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Chapter 14

Blood-Soaked World.


Takashi had been trying to keep a very close eye on her during the times they were together. Although he would watch over her during hosting hours, he could hardly spend any time with her. There were two girls that were added to the family over the month of Haruhi's return: one biological daughter to Haruhi, one adoptive daughter to both Haruhi and Takashi. It was also as Misaki mentioned back at the hospital… Haruhi was very protective of them around other men—even other women. Calling Haruhi an over-protective mother might be the proper title for her, but it was understandable for the family members.

"Haru-chan!" Mitsukuni waved as she entered the music room. "We were about to look for you!"

Haruhi was fifteen minutes late for Host Club preparations. It was unlike her to be so late, yet no one would dare ask if there was something wrong. They were all learning that there were new boundaries… new rules that everyone had to accommodate. The most important one of all was to make sure they did not back her into a corner, mentally or physically, otherwise she would become hostile. Kyouya had approached her with a question to the whereabouts of the man who kidnapped her, and she snapped.

She was not the same young woman they knew.

"Sorry, I was checking on Aiko-chan before I came here." That said by the late bird, she walked over to Kyouya. "May I have a word with you?" He nodded and followed her a few yards away. "Did you get the tests sent in for me?" The Vice President sighed and looked away. "Senpai, I need to know when I can—"

"I put a rush order on the results. I'll let you know by the end of the day, I promise."
Her head lowered in disappointment, "I just hope that it doesn't get ugly. Nii-sama w—"
"I'm sure everything will work out the way you want." He carefully nudged her toward Takashi.
"…if you say so." Haruhi walked over to her brother and older cousin. "Is there a theme today?"

"Nope! Just us being us!" He smiled happily. "Do you want to join us for tea and cake?!"
"Mitsukuni," Takashi warned faintly as he knew that his sister was not fond of sweets.
"Oh, oops! Um… we could have… um…" The little senior looked around. "Croissants!"

Haruhi looked at the yellow cake with chocolate frosting, covered in strawberries. "I suppose a small slice of cake wouldn't hurt, what kind of tea are you drinking with it?" The two stared at her in disbelief that she was willing to have some cake when she was one person—other than Yasuchika, that refused such things. "Well?" Neither answered as they continued staring, so lifted her brother's cup of tea to take a whiff to get an idea. "Da Hong Pao, huh? That seems like a fitting combination with cake and cookies."

"Really?!" Mitsukuni became excited at this. "So you'll join us for some before the customers come?!"
"Sure," Haruhi sat herself between them at the small, round table. Mitsukuni cut a piece of cake for her.
"Here you go Haru-chan!" He set the plate in front of her and poured her some tea to go with it. "Enjoy!"
"Thank you."She smiled softly as she grabbed a fork, cut through the cake, and took a bit. "Tastes good."
"Really?! I'm glad you like it! Let's dig in!" Mitsukuni practically forced Takashi to eat some with them.

As the family trio ate their desserts, Kyouya felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. His eyes gazed left and right before pulling his phone out to peek at the number that was trying to reach him. It was no surprise that it was the hospital techs that were hopefully calling with the results that both he and Haruhi were waiting for. He turned to call Haruhi over so she could learn the truth with the call, but what if it was not about the results? Maybe the results were going to be delayed or they did not receive enough samples to run the tests fully. There was only one way to find out for sure, leading him to walk over to a secluded area from the other hosts in order to answer the call privately.

"Ohtori." He almost whispered as if he was snooping into someone else's business. Unfortunately, though, it was quite true at the moment. "Have the results come in already from the tests?" The laboratory technician confirmed that the test he had him run was completed, and asked him to stop by to retrieve the results that he wanted. "Actually," his attention turned to Haruhi who was trying to enjoy time with her family. To trouble her right now would be a problem for everyone. "I'll come down right now, is this okay?"

There were no arguments from the other, so he ended the call, and slipped the phone in his pocket.

