Title: Good Girl, Gone Bad

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He knew it had been days since he slipped into a coma - how many? He wasn't quite sure.

Occasionally, his ears would pick up on a conversation going on around him, but if they weren't standing close enough he could only hear muffled tones of voice. He recognized his mother's voice the first time she sat down to talk to him.

She wasn't happy about the accident, he could hear her tears, and she was going to do whatever it took to make sure the other driver paid for what he did.

His father, however, wasn't ever one for words. He could hear him talking to his mother, or Sonny once in a while, but only ever truly heard the words, "I love you, Son."

Which brought his mind back to Sonny.

He couldn't stand the fact that he was hurting her so badly, and not only that, but also leaving her alone with his parents to fend for herself. He was sure that wasn't going to go well at all, but Sonny surprised him again when he heard a chorus of laughter one day.

His mother spoke about how wonderful and beautiful she was as soon as Sonny left the room, and Chad wished he could agree out loud.

Sonny liked to talk to him alone a lot, which wasn't quite often, seeing as his father and mother had nothing else to do since they had no way to work from California.

The one thing that absolutely made his day was when she would whisper the words "I love you."

He never had actually felt love towards any girl until he met Sonny, and to know that she felt the same way almost caused his heart to skip beats. The feelings he felt towards her couldn't be explained so easily as before. Her support through everything blew his mind.

"Your parents are really nice... I know I've already told you." Her voice suddenly appeared, and struggled to find which direction it actually came from, even though it seemed sound was coming from everywhere.

"Your dad even bought me my favorite doughnut." He could hear the sadness in her voice, and wished he could help. "I miss you so much... I love you Chad, and I swear I won't leave your side."

Suddenly, something he'd never felt happened... he could feel pressure on his left hand, very slight, but still there. The warmth from Sonny's hand had a direct connection to his heart, and he could feel it warming up from her love.

"I love you."

He knew he couldn't whisper it back, the thought was completely insane. But what he really wanted was to be able to let her know how much he loved her back. Something clicked in his brain suddenly, and he could feel his fingers tingling in response.

If he could've gasped, he would've.

But he simply decided to focus all of his energy on squeezing his fingers down on Sonny's hand.

And somehow, he did.


Sonny was speechless when she felt Chad's hand pressing down on her own, she could slowly feel it grow stronger. She opened her mouth repeatedly to shout to his parents, but no noise came out.

"Char... Michael..." The words came out as a shocked whisper, but she soon felt the presence of the two at her sides, "He... He squeezed my hand back! He squeezed back!"

Chad's father was the only one who didn't go into shock, and quickly ran to the hallway to call for a nurse, but Sonny and Mrs. Cooper both stood completely speechless at his side.

Mrs. Cooper suddenly sprinted to the other side of the bed at Chad's other hand, "Chad? Sweetie, Can you squeeze my hand?"

She waited for the response, but was inturrupted by the trio of nurses running into the room.

"Excuse us, just for a moment."

Sonny held onto Chad's hand tighter, "I... I can't let go."

"We need to check his vitals, Dear, he could be waking up soon, you need to step back." The male nurse replied hastily, as he hurriedly glanced at one of the many screens near Chad's bed.

Sonny bit her bottom lip to hold back her tears as she let go of Chad's hand, "I'll be right here, I promise."

As soon as she had moved far enough away, the nurses had surrounded Chad's bed in haste.

To avoid embarrassing herself and fainting again, Sonny took a seat on the window ledge, and leaned against the cold glass of the window.

Chad HAD to be waking up.


"... the slow regaining of muscles points to a recovery."

Sonny was seated at the window sill again, afraid to leave the comfort of it's calming cool temperature.

"We don't know when he'll be up, exactly, but it will happen." The nurse smiled, and Chad's parents embraced in a hug, "Since he's regained control of his hands and feet, start looking for signs that he's progressing, notify us immediately, because we need to check for any more injuries if he does wake up."

"Thank you so much!" Charlotte exclaimed, and Sonny nodded in agreement.

"I'm glad your son is getting better." The nurse smiled and left the room.

Sonny smiled down at Chad, who's bed was positioned a few feet away from the window.

He looked the same as he had a week ago when she entered the hospital room, minus a few bruises. No wires or tubes had been removed, nothing on the screens had made a drastic change. But in one instant, he started to get better.

