Dream On

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Once again in this story we couldn't resist lots of hurt Dean, lots of hurt Sam and lots of angst from both. Hope you like it.

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Also John Winchester makes an appearance.

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Chapter One

"Sam, Dean, get your asses down here. NOW!"

Sam Winchester threw down the book he'd been reading and leapt to his feet "What the hell?"

"Well something's definitely crawled up his ass and has him royally pissed. C'mon, we better go see what he wants." Dean pulled himself from his bed ,the one he always slept in when he stayed at Pastor Jims and one of only two beds he could truly call his own, the other being at Bobby's place, the usual sleeping place for him, his brother and his dad when he was around being a flea ridden motel room or the impala.

"He's pissed? He's not the only one." Sam paused and heaved in a breath before turning to face his totally confused big brother "I'm sick of the way he treats us, fed up of how he speaks, no orders us around, we're grown men Dean, adults and he treats us as nothing more than naughty school kids so no, we're not going, not until he starts treating us properly."


Sam fought to peel his eyes open and squinted at the clock on the bedside table "3.36am" he muttered "Dean you've only been asleep for a couple of hours, what're y…Dean?

Reaching up and pulling the cord to turn the light on Sam's bleary eyes quickly scanned the room; he took in his brothers empty bed, the empty room, the obviously uninhabited bathroom. He couldn't see Dean but he could still hear him, could hear unintelligible muttered words and deep breaths.

Throwing the covers back Sam swung his long legs around until his feet hit the floor and pulling himself upright he stealthily walked around the end of the bed until he was looking at his brothers dishevelled and still sleeping form, the muttering coupled with flailing arms both amusing and worrying him. "Dean." Sam crouched next to his brother "Dean, c'mon man, you should get back into bed."

"NO SAM, NOT NOW!" Dean pushed hard as he shouted, connecting with Sam's chest and pushing him backwards, causing the younger man to lose his balance and land ungracefully on his backside.

"Okay Dean, we're gonna get you back into bed." Sam pulled himself to his knees and scooted around until he was behind his brother where he hooked his hands under Dean's arms and tried to lift him but found that he couldn't keep a hold on his brother and rise from his knees so he unhooked his hands and brought himself up into a crouch and repeated his efforts to lift Dean, this time he was successful, they were both upright but Dean was still fast asleep although the erratic movements and mumbling had stopped which made manoeuvring his brother towards the bed slightly easier. After making painfully slow progress Sam at last stood beside his brothers bed, Dean still sound asleep, "Okay bro, gonna tuck you in for the night." Sam eased his hold on his brother and was just about to lower him to the thin mattress when Dean's head lolled forward and rested against Sam's chest.

Sam's arms momentarily tightened their hold on his brother, he rested his chin on the top of Dean's head, the still spiky hair tickling his skin before clearing his throat and laying his brother down after which he pulled the bedclothes up and after standing for a moment surveying his apparently deeply sleeping brother Sam turned and slowly trudged back to his own bed, his stomach still flip flopping as he pulled his own covers up and turned out the light. 'What was Dean dreaming about' Sam mused silently 'Dean wasn't susceptible to nightmares, that was something Sam had the monopoly on in the Winchester family, except for the time after Dean had returned from hell, then he'd had the worst nightmares imaginable and who could blame him, god, Sam didn't think he would've survived it but Dean had come back and had appeared as he always was, on the surface at least, but as time went by both Sam and Bobby noticed that he constantly needed a drink within easy reach and, even when they were on a hunt, would drink himself to sleep every night, nights which were filled with the worst nightmares Sam had ever witnessed. Of course Dean refused to talk about it and would change the subject or simply clam up whenever Sam tried to get him to open up so Sam did what he knew was best, he lured him to Bobby and the salvage yard where the two of them worked together to get Dean to share his experiences of his time in hell with them, it hadn't been easy and Sam and Bobby despaired of ever succeeding in breaking through the barrier Dean had put up until Sam brought their mom and dad into the equation, he used his brothers love for his family to get him to open up and although he wasn't proud of himself it was worth it because it was what broke the barrier and led to him finally recounting what he could remember and as horrifying and heartbreaking it was to see his brother break in front of him Sam knew it was for the best and after a couple more weeks of down time with Bobby he and Dean once again hit the road, not completely healed, that would probably never happen, but they were well on the way to something close.

Sam's mind drifted to Ruby and the repercussions that his relationship with her had created but quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, he didn't want to dwell on that, not now, now he needed to focus on Dean. Sitting up and peering through the darkness Sam could just make out the sleeping shape of his brother in the other bed and lay back down 'At least he seems to be okay now' were the last thoughts to flit across his mind as he succumbed to the pull of sleep.

Little did he know that in the next bed Dean's nightmare continued.


