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Chapter 3

The end of the school day came all too quickly for Dib, but for Zim, hours dragged on as weeks. Zim trudged home, sad there was no one to call a filthy doom maggot, or laugh evilly at. Meanwhile Dib practically sprung home. Gaz was planning to cut off his feet to stop that annoying spring in his step. Gaz broke into his humming and dully spoke "If you don't stop, you will pay." Dib silenced. They arrived home and Gaz sat on the couch playing 'Evil Zombie toilet 3' and Dib shyly asked, "What do girls like?"

Gaz paused her game and looked up at Dib. Her eyes narrowed. "When you don't bother them." She said in a threatening tone. Dib scowled and headed towards his room. What did girls like? He groped in memories trying to find something.

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I'm sorry….that's all I can think of now. I'm too confused. My brain hurts. The underwear of recollection is tangled in the groin of memory. Damn how are other people so resourceful!?