She was completely puzzled as to why he had suddenly improved in condition. The nurse said anything could trigger it, but she still wondered what exactally had caused him to start to wake up... or when it happened. She knew that no one had been to Chad's bedside in hours, he could've regained control of some of his body during that time, and no one would've been there to see it.

She sighed, it would have to be a mystery until he could tell them what happened, or even if he remembered at all.

Mrs. Cooper woke her from her thinking by patting her arm softly, "I was hoping you would come with me to the cafeteria? I know your mother would want you to get some food, and I know Michael wants me to bring him something back."

"Sure, I am pretty hungry." Sonny grinned sheepishly as she hopped off the window sill and followed Chad's mother out of the room.

They walked over to the elevator and pushed the button for a floor 4 stories below them. The doors closed and Charlotte leaned against the side of the elevator, "I have a lot to appologize for, I know."

Sonny gave her a confused expression and Charlotte sighed.

"I treated you very badly when I first met you... Michael still is mad at my behavior." She looked up from the floor, "I'm still mad aswell. If I had known who you were, I wouldn't have been so rude."

"It's alright."

Mrs. Cooper shook her head, "It was uncalled for. Chad loves you so much, and I was so mad about what had happened that I didn't even put the pieces of the puzzle together to see that you were Sonny."

Sonny bit her lip, "Well, If I would've introduced myself as Sonny in the first place, it wouldn't have happened."

"If my son had introduced you as Allison in the first place, it wouldn't have happened either." She rolled her eyes, "He had me thinking that your real name was Sonny."

Sonny laughed, "That's Chad for you."

They were now walking through the cafeteria doors, where they picked out food for each of them and Michael before paying and making their way back to the elevator. Sonny gripped her bowl of soup in one hand, the few pieces of bread that were wrapped up were balanced on top.

Mrs. Cooper was holding two cups of coffee in one hand by their handles, and a bag with food in her other hand.

"I can't wait until he wakes up... He'll be happy to know how well we've gotten to know each other." Mrs. Cooper smiled sadly.

"I can't wait either." Sonny agreed.


"You have to see this!" Mr. Cooper exclaimed as soon as they walked into the room, and both noticed two nurses with beaming smiles next to the bed.

Both Sonny and Mrs. Cooper hurriedly set their food down on the nearest counter, and rushed to the bed.

"He's breathing on his own... they turned the machine off, and he's breathing on his own!" Mr. Cooper explained, ecstatic.

Sonny gasped and put her hands around Chad's still hand, "He's waking up, isn't he?"

"This is a huge step." The nurse agreed with Sonny, "He should be waking up very soon."

The brunette looked up at Chad's parents with wide eyes, and both gave her the famous million-watt Cooper smile. She couldn't wait until it was Chad giving her that smile.

She could feel the small pressure on her hand from Chad's, and stayed motionless as he moved his hand to lace their fingers together weakly. She smiled, feeling tears running down her cheeks as she moved her hand so that they were intertwined better.

"Chad, if you can hear us, you're doing so well." Mrs. Cooper spoke up, "We're so proud of you sweetie."

Sonny saw Michael nod, "C'mon son, we've waited so long, you're so strong."

Tears started streming even faster down Sonny's cheeks as she reached one hand up to touch his cheek, "Chad.." She whispered softly, her voice cracking.

The room went silent as they heard a minuscule sound escape Chad's lips with one of his labored breaths. Sonny blinked rapidly, and stroked his cheek with her thumb again.

"That's it, son. We're all here for you." Michael grinned, and Sonny saw a small tear escape his eye. Her heart skipped a beat in her chest to see such a powerful and composed man break down because of his only son.

Another sound escaped Chad's lips again, although no one could decipher it.

"He's squeesing my hand harder!" Mrs. Cooper exclaimed, "Oh Chad!"

Sonny brought her hand away from Chad's face to wipe her tears from her eyes that were starting to clog her vision. She wiped it off on her jeans, and her breath caught in her throat.

A full word now came out of his mouth, very quiet, almost unrecognisable. But Sonny felt her heart skip a beat in that one instant, and couldn't find the power to take in a breath. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper had become statues, completely amazed.

The word, so small and quiet, spoke volumes to the room of people.


"I'm here, Chad, we're all here." Sonny murmured, clutching his hand to her chest, "You're going to be ok."

Time went into slow motion as she watched his eyelashes move the slightest bit before blinking open a small crack. His light blue eyes seemed dark and unfocused as he opened them wider, and the whole room watched anxiously to see what would happen.

