"Spill," Angela demanded, storming into her friend's office.

Brennan looked up from her paperwork, "What?" She asked, blinking.

"C'mon, Sweetie, I know there's something going on between you and Mr. handsome FBI," Angela bit her lip and motioned out the door with her head, where Booth was in a debate with Hodgins.

"Oh," Brennan shuffled her papers and sat them down on the desk, looking unconcerned, "Ange, you've been claiming there's something going on between Booth and me since we first started working together, why would this time be any different?"

"I have proof!" Angela exclaimed, waiting for Brennan's reaction.

Brennan just yawned. "Ange, I feel like I haven't slept in days, I was just going to curl up on my couch. Can you just tell me what the evidence is this time?"

"Why do you doubt that this time I'm right?" Angela said, planting herself in front of Brennan's desk.

"One because I would know if there was something going on between Booth and me. Two if you had real proof then you would have said it the second you walked in the door. Can I sleep now?" Brennan pulled her hair out of the ponytail and slipped off her lab coat, preparing to lay down for her nap.

"All right. You called him Seeley this morning." Angela said, hands on her hips.

Brennan frowned, "That's his name, and I was yelling at him this morning. I said 'Seeley Booth, don't pretend that you understand.'" Brennan quoted.

"Understand what?" Angela asked, sitting on Brennan's desk, feeling slightly deflated that Brennan had once again denied any claims that were being made about her and Booth.

"Just stuff about my," Brennan yawned, "past. Can I go to sleep now, Ange?"

"Fine, I'll believe you this time, but next time," Angela gave her friend a pointed look, "I won't be wrong." She walked out.

Brennan shrugged and curled up on the couch. It was a good thing Angela believed that Brennan wouldn't lie to her, otherwise her 'secret' relationship wouldn't be a secret anymore.

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