Chapter 01

Blood-Soaked World.


The first chapter will be about the past, which is why most is in italics, the next chapter will be present.

"Haruhi, I want you to learn martial arts!" A woman with brown hair cheered.
A little eight year-old made her hands into fists and cheered. "Yeah!"
"Haru-chan, you're so cute!" A man came over and hugged her.

They were a small family of three, small… but extremely happy.

The next day, they took their little precious daughter to the closest dojo that was said to be watched over by a rich family… Morinozuka or something. She was very lucky because there were a few others around her age, four boys; two of them were clinging to the other two—obviously, they were two sets of siblings. Fujioka Haruhi was nudged over to meet the Haninozuka brothers, Mitsukuni and Yasuchika, and then met the Morinozuka brothers, Satoshi and Takashi. It turned out that her mother had done just one case for Morinozuka Akira, and to repay her due to her rejecting a small fortune, he would train the little girl.

Mitsukuni slipped on his supposed stern face by smiling and hugging the girl, telling her how cute she was even though she was a little taller than him. Satoshi joined on the other side and hugged her while agreeing with the blonde-haired ten year-old, and so they were squeezing her in between. Takashi only looked at her with faint tinted red cheeks, probably agreeing with his cousin and little brother about the girl being cute. Yasuchika told them that they were being weak, and had to stay strong as elite families, but she giggled at him, causing him to flee from the scene in tears.

"I'm Fujioka Haruhi, um… it's nice to meet you all." After Haruhi said this, they began to snuggle against her happily, causing the three to stumble over one another. "Wah! G-Get off! I can't breathe like this!"

"Satoshi, Mitsukuni." Takashi spoke, and she looked at him in surprise for speaking.
Mitsukuni looked at him as well, then at the girl. "Oh… sorry," he straightened himself up.
"Yeah, sorry, we don't have many friends." Satoshi grinned despite being seven years old.
"What about school?" Haruhi asked them curiously. "Surely you have friends there."

Before any could answer, Akira stepped in and began to train specifically with her as the boys watched.

Perhaps an hour or two later, her training was over for the day and her mother came to pick her up from training at the dojo. After waving to her new friends, Haruhi took her mother's hand and began walking home with her, not knowing that it would be the last time she would hold her hand. There were a couple of men smoking and drinking outside of the dojo in the alleyway, an alleyway in which they had to pass by. They were noticed instantly and were surrounded like prey for the wolves, one had stepped forth to gather their attention while another from the opposite side struck the woman.

Haruhi screamed for her mother, but something was placed against her face, and passed out.

Takashi paused on the mat when thinking that he heard a girl's voice, he doubted that it was Haruhi, but there was no harm in finding out. He told his father that he heard something outside, but only received the response saying that it was probably the air whistling outside. His entire being told him that something was wrong, but what could a ten year-old boy do at a time like this—at any time for that matter? The boy came to the front entrance and started to open the door after thinking about it for twenty minutes, and a gunshot was heard outside the dojo.

The cycle had began.

Akira rushed over to make sure his eldest son was not hit, but Takashi pointed towards the others that were running away from the scene. Everyone could hear crying, so Akira, Takashi, and several other men rushed to the scene to see that it was the woman who had left with her child moments ago. Both females were unclothed, bloody, and obviously, their bodies violated without permission… but the woman…

Kotoko was dead.

Takashi saw Haruhi flinching in light spasms, so he came over and took off his robe to drape over her body, and saw a word embedded against her back. It was hard to see through the blood leaving the wounds, but it wrote in kanji, 'taken,' and he called his father over. Akira checked her as one of his men were calling for an ambulance, and he was disgusted with what happened outside his dojo—to a little girl.

The boy silently gave a vogue to get revenge for the girl no matter what.

For two weeks, she had stopped speaking and was forced to eat through in IV needle because she could not leave the hospital, and no one knew what to do. It seemed that she knew what happened to herself and her mother, and a nurse suggested that it was quite possible that she saw her mother being shot. The Morinozuka and Haninozuka were aware of everything that was happening Haruhi, paying for everything as an apology towards her now single-parent father. Though he was a little on the silent side now, Ryouji that he wanted her to continue her training with them, so something like this would not dare happen again. At the end of the second week, Haruhi decided to speak about the incident, and slowly began to eat as she would before everything had happened.

On the day of her departure of the hospital, Akira allowed Takashi to come in and speak.

The boy looked at for a second before bowing to her. "I'm sorry."
"You did nothing Mori-kun…" She whispered with a rasped voice.
"It's because I did nothing, I'm sorry." He did not look up at all still.
Haruhi slowly got from the hospital beg, hand out to him. "Mori-kun."
His head lifted to see her small hand; he did not understand her gesture.

"You hold it dummy," after that was said, he stood straight and held her hand confusedly. "Still friends?"

