets. "Bonding braclets is it...well, I guess we will see what he think in the morning.' With that I left with Harry and the box while his aunt and cousin went the other way. When I was out of sight and away from the wards I disapparated back to the Riddle manor. Snape and Malfoy met me inside along with the others of the inner circle. "Hah, My Lord you have captured Potter, will you let me kill him!" Bellatirx asked with an insane glint in her eyes. "No! This child has been hurt enough!

I will fill you all in later but this boy is not to be harmed in the least! If any of you even think it I will personally kill you!" with that I headed up to my rooms with Snape and Malfoy following.

General PoV

"Snape, can you see if he has any injuries that are life threatening?" Vodemort asked worriedly. "I can't tell, he has Galmors on." Snape waved his hand and slowly dissolved the glamors. What they saw had Vodemort seeing red. Harry's body was covered in injuries. Freak was carved into his arm and a cross burned onto his chest, there were burns, cuts and bruises decorating every inch of his body as well. Snape growled and headed to his lab while Malfoy got to work on healing the worst of the injuries. Snape came back after a few minutes and pressed 3 bottles in to Voldemorts hands.

"The green on is for his burns, the blue one for the cuts and scares and the black one is for pain." Snape took one last look at Harry and cast

spell before leaving the room. Malfoy sighed before smiling at the Dark Lord. "Sir, that charm will fix his eyes and the potions will certainly help. I think you should rest. It will not be easy to explain all this to him." Malfoy then left as well, closing the door behind him.

Vodermort sighed and placed the bottles on the night stand before conjuring a large red plushy chair. Harry started to turn in his sleep and cry so Voldemort reached for his hand and murmured nonsense to the boy who calmed and fell back into a dreamless sleep. Voldemort fell asleep like that, holding the hand of the boy who lived and actually thinking that it might be a good thing they are mates because he wanted to protect this broken boy for as long as he could.

Harry's PoV

'Where am I?" I wondered because that was definetly not my roof! The paint was silver with black trim. Suddenly everything hit me at once! I was almost raped by my uncle and then I was saved by...Voldemort!! I bolted up and noticed a weight on my hand. I turned and saw in a chair next to the bed. In said chair was Vodemort, he was asleep with his head on the edge of the bed and holding my hand. He had bags under his eyes as though he had stayed up the hole night. I was worried and did not want to wake him so I tried to pull away from him but instead he started to move. "Hmm..." he sat up and streatched, pulling me as well because he had yet to release me! He blinked twice before noticing me and quickly jumping up only to wrap me in a hug!

"Harry! I thought you were dead!" I pushed away and managed to force him off of me before climbing over to the corner of the bed and pressing myself against the head-board. "Why didn't you kill me?" I asked softly, not looking him in the eye. He sighed, "Because my boy, I found out that we are not enemies as we have let Albus lead us to believe. He has lied to you and me about the prophecy. It was fake, there never was one to begin with! I never would have hurt you if I had known then what I know now but I cannot change what has been done. The only thing I can do would be to try and make it up to you by helping in any way I can."

He sighed again. "You don't have to help me. I am used to this, the only thing that might help would be if you were to kill me. I already know that Headmaster was pulling the strings but there is nothing I can do. Please, kill me!" I crawled over to him and begged that he end it for me. I no longer had the will to live! All I wanted was to die! Vodemort shook his head, "I'm sorry, that is the one thing I refuse to do." he whispered softly.

"Why!? It's simple just use the Avada kedavra curse and end it! Then there will be no one to stand in your way!" he pleaded. Voldemort growled.

"How can I kill my mate you stupid boy! Just because Albuse and I caused your life to be fucked up doesn't mean you should give up! Try living here! Just try to live!?" he grabbed my shoulders and shook me before turning away and reaching into his cloak. "Here." he pressed a small box into my hands. "Read the letter inside and tell me what you think of it." I opened the box and found the twin bands. Inside was also a letter. I removed the letter and started to read. "A mate? Bonding-bracletes? I don't under stand any of this! What does Mum mean with the 'Albus is the enemy?" I asked him. I was sobbing and the letter was just to much.

"It means that we are supposed to be together instead of fighting! it means the we are much more powerful then originally led to believe! If we were to work together then you and I could easily defeat Albus!" Voldermort hugged me again before turning serious. "If you say yes then we will forever be together. I will love you for as long as I shall live and you would have to be the same. This mating thing is like marriage except when I say forever I mean that once we put the bands on we will only love each other and there ids no way out of it. Do you understand and will you go through with it?" Voldermort wouldn't look me in the eye. it was as though he were afraid of my rejection.