"You're not serious Sam, this isn't the time or the place to do this, now stop being an ass and let's get down there."




Dean turned away from his brother and reached for the door handle, but before opening he turned and tried once more "C'mon Sammy, we can talk about this later, you can hear how he is, it must be important."

"That's just it Dean, it's always important, to him anyway. I'm not going Dean and if you have any self respect you won't either."

Dean's eyes lingered on Sam for a few moments before he slowly pulled the door open and stepped out onto Pastor Jim's landing, the silence from the room behind him ringing in his ears just as loudly as his dad's heavy footsteps pacing the length of the hall downstairs as he waited for his sons to appear.

Taking one step at a time Dean peered downwards, the pacing having stopped only to be replaced by heavy breathing.


"What in hell's name took you so long and where's your brother?" John Winchester growled at his son.

"Er, Sammy's just finishing something up, he'll be down soon as he can."

"He is huh! When I ask you boys to come down here I expect you to come, both of you. But no matter, it's you I really wanted."

Dean noticed his father's stiff shoulders, straight back, clenched fist and mad as hell expression and couldn't help the involuntary shiver running up his spine. Something was wrong, very wrong.

"What is it?" He quietly asked his father.

"WHAT IS IT? His dad's voice boomed back, the tone cold and hostile.

As he neared the last few stairs which would take him directly in front of his dad Dean heard the bedroom door open, the sound of his brother jogging down the stairs to catch him up and was comforted by the presence of his kid brother as the knots in his stomach grew tighter and tighter. Whatever it was that had sent his dad into the rage he was in right now was not gonna be good for either of them, of that Dean was certain.

As soon as his foot landed on the last stair Dean felt himself dragged forward as his dad grasped his shirt front and roughly swung him around, slamming him into the hard unforgiving wall, his head impacting violently with the smooth surface.

Blinking rapidly in an effort to force back the encroaching darkness whilst struggling against his dad's iron grip, his brothers shouts for his dad to let go of his brother fading in and out Dean managed to breathe out a plea.

"Dad, what's goin on?"

Before he could answer John Winchester left hand was grasped, Sam had managed to pry the strong fingers from the material of the shirt and pull the hand away, forcing it behind his dad's back but Sam wasn't prepared for the venomous tone or the sheer brute strength of the eldest Winchester and was sent careening backwards until he too slammed into the wall, the opposite wall, his back taking the full force of the blow. He slid to the floor as the breath was knocked out of him.

On seeing his brother hurt Dean struggled even harder but was unable to break free of the relentless hold his dad had on him.

"Dad, for god's sake, what's goin on?"

"What's going on?" His dad spat. "I have no idea how you have the nerve to even ask that question. You think I wouldn't find out, is that it?"

"Find out what" Dad, I have no idea what you're talking about.

"Right now I'm ashamed to call you my son."

With those words echoing around the hallway John Winchester let out a growl and pulled his left arm back before swinging it forward, the clenched fist connecting brutally with the side of his son's temple, immediately rendering the young man unconscious.


Eyes' springing open as his body jerked Dean sat bolt upright, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the dark, he peered across the small divide between the beds and was relieved to see his brother still asleep. Quietly pulling himself to his feet he silently padded to the minute bathroom and gently closed the door before turning on the light and going over to the sink where he splashed his face with cold water and gasped as he looked at his reflection in the small mirror.

A huge purple bruise adorned the left side of his face starting at his temple and travelling halfway down his cheekbone, the ache accompanying it making him grimace as he fingered the discolored skin. "What the hell" he whispered seconds before his body began trembling as the memories of the dream forced their way to the forefront of his mind.

After standing for what seemed like hours in front of the mirror as he relived the dream Dean turned and silently made his way back into the main room, past his still sleeping brother and onto his own bed where he sat back and pulled his legs up so he could rest his arms on his knees as he tried to work through what he could have done between going to sleep and now to injure himself. He figured he could tell Sam he fell out of bed and hit the corner of the bedside table as he went down but got no further than that as his eyes slid closed and he succumbed to the pull of sleep.



"Hey Dean."


"You gonna sleep all day."


"C'mon Dean, we promised Bobby we'd be at his place by mid afternoon and its 11.30 already."


"Yeah Dean, Bobby's. Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Nothin, you just look a little pale is all."

"I'm fine Sam."

"Maybe this'll make you feel better and help you wake up." Sam walked towards his brother, a steaming mug of coffee in one hand, his other reaching out to pull the thick brown curtains open as he passed the small window, bright sunlight immediately flooded the dark interior of the motel room causing Dean to turn his head a little in an attempt to hide the bruise as well as to keep the sunlight out of his still sleepy eyes. "Here you go" Sam handed the coffee to his brother and perched on the end of the bed a small smile deepening his dimples "You have one too many last night after I turned in?"