Now came the hard part; leaving without telling everyone where he was truly going. He looked at the time to see that hosting hours would start very soon. However, the results were very important. "Haruhi." The Host Club members stopped everything that they were doing to look at him as he approached the happy family. "My father is instructing me to follow up on something immediately at one of his facilities," that said, he offered his precious notebook and laptop to her. "Can you manage the club activities while I'm absent?" If he called off hosting hours at the last minute, not only would there be dozens of upset ladies, but it would give Haruhi an opportunity to follow him. "I should be back in an hour—two hours the latest."

"Of course," she took the items and set them on the table behind her so she would not get them dirty. "I hope there's not a problem where you're going?" It did not seem like Haruhi noticed anything so far, good.

"No, it seems he wants me to accompany him for a meeting to see what it's like first hand."
This tipped her off immediately, but she shrugged it off. "Okay, have fun at the meeting then."
"Always," Kyouya retorted almost sarcastically before leaving the music room to go to the hospital.

The twins grew suspicious about the relationship between the two. "Haaaaruuuuhiiii," they came over and say across from her at the table. "What's the deal, huh? You hated Kyouya-senpai when you arrived, then you two were able to acknowledge each other—barely, now you two are best pals? Are you dating him?!"

Takashi choked on the piece of cake he was trying to eat. Never did he think he would hear such a ridiculous question, but it almost seemed possible. First Haruhi's almost best friends with her personal butler, and now there is Kyouya getting chummy with her. Mitsukuni looked at everyone with an unreadable expression; wondering if he should be happy or upset about the thought of Haruhi dating. It would be good because she could experience what real love was, but upset that it was with Kyouya. That guy would not date her without having some sort of merit in it for himself. With that, his gaze hardened.


"No!" Tamaki cried as he ran over to the table for the discussion. "Mommy would never cheat on me!"

"I only tolerate his existence is because he is useful to me alive rather than dead." Haruhi answered firmly."Realistically, I am trying my best to get over what happened to the others and me while we were held against our will in China. Should he tend to betray me and my trust, I'll simply kill him for doing so."

They all stared at her for the frightening words that came out of her mouth. He retorted with worry, "you can kill everyone who betrays you, that's murder." Haruhi looked at him dangerously. "Murder is a crime."
"So raping me and all those girls isn't?" She stood up to challenge the kind-hearted fool. "The only reason why I'm at school is to protect Aiko-chan. The only reason why I'm here, is because I know you're no match for me. I may have been stupid for not protecting myself before, but I will protect myself now."
"I can't have you as a part of this Host Club—or be anywhere near it with that kind of attitude…" Tamaki earned everyone's unhappy gazes at what he was implying. "Haruhi… I'm sorry, but you have to leave."
Haruhi smiled. "If I leave, your club will disappear. Nii-sama and Mitsukuni would leave in a heartbeat." She sat back down as if she was negotiating. "Hikaru and Kaoru won't be affected too much since all my classes are with them." Her gaze hardened. "Not to mention that the girls at school would be upset."

"Haruhi," Takashi spoke quietly in hopes to settle her aggression. "He's being protective of Kyouya."
"Kyouya-senpai knows where he stands." She turned to him with a softer glare than it was with Tamaki.
"I understand, but Tamaki doesn't." There was no getting through to her, so he had to change the topic.
"So you're willing to take his side over mine?" Her form stood up abruptly to sit somewhere a little quiet.
The attitude she revealed to them was unbecoming, but they could not blame her, either. "Haruhi…"

"Let me try," Kaoru intervened the onslaught of the sibling feud. Not waiting for permission from the giant, he came over to sit at the chair beside her, crossed his arms, and lied his head against the table. "Can we doodle in his notebook?" Haruhi looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Just a little tiny drawing of a cat?"

She smirked at his persistence, "Not a chance."

With that, the two hit it right off the bat. It was no surprise since Kaoru was her first friend after she enrolled into Ouran, but only Hikaru knew the true extent of their relationship. Kaoru was one of the most submissive males at school, making it a little easier for him to get closer to Haruhi without trying. Granted, Kasanoda Ritsu was also a decent candidate for this position, but he was not present right now. Takashi watched as Haruhi easily lightened up with the younger Hitachiin twin until looking at Tamaki with a glare.