His blue eyes flicked over to Sonny, and he studied her for a moment before whispering her name again.

"Chad!" Sonny whispered loudly in return, and kissed his hand, "You're awake! It's really happening!"

His lips raised weakly into a crooked smile, and he turned to his parents, who each leaned forward to kiss his cheek.

"Ok, he needs to rest, or else he'll become drained," The nurse advised, "I'm turning this into a one-visitor at a time room from now on, until he regains some more strength."

Sonny nodded and set Chad's hand down on the bed softly, a huge smile on her face, "I love you Chad."

As she turned to go, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper gave her a confused look, "Where are you going Allison?"

"Out in the hall?" She raised her eyebrow, "I thought you would want time with him first-"

"Oh dear, I believe he wants to see you first." Charlotte smiled through her tears, "After all, it was you that he wanted when he first woke up."

Sonny started to tell them no, but Mr. Cooper put his hand up, "Stay here, My wife and I would like some alone time anyways. Take as long as you want."

Before she could say another word, they were out the door, taking the food with them. Sonny opened her mouth to ask the nurse how long she should stay with Chad, but he had dissapeared with the Coopers.

She looked down at Chad, who had his eyes closed as he took in a shaky breath. Taking a seat on the bed next to him, she cradled his hand in her own again.

He opened his eyes to peer at her from under his eyelashes and opened his mouth to speak, but Sonny put her finger up to his lips, "Shh, don't wear yourself out in the first minute I get to spend with you."

She saw his chest shake as he chuckled silently, "I missed you so much, I didn't know it was possible."

Chad's lips turned into a smirk, and she rolled her eyes, "Even when you're sick you're still full of yourself." She joked, "But really, your parents aren't as bad as you've been suggesting."

He gave her a smile.

"I love your dad, he's so nice, and cares about you so much." Sonny explained, "And your mom... we might have gotten off to a rough start, but she's also really nice-"

"Rough start?" Chad mumbled, not able to hold in his curiosity.

Sonny grinned, "Um, yeah... she didn't know that I was 'Sonny' when I introduced myself as 'Allison.' I was just trying to be polite, she's a very... intimidating woman."

Chad rolled his eyes at that and muttered a , "Stupid mom."

The brunette in front of him giggled, "She's anything but stupid, Chad. You never told me how successful your parents are... I had to find out from tabloids."

He shrugged, and Sonny let out a frustrated sigh.

"Once you're out of here, we can really go on our first date." She smiled, "We can have it right at your house if you want."

Chad cleared his throat, "How... How did I... get hurt?"

Sonny's eyes widened, "You don't remember?"


"I guess a semi-truck driver ran a red light and ran straight into your car... you didn't stand a chance in such a small vehicle." Sonny looked down at his hand, the story making herself sad.

Chad closed his eyes in anger, "Well Damn."

Her eyes rose back up to him, "What do you mean?"

"My car..." Chad opened his eyes to give her a frown, "It's wrecked, isn't it?"

"... You're upset about your car?" Sonny asked, completely amazed, "You almost lost your life and you're worried about your car?"

Chad's eyes widened at her anger, and he opened his mouth to explain, but she stopped him again.

"I mean, here I am, worried to death that you won't wake up! I was devastated when I found out Chad!" She fought to hold back her tears, "It was the worst thing that's ever happened to me in my life, and if your parents wouldn't have been here to help lighten the mood, I could've lapsed into a coma myself!"

He gulped, "Sonny-"

"I've never been in love before, I had no idea it would hurt me this bad, I mean - you spent the whole time unconcious how would you know what it feels like to-"

"I do." He exclaimed, the loudest he had spoken yet. "I do understand."

Sonny's jaw closed quickly, "H-How?"

"I could hear you..." He looked down at his hand that was in Sonny's, "I could hear your pain... I wanted to say I love you back... but I couldn't. It was horrible."

The brunette stared at him, shocked, "The doctors said you might be able to hear voices... I didn't think you could understand what I was saying."

"If you were close enough." He stared into her eyes, "You're the one who saved me."

Sonny stared back into his blue eyes, her heart thudding loudly in her chest, "I didn't save you, you woke up on your own."

"I wanted to say that I loved you back..." He frowned, "Something... helped me, I don't know how."

"You're awake now, that's all that counts." Sonny smiled, leaning down to kiss his forehead, "And you don't know how badly I wished that you would've been able to answer me when I told you I loved you."

"I do love you, Sonny." He whispered, "I always will."


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