1. It happened very quick, as it usually does. The toddler was crabby and listless; it might have been the heat of late summer, or spoiled victuals. When the following day he was no better, the usual remedies were tried. That afternoon he rubbed his neck as he cried; within a few hours he no longer cried, or made any sound; and his limbs began to turn black.
Before the burial, his mother clipped a lock of his hair, a little curled wisp of chestnut. His sisters used to take it out when they were alone, and stroke it. Once, while they were still wearing mourning, they renacted the funeral with wild flowers and a sewing-box, and worked themselves into such fits of weeping that their parents scarcely had the heart to punish them, and could only chide them, when they were a little quieted, that it was heathenish to weep over-much for their little brother, when he was in Heaven and happy; and, as one of the girls said later to the other, you never could tell with babies if they were going to stay or no.