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The internal voice within her mind that refused to shut up, had now become her only friend. It continued to remind her of the consequences of her actions or rather lack of action. If she did not try to get herself free from the bindings, he would take her off somewhere within the desert, where no one could hear her scream. Emily shuffled around in the back of the truck as it bounced and swerved along the secluded dirt road. She could hear sand and pebbles collide with the bottom of the wooden, make-shift bed. A mixture of smells glided up into her nose and throat, making it hard to breath. There was the heavy scent of oil and diesel radiating up from the trucks half rusted tail pipe. It made her cough and try to roll over in an attempt to find some fresh air. The more she shifted around and tried to wiggle herself free from the rope that was digging into her flesh, the more she became aware of the dampness in her cotton panties. 'Bastard. He has no right to cause my body to react that way. And...no matter how much I try to fight it...he has the power to turn me against myself.' Emily glanced around the truck bed, looking for something to help her cut free from her bindings. The bed was filled with various tools and assorted objects but none of them would help her to remove the rope from her limbs.

She could distinctly make out the sound of the truck beginning to slow as they approached their final destination. Now she frantically began to search herself for the boot dagger. No one had even bothered to look for it and she was almost certain Mac had not found it. Then again, it was not something that Anthony would have remembered to look for either, especially because they are both so coked out on meth that their brains do not function quite that well. The basic thoughts and emotions are about all they can comprehend. After another second of searching, she felt it tucked down in the side of her boot. Emily bent herself backward as far as she could go, using an old tire in the back to help her rest her head so she did not completely throw her neck out. Her fingers brushed the fabric of her cargos just barely and she struggled to get a grip on them so she might pull them up over her boots and reach the knife. Outside the truck slid to a stop and a few moments later, the door slammed closed, shaking the entire frame of the truck. 'Shit shit shit.' At the same time, her index and middle finger managed to grab a little bit of fabric between them and pull it up over the top of her boots. Mac's boots steps slowly headed for the rear of the truck. 'Come on Emily!'

Emily was frantic as her fingers wiggled and brushed across the very tip of the daggers handle. 'Come on. Grab it.' She almost squealed in excitement when she finally pulled the knife from its' sheath and began awkwardly sawing at the thin braided bindings. Just as she was making progress with the rope, Mac's face appeared at the back of the truck. Emily felt her whole body freeze and the blade slipped from her hands, dropping onto the wood beneath her. 'Oh...shit.' She stiffened in anticipation of the punishment she would receive for her violation. The sound of his voice made her jump and try to scoot away from the end of the truck.

"What the fuck!?"

She heard him grab the knife and drive it into the wood only a few inches from her boots. Her instinctive reaction was to wiggle as far away from him as she possibly could, at the same time, she failed to realize she was putting more strain on the rope than it could handle. It was slowly beginning to unravel allowing her greater movement. Mac grabbed her by her ankles and she kicked her feet out in an attempt to get away. Her boots slammed into something and she heart him grunt in pain.

"Fucking kick me bitch!"

Mac grabbed the rope around her ankles and in one quick movement, yanked her from the truck and onto the hard rock beneath. Emily grunted in pain as she slammed into the ground hard, the side of her head hitting a large stone. Before she could even try to move again, he grabbed her by her ankles once more and drug her a few feet across the ground, causing sharp rocks to cut into her skin. Emily looked up at him in desperation and was met with a hard back hand to her face. The taste of warm copper filled her mouth as darkness danced across her vision. One more good hit like that and she knew that she might be knocked unconscious. That was not something she could afford. 'Stay with me Emily. Come on, keep your vision focused on something.' Tears began to fill her eyes and her body shivered with fear. The portion of her that wanted him to ruin her, would get its' wish very soon. However, the rest of her would regret letting him get his rough, filthy hands on her delicate flesh. Mac grabbed her by her hair, yanking her face up so she was only a few inches from his foulness.

Those dark eyes stared furiously into hers for a few minutes, almost as if to let her know just what sort of pain she has caused herself. Then he spoke, his voice laced with malice and anger.

"Kick me again..." Something silver flashed just out the corner of her eye. "And find out what happens."