"…friends call each other by their given names." He still avoided looking into her gaze, his cheeks tinting.
"Are we still friends, Takashi?" Calling him by his surname made it seem quicker, but now it was friendlier.
The said boy nodded his head once, still unsure what to do. "Those guys… I'll get them… I promise."

She now smiled weakly, "kay."

Ryouji and Akira watched the two in the room from the door, and the latter of the two spoke. "I'll make sure that the boys get strong enough to her safe." They looked at one another before continuing. "This may sound cruel, but if this was supposed to happen to her, then perhaps it was best now that later."

"Tell that to her dead mother." He whispered.

It was somehow partially true; right now she could adjust to this and pretend it never happened.

Someone older would know it was not fake nor a sick nightmare.

An eight year-old child, raped, one time.


A twelve year-old girl threw a punch at an eleven year-old, only to have it blocked and have a kick sent her way, how annoying. For the past for years, the Morinozuka family escorted her home in a car every night she had to have training with the family head, Akira. Right now, she was only practicing with Satoshi while Takashi was watching from the distance against the wall on a bench. The Haninozuka siblings were busy elsewhere, but everywhere around her, they kept saying how they would protect her from strangers. It was surprising how she would disregard theses words as an everyday event to shrug off her shoulders.

Did she not believe them?

Did she forget what had happened?

"That's good enough, Haruhi." Akira called.

Perhaps the only think that unnerved the man about this child was her way of understanding everything around her, especially right now. She could look him in the eyes and know that he was thinking that this martial arts thing was not going to be something she would be good at. Akira understood very well that she was a brilliant child—probably smarter than his two sons, but she was not in the least bit stronger. As if she read his thoughts by looking at his frown, she went over towards Takashi with Satoshi at her side as he gave her a bottle of water. The young sibling whined when not being handed a bottle of water, but to quiet him down, Takashi had also given him one as well.

"Haaaaruuuu-chan!" A voice called from the entrance.

Haruhi looked over her shoulder, a little surprised to see him. "Dad, what are you doing here?"
"I got off work early again! I'm going to take you home myself! It's twice in a row!" He cheered happily.
The Morinozuka's wanted to disagree, or at least take them both home, but they would not speak out.
"Maybe you should ask that cute boy Arai-kun to come join you—" before he giggled, she rejected him.
"No way," with this, she drank some water from the bottle. "Arai-kun doesn't like karate anyway Dad."
"You're so mean Haruhi! He likes to watch over you!" Fake tears descending from his face…

Haruhi became annoyed at her father before turning to the man in charge of her training. "Akira-san, can I go ahead and go home now?" She received a nod of approval, and she looked to the boys. "Bye Satoshi, bye Takashi, see you next time." With this, the girl tugged her father out of the dojo. "Come on Dad…"

Takashi had a bad feeling about her going home without being in a car, but as soon as he motioned his thoughts into action, his father looked at him with a scolding face that told him not to interfere with them.

Once that was established, the Morinozuka siblings began training with one another.

They went on and on for an hour—until they heard a gunshot like four years ago.

Akira had some men come with him while telling his sons to stay behind.

The younger one obeyed as the older ran off because he knew…

He knew that Fujioka Haruhi was somehow, once again,


The group hurried to the same alleyway where Haruhi was last attacked but she was not there, though something told the boy where she was. Takashi ran off into the distance across the street, not caring that he had almost been hit by a car in the process of his pursuit. Akira and the other men followed the fourteen year-old boy towards a playground that was on the other side of the cement wall, and found them. Ryouji clothed and covered in blood from a gunshot wound to the chest, his hand outreached to his daughter just a few feet away from him. Haruhi naked and also covered in blood on her back where the old healed scars were ripped open in the same places to cause more damage. The boy removed his robe and placed it over her as he noticed the tears streaming down her face endlessly without consent.

Why her? Why again?

Takashi could understand better about what has happened to her better than four years ago and how it has happened all over again. He knew that it was the same people as before, everything was almost exactly the same; a victimized girl and a dead parent. The boy then realized that she now had no parents or family to go to—what was going to happen to her now, was she going to be sent away? His attention went towards his father in hopes of having him solve the problem despite already calling for medics.

Was that all that his family could do for her? Call for an ambulance?

They had to do more this time; contact distant family members or something.

Akira looked to his son that should not be there, and knew what he was thinking of.

Two weeks passed as Haruhi was kept in a hospital room while doctors and nurses came in to either poke and prod her, or question her about the event. Takashi asked to visit every day after school for feeling responsible for what happened, but was upset that she was quieter than he was now. At least he was able to get her to eat food again so she would not live off the IV needles, but that was all he could manage to do while his little brother tried to cheer her up most of the time. It turned out that the family on her mother's side wanted nothing to do with her as the family on her father's side could not be found.

