EEE! Finally. I finally made my Zim fanficcy. Please forgive me! It's my first fan fic! But look! I wrote it! OHOHO! I did it! Go me!! YAAAAAAY! Let's make biscuits!

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Chapter 1

"Pancakes!" GIR said as he poured all the batter in to one pan. He stepped down from the stool and went to Zim's bedroom and crawled on top of the bed. Zim slept peacefully, dreams inviting thierselves in. Zim was dreaming of a cactus wearing a tie. GIR smiled and licked Zim across his face. GIR slobber trailed from his chin to his antennae. With a jerk, Zim met a wet, rude awakening. He groggily sat up and wiped the saliva off his face, leaving the trail on his arm. Zim shot one glance at the clock and screamed. "GIR! I'm late for skool!"

"Yaaay!" GIR shouted.

"That's bad."


Zim sniffed the air. "What's that smell?"

GIR smiled "Pancakes!"

Zim grabbed his head in terror "GIR!!"

Meanwhile GIR sat before the TV watching the Crazy Monkey show while the kitchen and the sofa were on fire. "Nooo!" Zim shouted as he tried to stomp out the fire. He succeeded with a charred boot. "Now GIR, I need you to take very very very very good care of the house while I'm gone. Got that GIR?" He practically fell out the door, straightened his wig, and scurried towards school. At the house, GIR was wondering if anything Zim said was important, then he forgot about it when he found some potato chips under the sofa.

Zim made it just in time for Skool after running till his feet stung. Zim sat down with achy, muscle spasm-ing feet. The bell Rang and Dib was eyeing Zim already. Mrs. Bitters entered the room with a new girl. Mrs. bitters turned to the class and said loudly "Class, today we have a new member joining in on a future of ultimate doom. Her name is Lacy."