Catching the drift, Tamaki took in a deep breath before going to her for round two of their fight. "I'm sorry," Haruhi and Kaoru looked up at him, almost unfazed by his words. "Kyouya was my first friend when I came to this country, so threatening to kill him made me upset. Surely… you can understand my view?"

"Of course I can, but can you understand mine?" She crossed her legs as if she were a gentleman, then rest her hands on her lap. "It's no secret that I've been raped, impregnated, raped some more, gave birth to my daughter, and raped some more only to be impregnated once again." Kaoru looked at her, watching as small beads of sweat appeared on her face. He looked down to see her hands tighten into fists. "If anything, I could even blame the most recent event on you. Wasn't it you that continues to claim that the Host Club exists to bring fortune to the ladies? Where is my fortune? Ah—wait, I'm not a lady, I'm a—"

"Haruhi," Kaoru smiled brightly as he interrupted. "There's still some time before hosting hours, can we go see how Aiko-chan is doing?" She turned to him with confusion in her eyes. "Maybe bring her here, too?"

"Kaoru…" It must have been obvious to him that she was having some pain, so she nodded. "Sure."

She placed the notebook and laptop in a bag before putting the strap on her shoulder, and they left.

Tamaki was completely defeated by her; he failed as a host…

"Haru-chan's been having chest pain recently, so the conversation must have been stressful on her body. It doesn't help that she wants to take care of Kei-chan by herself when she's at the estate." Mitsukuni tired to think about it a little more. "I heard Haru-chan became violent when a butler was holding Kei-chan…"

"…ah," Takashi could do nothing about the situation at the time, either. "Only maids and our parents are allowed to handle Keiko in order to protect our staff members." It was a bit sad to say in a sense…
"I read on the internet that majority of teenage girls having kids is really frowned upon, and more so when they're no married." Hikaru looked over at Tamaki. "It doesn't help that the journalist are making it public."
The Host King tried to think about it a little more, but it was hard to comprehend everything. "But it's not her fault—she was taking advantage of by adults. How can anyone scold her for something like that?"
"People don't know that, some don't even care." Hikaru placed his hands behind his head and looked away. "I probably would have given her Hell and teased her if I didn't even know the truth about it all."

He stopped to think about everything, even sat down to consume the information. "…how will she get married?" Takashi glared at him for asking this. "Not many families would want a woman with a child—"

"She's a mother, not a whore." Takashi stood up heatedly. "If they disapprove my niece, they're fools."

"That's right!" Mitsukuni took a big bit of cake.

"I was told that the results were ready." Kyouya entered the laboratory. "Was there a match?"

"Yes, but I don't see a pleasant outcome since you gave me two DNA samples that happened to be brothers." The technician frowned unhappily. Kyouya glared at him; thinking that he went and snooped around for more information of the test subjects. "The samples where close enough to determine the information, not to mention that you gave me the names in order for a legitimate document." He handed him the paper. "All in all, the father is Morinozuka Satoshi. My guess, that idiot switched the semen by mistake when he went after Morinozuka. Onishi-Sensei wasn't the smartest when it came to lab work."

"Which was why he worked in pediatrics with children to teenagers," Kyouya looked at the paperwork unhappily. "He did as his older twin asked and received semen samples from Haruhi's brothers in order to coordinate the rape attacks to get her pregnant with their offspring." He set the paperwork down to think things through. "Although she told me that this was the plan all along… to attack her at a young age then continue the abuse for years?" His head shook at the idea of everything. "Anyway, Keiko is Satoshi-kun's biological daughter? That would make Mori-senpai her biological niece…"

"Shame, too." The lab technician typed away on the computer. "Since Haruhi-sama isn't biologically a Morinozuka, she can marry her brothers without many complications. If her daughter was the eldest's—"

"Change it."