I realized then that even if I could have said no I would still have answered the same as I would now. "Yes, I will be bound to you. Just promise me that I get to be there when you kill Albus!" with that I placed the red and silver band on my wrist. Voldermort chukled before doing the same. As soon as the twin bands were in place I felt something warm crawl acrose my skin.

General PoV

Harry looked up to see Voldermort sigh with his eyes closed and the most contented smile ever seen grace his features before looking back at Harry. "You will be there because nobody hurts my Mate!" he said in way of the promise. Before Harry could even thank him Voldermort hugged the smaller boy and crashed there lips together. Instead of fighting as he had with his Uncle, Harry melted into the kiss. When the lack of air made itself known Vodermort pulled back slowly only to move to Harry's neck.

He bit down hard before soothing the abused flesh with his tongue. When he pulled back a large red mark was present. With a satisfied growl He pulled Harry up along side him and moved to the middle of the room. There he assessed Harry before grunting in disapproval at the boys tattered clothing. "Steny!" He called loudly. A house elf appeared with a pop. "Master called for Steny?" he asked. "Yes can you gather my inner circle in the meeting room and then bring Lucius and Severus here?" he asked the small elf. "Yes Master, Steny do that Master!" The elf disappeared and Voldermort turned his crimson eyes back to Harry.

"Now, what you need are some good clothes!" Pulling one of the silver silk top sheets of the bed, he transfigured it in to a shirt and handed it to Harry. "Now a pair of pants and a cloak!" He looked around the room before settling on the apolstry of a leather couch. He transfigured the black leather into pants with laces up the side like sneakers. The laces were silver. Voldermort then pulled the curtains down and transfigured a cloak out of the black velvet. When he was done he sent Harry into the bathroom to change so that he could then resize them to fit the thin boy.

Harry stepped out with the cloak about 5 sizes to big and the shirt not much better. The pants only needed to be one size smaller and then he was set to go. Just before the two left Voldermort's room, Harry grabbed his hand. Voldermort could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted to know why Voldermort had not forced the consumation of the bonding then and there. This earned Harry a laugh and a pat on the head from the dark lord. "I will not force you and I will not hurt you. I will wait till you come to me of your own choice." with that the two prepared to leave.

The ran into Lucius and Severus on the way to the meeting. After Voldermort explained a few thing to them they just turned to Harry and patted his head and gave him a quick hug before heading back to the meeting room to await the pair. What Voldermort convinently neglected to mention was the bonding-bands that he and Harry now sported. Harry gave him a knowing smirk before alowing himself to be led into the meeting by HIS Dark Lord.

When they entered the room everyone went silent. Voldermort walked briskly over to his thrown chair with Harry in tow. When he sat he seemed to notice something before smirking at Harry before pulling the smaller boy onto his lap so that his feet were over one arm of the thrown and his back press against the other. He sqeaked in protest but quieted quickly when he caught sight of Draco Malfoy who was standing in a darker corner of the room. Surprisingly instead of glaring or sneering at Harry as he usually did, he was SMILING!! Harry looked closer and saw Lucius was whispering something to him. Harry realized that he must be explaing what he had heard from Voldermort.

"Draco, come over here." Voldermort said when he noticed where Harry was looking. Draco stepped forward and bowed his head to his lord before looking at Harry. "Potter, it's nice to see you have joined the dark side." he said, still grining. Harry looked from him to Voldermort and back again before extending a hand to shake with Draco. As he extended his arm the bracelet glinted in the dim light of the room. Draco took a sharp intake of breath before grabbing Harry's wrist. After examining it for a few seconds he smiled and looked at the Dark Lord. "So this is what is going on! My Lord and the Golden Boy are a Bound Pair!" he Hugged Harry before returning to the side of his shocked Father to give him a happy hug as well.

"I-Is that true, My Lord?" one of the Death eaters asked. Voldermort smiled and every one but Harry, Draco, Lucius and Severus shuddered. "Why yes, yes it is true. We are a bound pair but we will leave that for later! As you all know, this is Harry Potter. You might as well start calling him Prince or Queen or something like that because he will be my love for all eternity. The bond will be consumated as soon as he is ready but he is young so it can wait. The main marking has been completed though so it is official. There is no way to reverse this, not that I wish to anyway!" Everyone in the room nodded in agreement and gave congrates although only Draco, Lucius and Severus looked sincer about it.

