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General PoV

Harry was sitting with the twins. It had been two years since they had been born and he had not been teaching any classes so that he could be with them. Now Hermione and Draco were going to babysit so that they could get used to the idea of kids.

Those two had tied the knot and Hermione was pregnant with triplets so she was going to babysit Harry's twin's and Remus's little girl.

Remus was pregnant again and he felt it would be a little boy! Harry and Tom were working on kiddy number two but had yet to have success though Harry knew it would be soon…Luna said it would be!

Today he would teach Dueling. Sirius had proven that he could teach charms without any issues so Harry had given that to him.

Harry would start with the second years in their first class for dueling. Tom offered to help in demonstrations and would be with them.

Muggle borns were still in the school but we had taken to bringing them into our world at the age of 7 instead of the customary 11. Luna was teaching a primary school for these children along with Hermione and Neville. Draco helped but he was going to be a politician like his dad.

"Harry, are you and the twins ready?" Tom asked from the door.

"Yes love, Seth is in blue and Shane liked the black and red for today." The twins' personalities were very different. Shane had turned out to be a little rougher around the edges and liked to fight. His magic was like his personality. It was strong and course and made for attack instead of defense.

Seth on the other hand was quiet. He excelled at healing and defense but was oddly better at dueling than Shane. Harry felt that this was because Seth, while as strong if not stronger than Harry, had better control then Shane who liked to let his magic do as in pleased.

Seth's red eyes tended to scare people but he was sweet and kind. Shane was very protective and had few friends because either Seth's eyes or Shane's protectiveness scared them away. The twins' didn't mind though, they enjoyed the company of Serena and themselves more than anyone else.

"Come then Love, Hermione and Draco are here to pick them up." Harry nodded and stood.

"Harry, how are you! Aw, I hope my little ones will be cute like yours!" Harry smiled at his friends.

"Hermione, it's good to see you! Here are the twin's. I have to get to class, I am already late!" Harry kissed the twins' cheeks and Tom gave each a hug before they left for class.

"Okay, today Tom will be helping us with our dueling! Since we have the old rivalry class here, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, you will be paired against each other. Tom and I will demonstrate."

Harry and Tom took up dueling stances. "Now dearest, don't hold back." Harry taunted. Tom laughed, "Well, I legalized the unforgivable but you are not teaching those yet." Harry stuck his tongue out at Tom.

"We will start with something simple. Stupefy!" Harry through the spell and Tom leapt out of the way and countered with a body bind.

Harry struck out with a freezing charm and before Tom could defrost his arm, Harry disarmed him.

"Those were the spells that you will be learning in this year. The final curse you will ever learn in my class is Avada Kadavra. This is a curse that you will never use unless you are literally about to be killed! I will now have Tom demonstrate. I am immune to this curse and will be your test dummy."

Harry turned to Tom and held his arms out with his eyes closed. Tom sighed and lifted his wand. "Avada Kadavra." The curse hit Harry who fell over. "Ouch! Damn, are you really trying to kill me Tom, that freaking hurt!?" Harry stood and rubbed his chest.

Tom hugged Harry. "Sorry love, but you have to mean it for those curses to work." Harry grumbled but agreed.

"Anyway, you kiddies don't have to worry about that till the 7 th year. Now let's have you all practice the spells."

Harry and Tom helped any who needed it and were happy to see the kids doing very well.

"Alright, stop! It is time for your next class! I want a 1 foot essay on at least one of the spells used today. Those of you who take Research with Hermione will write a 2 foot essay. 1 foot for each spell and it will be a two spell essay. Extra credit for those who do more than that on the other spells."

The kids left and Harry gave each class the same homework depending on what spells they were taught. By the time Harry and Tom went to dinner, the over achieving students had their homework in and Harry was praising for a job well done.

Since many kids had trouble passing the practical parts of his class, Harry had taken to giving out essay's and extra credit to make sure every student passed.

The students loved Harry because he was a very easy teacher but harsh on those that did not take the class seriously. He would always explain about what would have happened if he had not taken this seriously…he would have died.

Dinner was a pleasant affair and Remus announced that he was having a little Boy that they were going to name James Orion Lupin-Black. Harry smiled at them and started to eat but he quickly felt ill.