Kyouya looked at the document before putting it in the paper shredder to destroy the evidence. "I want you to change the paternity results of Morinozuka Keiko, and put Morinozuka Takashi as the father."
"That's… illegal—I can lose my job you know." Earning a glare for talking back, he sighed. "Yes sir."
"Haruhi plans to tell their father about their scheme of impregnating her with a Morinozuka offspring, so letting them all think that Mori-senpai is the father would be best for the entire family since he's the heir."

"So that way the two could get married and be a family, huh?" He changed the name and began printing out the new document that gave false proof. "What I don't understand is… with this information—with their DNA samples, I was able to check her other abortions from the tests done previously, the eldest was the father of both of them. So why would Sensei be an idiot and screw up the one time she gave birth?"

"There's no telling what was going through their minds… or if it was even intentional."

With the new paperwork in hand to hand over to Haruhi, Kyouya began to ponder whether this was going to be the right thing to do. Takashi was older than Haruhi, which would make for a decent couple as opposed to Satoshi being a few months younger than her—with her birthday around the corner no less. It also would be a better position for the child if the father were the heir to the family businesses instead of the second son that would receive little to no credit for his existence. Being anything but the first born was nothing but a pain. However, even more importantly, Haruhi had hoped Keiko would be Takashi's child.

Not that it mattered; Haruhi's daughter was a Morinozuka no matter which brother was her father.

He exhaled a stressful sigh for the actions that he was taking, and hoped to the Gods that no one would ever find out about this situation. Hopefully, no one would even think twice about the paperwork, but he would have to do his best o keep an eye on the laboratories in case they wanted another one done. Time was getting short for him; he had to make it back to school before someone figured out what he was doing. All he could do was pray that he was doing everything right for everyone's best interests.

"God help us."

With the information altered in the system to have Morinozuka Keiko as Morinozuka Takashi daughter and not Morinozuka Satoshi, Kyouya thanked the technician and left the hospital. Outside awaiting for him was a black car with his bodyguards standing around patiently. He continued to contemplate on his actions despite telling himself that he did it with the best intentions. Although there was no merit for himself by changing paternity results, a doctor of the Ohtori hospital did this to her, so there were things that his family had to make up for. Without it, Haruhi would tell her father everything, and risk being sued for several counts. The biggest issue was having a psychotic man abusing his powers as a doctor. Not only could it lead to a severe lawsuit, it would tarnish the hospital business, and then some.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at school.

Kyouya heavily walked up the stairs and down the halls to the music room where everything was neat and in order. Only, there was a difference today… there seemed to be a thirty-seven percent increase in the population in the room today. What could Haruhi have possibly done to lure so many ladies in today? He looked back and forth through the girls to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves with their hosts as they did every day. Seconds later, he heard a giggle of two little girls, and looked over to see that Aiko was harassing Ritsu by playing with his hair and putting berets and hair clips in to make him look cute. Poor guy was completely embarrassed, but it was obvious to everyone that he was sucking up the humiliation for Haruhi's sake, and for Aiko's.

"I almost wonder if the girls would be this accepting if they knew that I had a five month old daughter." Hearing her voice, Kyouya looked to his side to see Haruhi observing the playtime that caught most attention from the girls. She eventually looked up at him in return. "I'm sure your meeting went well?"

It was obvious that she knew better. "Yes, I have the paperwork." He offered the medical file.
"…thank you." She took it and opened the folder to look at the results. "…Nii-sama's her father, huh?"
"I didn't look at the file, I only picked it up when they said the results came in. Didn't you want him as—"
"It doesn't matter who it is, but it does help since he helped with the adoption papers for Aiko-chan…"
"He's on her adoption papers too?" This surprised him; being too engulfed in all other matters.

"Yeah," Haruhi closed the file and watched Ritsu offer to play 'Tea Party' with the chipper child. "But it still leads to a problem." She felt Kyouya's gaze harden on her in confusion. "Tamaki mentioned how it was possible for someone like me to get married with all the baggage I posses. Quite frankly, he's right."