"Now, Harry has joined us because it has been found that Albus faked the prophecy to get rid of the two main threats to himself. Harry and I were falsely put against each other and forced to fight without knowing that we were mates. Now that we know this it is also a fact that a bonded pair is much stronger then an unbonded one. together and with all of yous help we can finally win this! Sadly we must wait for the proper time to strike. For that time to come we will need more then 1 person on our side onside hogwarts." Before he could continue Harry interrupted. "I think I know a few people who would be willing to help out if you can give me one thing in return." he started looking around at everyone and stopping to stare at Voldermort.

"Whatever you want love." Harry smiled. "Then I am going to need to revive my godfather. With Sirius on our side we can get Remus who is coming back this year as the dada teacher. Once we have him I can also get the twins who I am certain are only on the side of good because I was and Hermione should be willing to tag along. Also Bill Weasley is supposed to co-teach the care of magical creatures with Hagrid. He will also be on our side in all likely hood." Harry nodded to himself after that bafore being patted on the head by Draco. "Are you sure you aren't a slythryn?" he asked with a smirk. Harry smiled back.

"Actually I was supposed to be but I argued the hat out of it." the stunned silence was clearly audible after that until the Dark Lord started laughing. "I always thought it strange that you could be the way you are and still be placed in gryffindor. Now as far as the revival of your godfather goes. He was never dead." he answered. Harry looked at him in shock. "What do you mean not dead!" Harry asked in shock and slight anger that he didn't hear about this earlier. "Well the veil was false so I just kinda knocked some air back into his lungs and he revived. At first he was angry but I explained what I really wanted and not what Albus has you all believing. After that he came around and since he was informed yesterday he should be here any..." Voldermort was interrupted when a large black dog burst into the room. Mid run it turned into a man an launched himself at Harry, effectively dislodging him from Voldermorts lap.

"Siri! You really are alive!" Harry exclaimed while hugging the older man who had tumbled onto his back with Harry on top of him. As soon as Sirius could se straight he jumped to his feet and hugged Harry back. "Yep and it's good to be alve now that I know the truth! Now what was that I heard through the door about you two being bound mates! Well I have to say its about bloody time. I was there that day at the seer and I have been waitung 16 freaking years for this day!" With that he hugged Harry again and then walked over to the Dark lord. When he was standing in front of him he grabbed him by the front of the shirt and pulled him to eye level. Wands were leveled at him from all directions but Sirius ignored them. "If i find out that you hurt him in any way shape or form, you are going to truely wish you were dead. I can't kill you 'cause that hurt Harry, that don't mean I can't beat the ever love crap out of you.' Sirius growled out in Voldermorts face.

"Yes, i can assure you that he will be kept unharmed though I can't promise he will ever walk straight again." He answered completely serious. Harry turned bright red and everyone in the room started to laugh at the thought of the great Harry Potter with a limp because he got screwed through the mattress!. Sirius grinned and released the Lord and turned to Harry again. "Now you should go hang with Draco while we get it all set up for you to safely go back to school. I will take care of Remus but You are going to have to get the twins, Hermione and Bill. Once we have them then we are set. After that then by next year we should be able to launch a full fledge attack!" They all cheered for that and Draco led Harry away after nodding to The Dark lord.

"So we only have 4 more days before we have to go back to Hogwarts. Are you going to be okay. I mean we will intercept the owl and go shopping tomorrow but I am a little worried about how you are going to act I mean I never acctually hated you and so well I guess I just want to be able to still be friends." Draco was nervous but he was trying his damndest to be nice and Harry was definetly giving him brownie points for that one! "Yeah Drack we can stay friends I mean I plan on telling my friends but I will use the fidelius charm so that if they don't agree they cn't go telling Dumbledore!" Harry explained. "I also want to tell them that i am gay but I not sure how they will react to that one though." Before Draco could say more a brown owl flew through the window and landed on Harry's shoulder. They untied the letter just as another came and landed on Draco. After retrieving the letters they read what would be needed for this years classes and what they had passed to take as there classes.

Harry's O.W.L grades showed how much stress he had been under this last year.

He sighed his classes would be Potions, Herboligy, Transfiguration and Care of Magical creatures 101. The nice thing was that most of his classes were with Draco so he wouldn't seem so bothered by it all. The pair parted ways at their rooms and said goodnight. Harry wrote up a list of the names of people he missed that might join the cause. When he was done he lay down and was out as soon as his head hit the pillow he noticed when Voldermort climbed in beside him but did not say anything because he was just to tired.

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