He stood. "Tom I am going to the infirmary. I have a stomach ache." Tom agreed and Harry walked there.

"Madam Poppy, I require assistance." Harry joked as he sat on one of the beds in the room. "Right away dear." She checked him over and the wand threw sparks over his stomach.

"I thought so! Tom is going to be so happy!"

"Your right, I am."

Harry turned and saw Tom standing in the door.

"So what do we think it is and how far along are you?" Tom asked as he hugged his lovely mate.

"It's a girl. Your mate is 4 months along." Tom looked confused.

"But he is not showing? He also had no morning sickness." Harry answered.

"I am showing later because I have always been skinny but I have been eating more and thought the weight gain was because of this. Morning sickness doesn't always appear. This will be an easier pregnancy compared to the twins."

Tom was ecstatic. "Akira Hera Riddle."

9 years later…

"Seth where is your brother! You are going to be late for the ceremony!?" Harry was helping Seth get his books and wand ready. "I don't know mum, he is always disappearing. Oh, here he comes Mum."

Just as his son had said, Shane came tearing around the corner. "Shane! Where have you been!? Tom is waiting with your robes and wand in the study!" Shane, not wanting to piss his mum off anymore, rushed to the study.

20 minutes later the 11 year old twins were walking into the great hall. Harry stood at the front of the group of first years. Serena, Shane and Seth were all standing together.

Harry placed the sorting hat on the stool.

"This year we would like to announce that all students will be getting sorted again. When I came here in my first year the hat told me that slytherin would be good for me just as Gryffindor was good to me. I have decided that we shall add another house. This house will be for those that are part of each house but not meant for just one. This house will be known as the Bonded house since you are all bonded to more than on house."

As Harry finished his speech, Hogwarts herself provided the table and banner as well as new quarters. The banner was of twin rearing unicorns with their horns crossed.

Harry ticked off the names and, though many were sorted into their original houses the Bonded house was slowly filling up. Finally it was Serena's turn.

"Wow, you are very Gryffindor but also to calm to be such. It would make me consider Hufflepuff. Well then BONDED!" Serena smiled and kissed her father's and little brother's cheek before taking her seat.

Seth stepped up next. "Calm and calculating and ever so sneaky…very snake like and you got their gifts but your Mother's brash nature…BONDED!" Seth hugged his mother and father and little sister before taking a seat as well.

Shane stepped up. "Please put me in Bonded!" Shane begged quietly. The hat laughed.

"I have not heard that line since your mom. Well then, BONDED!" Shane whooped for joy and ran to his parents and sister.

Just as Harry went to put the hat back it whispered to him so no one else could here. "Serena and Shane make a lovely pair don't they, but what of your other boy? Akira and James are already destined but what of Seth?"

Harry sighed. "I don't know…what do you think of it?" I only know of one that could bring that boy out of his shell." Harry sighed again.

He heard the stressing on the term ONE. "Who?" That hat laughed and replied with. "You only get this one hint: I would check your Ravenclaw Vault." Harry groaned and sent the hat back to the headmasters' office.

The next day was a weekend so Harry left the kids with Tom and went to the vault.

"Darknail, I have been given a riddle that will lead me to Seth's mate. I tried the mate potion but the name was blurred. I need to see Rowena's vault." Darknail smiled and led him to the carts and down to the vault in question.

Harry went in and looked around. "This is where Ventio's egg was found." Darknail motioned to a nest. Harry walked over to it and saw an inscription on the wall behind it.

To the one who hatches the egg...

I am Rowena Ravenclaw and you are my heir. Ventio is very special even though you do not know it. Your children are as my children and my children are as your children.

Think on this and figure this out. Think also on the name Ventio…you will figure it out.

Harry grinned. "I know now…I know now Rowena and he is safe with me." Harry pressed his palm to the writing and then pulled a book on the Ravenclaw family line.

"Darknail, is there a way to test to see if a creature is related to a human?" When Darknail nodded Harry smiled. "Then we have some work to do."

Harry called for Ventio when they reached the surface. "I know who you are I just need to confirm it." Ventio gave some of his blood and Harry tested it.

The paper turned black before showing his relatives.