"Mori-senpai is Keiko's father, and Aiko's adoptive father." This thick-headed girl. "He would be a good—"
"I've tainted the Morinozuka family enough," she looked up at him, "I don't want to drag Nii-sama down."
It was a good point. He did not know how to see her view right now. "Kasanoda-kun seems decent."
This caused her to cover her mouth to muffle a laugh at the thought, earning everyone's gaze. "I know."

"Haru-Papa!" Aiko waved happily. "Rit-kun wants to have a tea party! Join us!"
Haruhi smiled warmly, "looks like motherhood is calling." She walked away.
The Shadow King smirked as he shifted his glasses. "In this case, fatherhood."

For a brief moment, she turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him.

He scoffed before walking over to the table with his notebook and laptop to see that everything was three times more organize than he last had it. That was always a benefit of leaving her in charge of things. As he typed away to add a few touches, his gaze leered over to see Haruhi smiling and having a good time with her adoptive daughter and Kasanoda Ritsu. They looked like a perfect couple since Ritsu was very submissive when it came to Haruhi, and even the customers liked seeing them together.

The customers…

They knew what happened to her in China, they knew that she was a female dressed as a boy to protect herself, and they knew of her adoptive child. What they did not know was that she was adopted into the Morinozuka family, had been raped on more than one occasion by many men, and she had a daughter of her own. Thinking about this, Kyouya felt his mind linger on his choice of changing the paternity test. It was for the best—it was with good intentions, he kept reminding himself. His head shook out of the thoughts the moment he felt someone hovering over him, and looked over his shoulder.

"Haruhi started to have some chest pains again." It was a very upset Kaoru. "Should she really be here?"

"There's nothing we can do about it, just keep her happy and stress free." Kyouya closed the laptop. "Tell me, did Tamaki say something stupid to Haruhi while I was gone?" Kaoru prickled and looked away as if he did not hear the question. "…Kaoru, what happened? What was this marriage nonsense he spewed?"

"Oh, that. I don't know, I took her out so we could get Aiko-chan, but we waited outside the room to hear them a little longer. After he mentioned marriage, she stormed off." Nervously, he scratched the side of his face. "Things got really heated because Tono was being… well… Tono." He scurried away quickly.


Kyouya sighed, "idiot…"

Aiko pointed at the redhead. "Haru-Papa, Rit-kun is blushing like a lobster!"
She smiled. "Aiko-chan, stop teasing him so much if you want him to keep playing with you."
"I don't mind," Ritsu earned a curious gaze. "I-I mean… if it's A-Aiko or y-you… I-I don't mind at all!"
Haruhi hummed with amusement, "you are a very kind person indeed, Casanova-kun."
"N-No… it's n-nothing… really…" His blush worsened as he looked away.

"Rit-kun likes Haru-Papa!" The little girl squealed in delight. "Rit-kun likes Haru-Papa!"
"A-Aiko-chan, don't be rude." Haruhi turned to Ritsu to apologize. "Sorry, she means well."
"N-No, it's okay. I m-mean… I kinda do… l-like you, m-more than a friend." He blushed harder.

Haruhi stared at him in surprise to hear this from him; to hear that someone liked her while knowing everything that had happened to her. It was understandable that most people liked her because they knew nothing about her. The girls liked her because she was a sibling to Takashi, but found out that she was a girl and liked her even more. Even the Host Club liked her despite knowing about tragic events…

Due to not hearing a response, his gaze lowered to the ground. "I-I know I'm probably not the best guy to be around, and your brothers obviously don't like it much when you're around me…" He gulped nervously as he lifted his gaze to look at her. "I-If it's okay with you… m-maybe we could… g-go on a date?"

Everyone stared in high hopes—well, everyone accept the Host Club, mostly.

Haruhi smiled weakly and placed her hand on his. "I admire your courage, but you're the last person I want to hurt right now." He looked away unhappily, but she squeezed his hand. "You know why I can't."

"Yeah… I understand…"

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