The Search for Heero

by Destiny Lockheart

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or anything associated with it. I do however own any OC's and TW and the horses. Enjoy the show!

Authoress' Notes: This is a humor fic with undertones of romance... primarily Heero and Relena.

Chapter 1: The baka gets lost in a snowstorm

Relena was walking alone through the forest, listening to the soft snow crunch under her feet. She loved Heero dearly, but sometimes she just needed to go out on her own. He understood perfectly. He told her that once in a while, the other Gundam pilots and their girlfriends drove him to the point where he wanted to kill one or all of them, so he would go out for a walk. Relena wasn't driven to the point where she wanted to kill someone, but she did need to get away from them. She looked up through the trees at the sky and saw some ominous dark clouds gathering. "Looks like we'll get snow. I should be getting back." She turned and headed back towards the Peacecraft Estate.


Erica and Duo came back into the house, stomping their feet to get the snow off their boots. "Brrrrrr. It sure is cold out there," Duo said, putting an arm around Erica and leading her to the couch. Heero was staring out the window facing the woods. Quatre and Samantha were snuggled up in front of the fire. Zechs and Noin occupied the other half of the couch and Wufei and Johanna were sitting on a big fluffy arm chair.

"What's with him?" Erica asked, indicating the silent Heero.

"He's just worried about Relena," Quatre told her, pulling Samantha closer to him.

"What," Duo asked, "and the obsessive big brother isn't doing anything about it?"

It is then that we realize Zechs is gagged and tied to the couch. "Zechs isn't in a talking mood right now," Noin told them.

Duo and Erica both blinked. "I can see that." Erica cleared her throat. "Anyway, the horses have been taken care of and TW is locked in the basement. It looks like a blizzard's headed this way."

Heero finally decided to speak up and turned from the window. "Yeah, and Relena's still out there."

"Don't worry," Erica said in a Russian accent. "She's a big girl and can take care of herself."

Everyone in the room looked at her strangely. "Babe, what's with the accent?" Duo asked.

She shrugged. "I thought it would make me sound more like a mob leader and less like a captain of a group of lazy mercs." She glared at her highest ranking officers, Samantha and Johanna.

"Hey," Samantha protested, "we're not lazy!"

"I'm not," Johanna said, "but you are." She pointed to Sam.

"This isn't fair." Sam pouted and Quatre gave her a kiss. "Thank you, sweetie."

"I don't like Relena being out there all alone before a storm," Heero said, grabbing his coat and putting it on. "I'll be back with Relena," he said, walking out the door.

Wufei shook his head. "He's an idiot." About three-fourths of the people in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

Heero walked outside just as the snow began to fall. It was freezing out there. He jogged off in the direction of the stables, hoping he would find Relena soon.


Five minutes later, Relena joined the crowd in the living room. "Hey, Relena," Samantha greeted her.

Relena sat down on a chair. "Hey, everyone."

"Where's Heero?" Duo asked, expecting at any minute to see the baka show up.

"I don't know. I thought he'd be here with you."

"But he just went out looking for you," Quatre said, looking to Sam for confirmation. She nodded.

"All right, Thundercats," Erica said, standing up. "We have a former Gundam pilot lost in an oncoming blizzard. We must take Relena and our boyfriends to save him. Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Johanna and Sam said, saluting. They both started laughing.

Erica rolled her eyes. "Real mature, guys."

"Captain," Johanna said, "since there is a risk of death involved, I suggested one of us stays behind to carry on the Thundercats' name. I nominate me."

Wufei stood up. "I second that nomination."

Erica started mumbling about wussy medical officers. "Okay, Sam, Quatre, Relena, Duo, let's move out."

"Erica, shouldn't you bring your dog along?" Relena suggested.

"Good idea! He'll finally be good for something. We'll meet you at the stables." She pulled on Duo's braid. "Let's go, baka."

"Do I have to?" he whined.

"Yes." She pulled harder on his braid and started dragging him away. The other members of the party headed to the stables.

"Was this really such a good idea?" Wufei whispered to Johanna, glancing over at Zechs and Noin.


Relena, Quatre and Sam made their way carefully towards the stables. The snow was really coming down now and visibility was beginning to become limited. Quatre got there first and held the door open for the two ladies.

"Okay," Samantha said once they were all safely inside. "This is a Thundercat operation and since the good captain Erica is currently not here, I'm in charge." She looked at the other two. "Any questions?" They both shook their heads no. "First off, the distribution of horses."

"I think I should take Zero and Beauty," Relena said. Zero was Heero's wild white Thoroughbred stallion and Beauty was Relena's Palomino mare.

"Okay," Sam said nodding. "I'll take Sand. Quatre, will you take Silence?"

Quatre nodded. Sand was his and Sam's tan Arabian gelding. Silence was a chestnut mare that Erica had confiscated off of Trowa after she discovered the stable hand, George, had traumatized the poor horse.

Relena added, "Erica will want to take Scythe and Duo will probably want to use Nightwalker." Scythe was Erica's Friesian mare and Nightwalker was Duo's Friesian stallion. Scythe was the more intelligent of the two by far; exactly like the couple that owned them. "We should get them ready too." Quatre nodded in agreement and Sam pouted.


"Why do we have to bring the wolf along?" Duo whined. Erica gave him a 'don't-whine' look. "That dog'll try to chew my braid again."

Erica shrugged as she opened the door. "Maybe you should cut your hair then." Duo pouted. "TW!" Erica called down the steps. "Come here, boy!" Erica's "dog" came bounding up the stairs. TW reached the landing and began barking loudly. He actually was a wolf, with an odd taste for male hair. "Good boy," Erica said, patting him on the head.

"Why do we need him again?" Duo asked.

Erica rolled her eyes. "He's going to help us find Heero, Baka," she told him. She turned her attention back to the dog. "Are you ready for your first mission?" TW sat down and barked once. Duo looked utterly amazed. "Let's go, soldiers," Erica ordered, jogging off. TW barked and followed her. Duo followed after them, still in shock.


In the stables, Relena, Quatre, and Samantha had all the horses tacked and ready to go. "They better not have stopped somewhere to make out," Relena muttered, watching the stable door.

"Nah," Sam said, actually defending her friend for once. "Erica make act like a goof but when it comes to a mission, she's totally professional."

Relena and Quatre both nodded, not believing her for a second. The door opened and TW came in first, followed by Erica and Duo. "They're here. What took you so long?"

"Visibility is down to ten feet, or something like that," Erica told them bluntly. "I didn't measure." Everyone else groaned.

"Does that mean we have to leave Heero out there?" Relena asked, clearly worried.

Erica shrugged. "Sorry, but a captain never intentionally risks the lives of her squad."

"Don't worry," Quatre said, putting a reassuring hand on Relena's shoulder. "As soon as the snow lets up, we'll go looking for him."

Relena smiled. "I'm sure he'll be fine for now.


Meanwhile, Heero was hopelessly lost traveling through the woods. He could barely see, yet he persisted in his search. But the snow became too much for even him, and eventually, he took shelter in a small cave to wait for the storm to pass.