Their father stepped in and accepted the girl to be an adopted daughter; she was their sister now.

Days were going by slowly until Takashi accidentally overheard a nurse and his father talking—saying that Fujioka Haruhi's abortion was a success. He did not know the word fluently, so he went home to read a dictionary to find out that his newly adopted little sister was pregnant, but had something done to not be pregnant anymore. Pregnant meant having a child of her own; what child could manage such a horrid thing such as having a child of their own? When he came to visit her the next day, she looked at him as if she knew that he knew the truth about what happened, and she tried to reject him with her entire being.

He would not let her do that, they were family now.

"I will get them back for you." Takashi stated quietly, his hand on one of hers. "You'll be safe with us."

Even though he said this to her, there were no guarantees of her safety.

After three months of silence towards the world, she had slowly begun to speak with her voice rather than her eyes, hands, and writing. She told her adoptive family that, during both incidents, she could only recall passing out due to a cloth against her face, and waking to seeing her parents killed. It appeared to her adoptive father that they may be targeting her for fun, therefore, he would make sure she would be safe.

A twelve year-old child, raped, two times.


Frowning as she placed around her sweaty neck, the fifteen year-old girl asked. "Satoshi, where's Takashi, he's never late for training." She then looked around, making sure she did not overlook him.

"Oh, I think Yasuchika said something about Mitsukuni and Taka-nii joining a Host Club, but that's okay! I'll surely protect you!" Satoshi was enthusiastic when telling her this, but began panicking when she covered her mouth while shuddering. "H-Haru-nee! Are you okay?! Do you need an ambulance?! I'll c—!"

"Satoshi," Akira called. "She's laughing."
"HUH?!" He looked over to her. "YOU CAN LAUGH?!"
Haruhi hit him on the head. "O-Of course I can you dummy!"
"It is, but I must know… what is so funny, Haruhi?" Akira raised a brow.

"T-T-Takashi's a-a-a m-member of a-a-a Host Club!" Haruhi fell to the ground, tears falling down her face as she had laughed for the first time ever. Not those little cute giggles or half chuckles, it was a laugh. "I-I-It's a shame I don't go to O-O-Ouran Academy, I would love to see that!" She tried to wipe her tears.

Satoshi, out of worry of her state, called Takashi who answered. "Taka-nii! Something's wrong with Haru-nee! Father said she's laughing but she's crying! I think she's going crazy! OW!" His head was hit with a shinai as his father then grabbed the cell phone away from him as Haruhi was still laughing hard.

"She's fine, it appears you made her laugh." With this, Akira ended the call.

Causing Takashi to rush home after hosting hours were over.

In two hours, he was home at the Morinozuka estate, searching everywhere for the girl because he had to know if she was okay or not. He heard Satoshi telling someone to try harder, so he knew they were in the dojo here—Haruhi should have done all her training at the other one today. Either way, he ignored this as he walked in and watched his little brother teaching her to do a combo move, causing him to mentally sigh. They were utterly troublesome for having him worry like that; saying Haruhi was crying even though she was laughing—she had never laughed before, so he panicked.

Haruhi felt somebody nearby and looked to see the giant. "Welcome home." There was a small pause as he nodded, and she then turned away, giggling—trying her best to not start laughing all over again.
"NO!!! STOP IT! YOU ALMOST DIED FROM LACK OF OXYGEN!!!" Satoshi panicked, his arms waving around crazily. "BREATHE HARU-NEE! BREATHE!!!" He pointed to Takashi. "SEE WHAT YOU DID?!"

Takashi blinked at the scene: Haruhi with her back turned to him, laughing. "…what did I do?"

"YOU JOINED THAT HOST CLUB—" Satoshi stopped as Haruhi laughed even more, and so he pointed at her. "I TOLD HER AND SHE KEEPS LAUGHING! SHE BARELY STOPPED LAUGHING LONG AGO!"
"B-But it's funny!" The girl turned to them, wiping her eyes, smiling and laughing. "All we ever do is train and travel with the Haninozuka family. Now he's serving tea and entertaining girls?! Come on Satoshi!"
He crossed his arms to think about it, and lightly smirked. "W-Well… h-he's there for M-Mitsukuni s-so…" It was too late, the image spread through his mind like wild fire and laughed like crazy. "YOU'RE RIGHT!"

Takashi blinked again, watching his little brother and adoptive sister, laughing at him uncontrollably.

He was not happy about it at first, but Haruhi was smiling as she laughed with tears of joy, something he had never seen her do before. Therefore, he would not be angry or upset about it, instead, he came over and rustled their heads with his rough callused hands, smiling ever so lightly. The smaller two looked to one another before laughing even more at the smile, they were forever scarred of the Morinozuka host.