"What! No! The only thing I drank last night was coffee and a soda." Dean waited for his brother to mention the bruise but Sam continued to make plans for when they arrived at Bobby's, filled his brother in on what he thought their next move should be on the Lucifer front, asked about Cas's whereabouts but didn't mention, didn't even seem to notice anything different about his brother's appearance.

Dean listened to his brother talking about anything and everything except the one thing which was staring him in the face and found his temper rising, his irritation with his brother for thinking that he'd hit the bottle again and acquired the bruise because he'd drank too much finally getting the better of him.

"Screw you Sam."

"What!" Sam frowned at his brother "You sure you're okay?"

"The only thing wrong with me is you. You really think I was on the Jack again last night, after everything. You should know that I don't do that anymore, yeah okay, I have a beer once in a while but I know when to stop Sam so get off my case and go preach to someone who needs it cause I sure as hell don't."

Dean swung his legs off the bed and grabbing his duffle stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him leaving Sam staring after his brother and wondering what the hell he'd done to cause Dean to fly off the handle, to freak out like that. Sam also knew that until Dean wanted to discuss it further then Sam would just have to wait, so with a sigh and a frown lining his face Sam continued packing his things in readiness for their departure.

After locking the door behind him Dean threw his duffle to the floor before moving to the mirror, he wanted to examine his face, see if the bruise had gotten any bigger since the night before. 'One good thing though,' Dean silently mused, 'at least it didn't ache any more.' He raised his eyes and looked at his reflection, confusion marring his features as he stared at his mirror image; his unmarked, unbruised, and perfectly normal as it always was face stared back at him "What the hell?" he muttered quietly and proceeded to run his fingers along his left temple and down his left cheek but came up with nothing, no pain, no marks, nothing. He wracked his brain, sought through everything he remembered from last night, wondered if he could have dreamt the whole thing but then dismissed that thought, he knew it was real, had felt the pain.

A loud banging on the bathroom door pulled Dean from his thoughts "Okay Sam, I'll be out in ten" he turned on the shower and whilst waiting for it to heat up cleaned his teeth and had a quick shave before jumping under the warm spray and having one of the shortest showers he'd ever had before dressing in clean clothes and rejoining his brother in the room.

"You ready to go?" Sam looked up as his brother walked into the room, his hair still wet, little drops of water dripping onto the shoulders of his green shirt.

"Yeah, I'm ready. Erm Sam, about before…"


Dean lowered his gaze before answering his brother "Sorry. Just tired I guess."

"Right." Sam knew his brother was keeping something to himself but also knew that pushing to get anything out of him would just make him all the more stubborn and would most likely lead to the two of them arguing again so decided to take the apology at face value and wait until Dean was ready to open up to him, he also promised himself that he would keep a close eye on his brother for the next few days at least. Dean's nightmare the previous night still worried Sam, it left him with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, his brother just didn't do nightmares, not anymore anyway.

Just under thirty minutes later the Winchester brothers sat side by side in the Impala, ready to begin their journey to the Singer Salvage Yard and a little down time interspersed with research and fact finding on how they were going to track down and deal with Lucifer and the impending apocalypse.

"We okay?" Dean looked toward his little brother, he still felt guilty for yelling at him earlier but couldn't explain the reason, hell he didn't even understand it himself so how could he expect Sam to.

"Yeah, we're good." Sam gave his brother a half smile; he knew this was Dean's way of apologizing for his melt down earlier.

Seconds later the impala roared to life and disappeared out of the motel parking lot in a shower of gravel.


The young guy manning the motel reception desk smiled appreciatively as he watched the classic car disappear from view before reaching for the phone "You wanted to know when those two guys left, well they've just left. Yeah, just now, I just watched them drive out." The guy listened intently for a few minutes, his attention caught by the sound of the door opening, an elderly man entering, "Look I gotta go, just drop the money off later and we're quits."

Placing the receiver on the hook the guy smiled at the newcomer "Evening Sir, you after a room?"

"No actually, it's you I'm looking for."

"Me! Do I know you?


"Look mister, I haven't got time to play games, my shifts up in a few minutes and I still have the rooms to check so if you don't mind…"

"I don't mind at all young man, but you won't be checking the rooms tonight, you won't be doing anything tonight."

A bad feeling spreading through his gut sent the young guy reaching for the phone but before he could even lift it from it's cradle an agonized scream erupted from his mouth as he slowly sunk to the ground, the bones in his feet then his legs liquefying, skin and limbs folding as he sank further, the bones continuing to disintegrate until there was nothing left but a mass of empty flesh.

The elderly man walked around the reception desk, looked down on the unfortunate young receptionist, bent forward slightly and whispered "No loose ends" before turning and walking out into the cool afternoon air.


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