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My two little Mermen

Deep in the sea there is queendom, a queendom of mermaids. Within this queendom lived all of the mermaids of the world. Despite popular belief, mermaids are only female. However there is an exception. Within the queendom, there lived the queen of all, or Hokage if you prefer. She is the only one who can get pregnant (it happens naturally so no sex needed.) Within her rule she is to have three children one at each time. Once the third child is fully grown, the queen is to choose a successor out of all the mermaids.

Don't get me wrong the Hokage has more responsibilities then that. She is to make sure all is in order with the mermaids, the sea, the evil sea snake, and the hated fish men!

The fish men are not mermen!, similar but different. The fish men look just like humans except they have webbed hands and feet, and have gills on their neck. They wear seaweed as cloths to cover their "parts". They are hated by the mermaids. They live all around the sea (except in the queendom, obviously) but there aren't many. They live forever without ageing and rarely have new offspring. There are only two ways to kill them,1 for them to commit suicide and 2 for them to fall in love with a mermaid and be killed when the mermaid dies. (this is were the exception comes in)

The only other way for a mermaid to have kids is to fall in love with a fish man and well you know…however once that happens that mermaid is usually sent to death and the kids to fend for themselves; the only reason that is so is because the kids are usually male and mermaids are female. That is how mermen came to be, but since they have no parents they usually die as well. If they do survive (rarely) they are hated even more than the fish men but are able to live in the queendom, under supervision.


"NARUTO-Kun, GAARA-Kun" a worried voice called.

A mermaid with brown hair tied up in the back and a line across her nose is panicking. She has a dark green tail and is wearing her light brown shells. Iruka was swimming all over the queendom to find those two. He searched at the sandground where gaara likes to swing on the swings, the fish stand where naruto spends all his allowance on shrimp, and anywhere else the two mermen like to go. The only other place he forgot to look was outside the queendom in the coral forest.

He headed for the forest. As soon as he got to the red coral he saw the two of them looking at some seashells. Naruto's short messy, light golden hair framed his face quite nicely, with three unique whisker marks on each cheek, and his sky blue eyes putting any shade of blue to shame. He looked just like that Fish man Kushina feel in love with, except he was more feminine like his mom. His red tail almost hidden in all the bright red and his favorite orange shells over where the females breasts would be, but since he is a merman he doesn't have any. However it is customary to wear them. He has grown over the years, no more is he the little boy that he was pulling pranks with his little brother Gaara anymore, but he still can be dense and clueless.

Gaara, he is a quiet fellow, he rarely talks, most of the time he just glares angrily at you, but does smile, however only for Naruto, Tsunade, Sakura, and herself that is. Most mermaids are scared of him and wont go near him just because of those menacing eyes. He looks just like Naruto except he has dark red hair and pale green eyes, just like his mother Kushina, only he uses this special black ink that outlines his eyes. Also he was born with a heart shaped mark over his left eye. His yellow tail blends naturally with the sand below and he is wearing his simple brown/yellow shells.

"There you guy's are!"

"Oh, hi Iruka-sensei!" Naruto swam over and huged the woman.

"What are you guys doing here? They are going to announce Sakura a full grown mermaid soon."

"Really! We are so sorry Iruka, but me and Gaara got side tracked." A sheepish Naruto said while rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't tell me that. Just come on we are going to be late."

"OK dattebayo! come on Gaara! you know what will Sakura do if we are late -shudder-."

"Coming naruto-san." A very bored Gaara said. (Gaara dosen't like to call his big brother Oni-san)

Naruto and Gaara are twin brothers. The only differences are in appearance and attitude, either way though they are almost irrespirable. They are both of the age of 17 and were born on October 10th. Their mother Kushina was very good friends with Tsunade, almost like sisters. Tsunade is now the current Hokage and her second daughter Sakura is at the age of 18 and is about to be proclaimed a full grown mermaid. Iruka was the first daughter and is now 26 and the supervisor of the twins. Kushina feel in love with a fish man and had the two boys. Tsunade didn't want to kill her "sister" but had too because she was hokage. But she promised Kushina she would take care of the boys like her own. And she kept up with that promise even though the queendom was against it. Only Tsunade and her daughters had learned to accept Naruto and Gaara for who they are. Everyone else only saw them as monsters. The three mermaids are angry at the fishes of the queendom, because they don't give Gaara and Naruto a fair chance at being normal. Those two are just like any other mermaid only they are male and don't have breasts, they still can reproduce though.


They arrived at the center of the queendom were everyone was gathering. Iruka had to keep Naruto and Gaara off to a corner so no one would complain, but they still could see plenty. Out floated a pregnant Tsunade with her third child and Sakura. Tusnade had agreed to let Naruto and Gaara name the new mermaid and they decided on TenTen, since they both decided the name was cute.

"Attention everyone of the Queendom!" Tsunade said in her authority voice. "Today is a special day. Today my second daughter is a full grown Mermaid!"

There were cheers and clapping for Sakura while she blushed through it all. (lame I know)

"Now my daughter speaks" Tsunade concluded and everyone quiets down.

The pink haired one starts to talk. She is wearing her favorite red shells, the ones she got for her birthday last year from Naruto and Gaara. Her glossy pink tail was extra shined for this occasion and she looked wonderful. Sakura smiled down on the queendom, but two in particular. The ones she has come to know as her dear little brothers, Gaara and Naruto.


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