Hearing something, Takashi turned, only to see his father with a hand to his mouth.

even their father was chuckling.

School started for her one week after Ouran Academy started for her adoptive siblings; everything when great: good classes, nice teacher, and tolerant classmates. Takashi would send her a text every hour to make sure she was fine, reminding her to be careful since he had a bad feeling about her being at school. Haruhi casually dismissed his worry because it was most likely the fact that he was always paranoid when it came to her leaving the estate without any supervision. Every now and then, she wanted to call him by the title 'brother,' just to see what his reaction would be like, so she could not text it in reply. When all of her classes were finished for the day, Takashi called her on the phone, so she answered with a sigh.

"I'm fine Takashi, you honestly need to stop worrying like this, or else you'll get more white hairs." Haruhi stated with a light laugh as he stated she was delusional. "No I'm not, you have three!" He did not bother asking her how she knew this, but he continued to tell her to be careful. "I know, I know, don't worry—"

Hearing her stop in midsentence worried him. "Haruhi?"

"T-Takashi…" she stuttered, then dropped the phone and tried to flee, but Takashi heard her yipe in pain while male voices chuckled in the background. "L-Let go!" One of the men asked her if she remembered them, and most likely sent fear down her spine when she did recognize them from before. "Y-Yes…"

Takashi abandoned the Academy and ran to her school because it would be faster than waiting for some damn limousine or taxi to come get him. He wanted to call for an ambulance in hope of it meeting him there at the scene, but he did not want to end the phone call that was still there. His adrenaline was going crazy with anger when hearing her muffled screams and yells—she was definitely conscious this time around, and it was going to scar her. The giant's speed as he heard nothing from Haruhi now—why, did they knock her out, did they choke her to death—was she dead?

On the phone, one of the men snorted while saying that she needed a reminder of who she belonged to, and Takashi knew what it meant. Damn it all, if only her school was not five miles away, and if only he had a second cell phone in his possession at this moment! Speaking of which, his phone kept beeping, signaling that he was receiving an incoming call from someone, and he barely looked to see that it was Mitsukuni calling him. He would have to apologize later for abandoning him at school, but someone's life was endanger, they killed her mother… and then her father… now it was probably her turn—


Takashi skidded to a stopped when hearing her voice, 'stay away… nii-sama,' why the Hell would he turn around now all of a sudden to let her get killed? A man scolded her for yelling and struck her, as some of the other guys were still playing with her body, both inside and out most likely. They did not know what she was yelling about, until he heard them mention the phone… damn, they would end the call soon.


The phone died.

He tensed at these words, what was he supposed to do now?

For the first time ever, he disobeyed her, and ran to the scene that was now up ahead.

Takashi found her behind some brush, again lying naked in a pool of her own blood, but this time she was unconscious when he found her. He removed his coat, summoned the ambulance, took her to the usual hospital, and was completely stunned by the events afterwards. The giant watched Haruhi stir and saw her surroundings before practically going insane at the sight of a male doctor at her side. His form came over in hopes of settling her down, but instead of having her calm down, she began to sob endlessly.

Haruhi did not want any visitors for the week, especially after hearing that she was once again pregnant because of those bastards, but her body could not handle having another abortion if she wanted to have a chance of having children in the future. She did not care, she wanted it gone, she wanted the traces of her attackers out of her mind, but a man entered the room to tell her otherwise—if it was someone other than her adoptive father who showed grave concern about her health, she would object. Her adoptive siblings came in slowly and quietly so they would not scare her, and her little brother came over to sit at her side in hopes of trying to find a way to comfort her, causing her to cautiously place a hand on his head of hair. The girl knew that Satoshi, Takashi, and Akira would not harm her, from here on, they would be the only men she would ever trust—though Takashi's trust was now thin after betraying her when he did not listen to her telling him to stay away, and he knew it.

Akira told her that they would help her take care of everything during the pregnancy, and whether or not she wished to keep it or give it up for adoption was her choice alone. Takashi wish he could speak up, but right now he really needed to know his place when he knew that he should not be talking aloud right now. Satoshi, on the other hand, confirmed their father's words, telling her that they would help her, as would the servants at the estate where they all lived, that way she would not be hurt. Haruhi was unhappy that they wanted her to go through the pregnancy, but she instantly knew she wanted it to be gone forever.

Months passed, she gave birth to a daughter and gave it up for adoption without ever meeting it due to the request of being under anesthetics while they received her through a caesarean section. After having a year of homeschooling, it was time for her to go to high school, and Takashi demanded firmly, whether she liked it or not, to enter Ouran Academy. With no power to fight or struggle without words, she had to except her fate, and risk meeting men as she now cowered from all—even towards male servants.

A fifteen year-old child, raped, three times…

Now she is suffering more damage than she ever had.

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