"Do you really think you can kill him?" A mobster asked seriously. A young man with thick blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a slightly chubby face answered, "I can kill anyone even you, Maroni" the young man concentrated for a minute and the bodyguard sitting next to Maroni died. Maroni didn't even bother to look up from his food as he quickly ate it, like a hungry dog would. "He's killed-"however Maroni was cut off from the young man "I don't care how many people he's killed and I don't care how skilled he is" Maroni glared at the young man "fine then you will have no problem killing The Punisher for me then, the worst case scenario is that you just become another one of his victims" the young man didn't respond and got up from his table. "Do you want anything special?" Maroni looked up "Pardon?" the young man repeated himself calmly, "Anything special, his head on a plate etc" Maroni simply shook his head "I just want him dead".

The Punisher shot and killed several pimps and drug dealers as he busted through the door in a warehouse. Blood sprayed from their faces as he carefully shot all of them. He fired in a perfect symmetric arc for maximum damage. However he purposely left one thug alive but with a very strong stomach wound. "You're bleeding to death" the generic thug moaned in pain as he struggled to lift himself up. "It's going to be painful…but I can make it quick" the thug used all his strength to look at The Punisher's grim face. "Tell me who your boss is" the thug weakly said, "he's a new player in town, goes by the name of Mindlock. "Blonde hair and blue eyes, looks like a fucking Nazi" The Punisher simply shot him in the head and part of his brain splattered on the wall. He turned around and was surprised to see Mindlock standing right in front of him.

"Looks like it's just you and me" Mindlock concentrated for a minute but was surprised to see The Punisher still standing. "S.H.I.E.L.D. technology," he pointed to a small blinking orb on the side of his belt. "I was warned that a telekinetic was after me I just didn't have a face or a name" The Punisher threw a grenade at Mindlock but he simply made in float in the air and then hurled it back at The Punisher. "You can't beat me" he said confidently. "Bullets, grenades, anything you have won't work" Mindlock took a pillar and threw it at The Punisher but he managed to roll out of the way. He attempted to shoot him but he created a force field to defend himself.

Mindlock threw The Punisher off balance by hitting him in the face and then kicking him in the leg. However The Punisher punched him in the kidney and then made his left arm go numb. Mindlock used his telekinesis to grab some brass knuckles and then hit The Punisher on his left side where he broke The Punisher's small ball. However he managed to punch him hard enough to break his nose and hit his right leg. The Punisher rolled behind a crate. "I've won I just need to find you so I can crush your skull in" he closed his eyes but was surprised not to hear anything. "How is that possible?" but before Mindlock could question why he couldn't hear The Punisher's thoughts he was stabbed through the back of his body. "Old army technique make your mind go blank and rely only on your instincts" Mindlock fell to the ground after The Punisher let go of his knife and didn't get back up.