Emily's eyes slowly shifted in the direction of the metallic glint and found a buck knife dangerously close to her cheek. Those tears she was fighting back now came shamelessly forward and her body quivered with complete terror. Her hazel pools shifted from the large blade to his angry features. The muscles of his jaw flexed as he pressed his dirty black teeth together hard. She felt all the strength suddenly fade from her body and she felt the brave little glow inside of herself die. With a squeaky, barely audible voice, she responded.

"No...no...I'll be good. Please Mac..."

He shoved her away from him and she smacked her head against the ground once more. Emily could only lye there and pray (to whatever god could hear her) that someone, anyone found her. Even though she knew that the likeliness of her being found at all, was a million to one. This was the bad lands of Utah where only the locals knew their way around and even they did not dare venture out here. They certainly would not risk their own lives to save that of a stranger. If you were not from this area or you were not related to them, forget it. Mac grabbed the rope on her wrists and lifted her with one hand, almost as if she weighed nothing. That was what made him so dangerous, you never really knew how much strength he really had. The realization of just how much power he held within those taught muscles, only made her body fill with more oxytocin. There was nothing she could do to fight him off and if she even tried, she knew that he would leave her for the coyotes or worse.

She felt the rope that was tying her wrists to her ankles, suddenly give way and then the rope around her ankles was cut free. Mac wrapped his hand in her hair and shoved her over the back of the truck, pressing her face firmly into the splintering wood. The back of her head pounded with pain from her collision with the Utah floor and his firm grip on her hair caused that sensation to tingle down the back of her neck. But she dared not to complain or move. His hands pushed up under her shirt and then began to travel south. This time they were not over her cargo pants but roughly invading her pants so that they came to rest just on top of her already wet panties.

"Mac please. Don't do that please."

She would not complain but she would beg, she was, at this point, not above begging.

"Ya nasty little bitch...already wet for me. Want me to fuck dat sweet pussy?"

'Stop talking asshole!' It was bad enough that she could feel his thickness pressing against the inside of her thighs and that his hand was now resting atop her thin panties. That however did not seem to be enough torment as far as he was concerned. No, he felt it necessary to whisper words into her ear that a man like him should never speak. Mac kicked her legs further apart with one heavy kick to each one of her boots. Now she had no choice but to willing lean on the truck in order to maintain her stability and at the same time, she could feel his hardness pressing dangerously close to her aching core. Emily tried to stop her inherent reaction to what he was doing to her, but she couldn't and now she was biting her bottom lip. It was still sore from his rough assault on her mouth. Still she dug her canines into the top of it, hoping to counteract the issues he was causing her. That only added to her issues because she could still taste his kiss there and despite the complete foulness he held within his mouth, it aroused her even more. Before she could even beg him not to do what she already knew he would do, she felt his rough fingers pressing against her swollen, sensitive bud. Those course digits rubbed her in hard quick circles, causing her legs to buck and her whole body to quiver with pleasure. 'No...stop it. Resist him.'

"Oh yeah...yer soaked."

"Ff-fuck you Mac."

There was no threatening tone left in her voice, it was a slur of words without any bite to them. Another shiver passed through her body and she knew she was close to orgasm. Still she was determined to try and keep herself from giving him the satisfaction. Emily knew that she could not stop her bodies natural reaction but she was damn sure going to try. So she bit harder into her tender lip, hoping that if she caused enough pain, she could maintain her slightly placid exterior. As soon as she did though, she felt his middle finger pulling aside the fabric of her panties and she fought to get him to let go of her.

"Mac no...stop...don't do this."

"I hear ya city girls shave. I ain't never played with a shaven pussy before."


"Shut the fuck up already!"

Emily was still trying to push herself up from the truck when she felt his calloused fingers brushing across her wet shaven lips. The texture of them only caused her ache to deepen. Her whole body was shivering now as he pushed his fingers between her folds and she felt his index finger slid deep inside of her. All strength melted from her legs as her body went mildly limp from the violation of her most delicate parts. She hadn't even realized that her eyes had slowly started to close because he was pumping that finger in and out of her now. Every touch of his was rough and violent but her resolve was still shattering beneath his greedy fingers. Another long digit joined the other one and they began to wiggle as he continued to violate her. How in the living hell could this man do this to her? 'Because he enjoys watching you struggle and try to fight him. He knows that one look from him, turns you into a lustful weakling.'