Ventio Ravenclaw

Parents: Rowena and Renaldo Ravenclaw

Mate: Seth Isis Riddle

Harry smiled and stroked the birds feathers. "Now we just have to lift the curse. Sadly only Seth can do that and I cannot tell him who you are by the rules. Oh, I will get him to do it accidently!"

Ventio trilled in answer and nuzzled Harry's cheek.

1 year later…

Seth was practicing the spell that his mum had taught him a year ago. The angrier he got at not being able to do it the easier it started to become to do the spell. Just as he flicked his wrist though, his friend and familiar Ventio, flew in front of the jet of magic.

Seth didn't wait to see what happened. He screamed and ran for his mum and dad.

"Mum! I hit Ventio with that spell!" 12 year old Seth cried to his mother.

Instead of being angry though, Harry smiled at his son. "But that is what you were supposed to do. Come on lets go find Ventio."

Harry carried his sobbing son out to the field where he had been practicing. Sting on the ground was a man instead of a dead phoenix. The man turned to them. He looked to be about 19 to 21.

"Seth! Oh, I was worried when you ran away!" The man ran up and pulled the still crying Seth out of Harry's arms.

The man had purple eyes and black tipped silver hair. "Ventio, you should probably explain everything to him. I will be inside but you are not to touch him for 5 more years or face Tom's and mine wrath." Ventio nodded and sat back down with the boy on his lap.

Harry met Tom inside and they watched their son and his mate.

"Are you really Ventio?" Seth asked shyly. The man was holding him on his lap and was stroking his hair gently.

"Yes child I am. That spell you cast was to break the curse that was put on me many years ago. The curse trapped me in my animagus form and then trapped me in an egg till the parent of my mate claimed the egg. I was freed by your mum and you are my mate."

Seth processed this and smiled at Ventio. "I always thought I didn't have a mate. When we did the potion to find out, Shane was paired with Serena and Akira paired with James but the name in mine was murky so I just thought that I didn't have one."

Ventio smiled and kissed the child's forehead. "No love, you are MINE!"

7 years later…

"Mum! Tell Seth to stop panicking!" Akira, 16, yelled as she helped her brother get ready for his wedding.

"Seth, it is okay. I was nervous when I married your father and Remus was worse still when he married uncle Siri. Since we are still together then that means it all works out and there is no need to panic."

"Think of Hermione and Draco. When the triplets were born, how many times did she or he stay with us because they had gotten kicked out or left and yet they are still together?"

Seth sighed, his mum was right.

"Seth, love it's time." His father walked in and held his arm out to his son. Seth looked just like his mother accept for the ruby eyes. Seth was wearing his mums' gown and stepped out with his father.

1 year later…

Shane was getting married finally and Seth was pregnant with his and Ventio's first child. Serena was lovely and, although Sirius kept threatening Shane through the whole ordeal Sirius was very pleased with his daughter's choice.

2 years later…

Akira was getting married to James who was positively ecstatic and hyper as hell. Remus kept yelling at Sirius who was giving the poor boy sugar to "Calm his nerves" as he put it.

Serena was pregnant with her first and Seth was carrying child 2, 3 and 4. His daughter was named Rowena.

52 years later…

A very old Tom and Harry lay in bed together. Neither had called any friends or family because they wanted to be alone to pass on.

Sirius and Remus had gone 4 years earlier. Sirius had died and Remus followed two days later.

All of their children had grown up and moved on so they did not wish to bother them. Tom smiled at Harry.

"We have been together so long and I still love you." Harry kissed his cheek.

"And I you." Their bonding bracelets glowed once and disappeared.

2 months later…

An older man stood with another man who was holding a young girl in his arms.

"Grandpa, whose this?" the little girl asked. The older man smiled.

"Lily, this is your great grandparents grave, Tom and Harry Riddle." Seth said he took the little girl from his son and placed her on the grave.

Lily placed her palm on the head stone and started to read.

"Here Lies Tom and Harry Riddle, former dark lord and savior of wizarding world."

"These two were great parents and family to all around and wonderful teachers to the students of Hogwarts."

"We are sad to see this couple go."

"They truly were,

The Bonded Pair."

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