"What made ya so wet?"

He was enjoying this entirely too much. She had expected him to just rip her clothing from her body and rape her. So what the heck was up with all the teasing? Then it dawned on her, this was a game for him. The longer he could torture her, the more he enjoyed it. She was just another toy meant to keep him preoccupied and out of trouble. Mac suddenly pulled his fingers away from her, leaving her aching. Without warning, he pulled his buck knife from his back pocket and sliced through one side of her cargo pants, slicing her panties in the process. Then she heard the sound of his jeans unzipping and her heartbeat kicked up a few more notches. The next few moments would be only pleasurable for one person, Mac. She could feel the head of his shaft pressing against her soft outer folds, just barely brushing between them so he would tease her throbbing bud. Emily shifted her hips in an attempt to get away from his torture but he had a firm grip on her and her legs at this point were nearly jello.

There was nothing gentle about the next few moments, Mac shoved himself all the way inside of her, hard. Her legs buckled beneath her, threatening to collapse from the sudden, harsh invasion. He wasted no time at all, he began to pump in and out of her, hard and fast. Mac was in no way lacking in girth or length and the furiousness with which he was moving, caused pain to travel all the way up to her womb. A mixture of pleasure and pain seemed to fill every inch of her body as he reached around with one free hand and began to squeeze her clid hard between his fingers. Emily was panting and fighting to try and keep her body from betraying her but he had ripped her control away from her. At this point he told her what to do and even if her mind protested, her body would gladly obey.

"Cum for me city girl."


Just as the words left her mouth, she shivered hard and felt her first of many orgasms wash over her body. In her mind, she was screaming at herself to fight but it was too late for that, Mac was now her master. If he wanted her to cum until she could no longer move, then it would happen.

"That's right bitch, cum for Mac."

Again she shivered hard as another orgasm washed over her in hard waves of ecstasy. Emily was panting and moaning into the wood of the truck. Mac squeezed her swollen nub a little harder before thrusting all the way inside of her and she shivered hard once more before a flood of wetness ran down her leg. She knew that when he was done with her, she would be sore beyond belief but in this moment her mind was no longer working. He began to pick up speed, every movement of his hips rocked her against the hard wood, while at the same time causing her body to shiver harder with every thrust. Her toes curled hard into the bottom of her boots as her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned shamelessly into the wood beneath her. All breath seemed to suddenly leave her lungs and her whole body shuddered hard as she came again.


"Ya close I can feel it. You's a dirty little bitch aren't cha?"

She didn't even have the strength to tell him to shut up. There was nothing logical left in her anywhere. Mac began to roll her sensitive clit between his thumb and pointer finger, sending more waves of pleasure through every inch of her. That was all it took, she nearly screamed as her climax hit her with such force, she would have slid off the bed of the truck if he wasn't still holding onto her. In all her life, she had never climaxed so hard. The worst part was that it took a man like Mac to make it happen. When her brain came back into functioning order, she would realize this and become sick with herself. Mac however was not finished with her yet. He had stamina she never expected him to have. It was only after her second peak that he finally thrust into her harder than he had before and shuddered against her with a groan. She felt his hot seed spill deep inside of her but she no longer cared. Her body was weak with fatigue and spent from the endless amounts of pleasure coursing through it.

Emily knew that if he let go of her for even a second, she would end up sinking to the desert floor and that he would have to carry her wherever he wanted her to go. So, she was more than grateful when he zipped up his pants with one free hand and still held onto her with the other. As he did that, her mind slowly tried to understand what just happened. A mass confusion swirled through her thoughts and no thinks to the oxytocin still flowing through her veins, she could not quite process the current events. It also caused her to not really care about what was going on. All of time and space had fallen away. For those few minutes, Emily had forgotten where she was, who she was with and everything beforehand that had happened. So, when Mac pulled her limp form away from the truck and tossed her half naked body over his shoulder (as if she was a sack of potatoes) Emily didn't struggle. Sure, some portion of her anatomy was telling her to gather strength and beat at him until he dropped her. But she had come to understand, very quickly in fact, that Mac was in charge. If she decided to try and fight him again, the consequences would be fatal.

With every step, they pushed further and further into (what she quickly realized) was a cave. This very well might be the very last time anyone saw her alive.