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--- ---

"I'm sorry Lelouch, but it's for the best."

My name is Lelouch vi Britannia.

"You'll understand someday."

I'm nine years old.

"You're going to a good place and you'll be better off."

I'm an orphan.

--- ---

My older brother, doesn't want me. No matter what he says. I'm unwanted.

I'm the older brother of my two younger full siblings. Everyone else is my half sibling. This is why I'm unwanted. My other two younger siblings, have full older siblings, who will care for them. I'm still just the half sibling that lost both of his parents in a "terrorist" attack.

I am useless to the imperial family, as are my younger siblings; Rolo and Nunnally. This is why we are being sent off to an orphanage with the possibility of being separated from each other.

I watched the servants load our small amount of things into the back of a car and close the trunk. My sister was crying while my brother comforted her.

"Lelouch." Clovis walked over to me. Clovis was the youngest of my older brothers, and the most creative. He was sixteen years old and bugged me; but he was my brother and I cared for him as any sibling should. "I want you to know one thing...You're my baby brother and I don't want you to go away...but unfortunately, I have no control over the situation, as you know..." he wasn't lying, he didn't want me to go. But the rest of them did.

Out of my eight siblings, only four of them cared for me. Amongst the four, was my younger sister by a year, Euphemia. I was oddly close to her, more than people would assume. I would sometimes be caught in the middle of her and Nunnally having a playful argument of which one would marry me when we got older. It was cute, to say the least.

Rolo was the quietest of my siblings, and the most like me from what I saw. Anyone that saw my family would say that I was most like my second oldest sibling, Schneizel. But I would never, ever, send my younger siblings away because I didn't want to have them around and to take responsibility for them. That's low, low for him.

I stepped into the car without a word to anyone surrounding me. I knew that I wasn't wanted, I would never be wanted. I had lost everything, my caring mother, my father who ignored me, and my home...

I was on my way to the orphanage. Not just any orphanage. An orphanage in Japan. I didn't speak Japanese, there was no one in Japan that I knew. What a joy.

--- ---

It was just an ordinary afternoon at my home, I was practicing kendo with Sensei Tohdoh when he got a call from one of the servants.

"Ah, sorry, Suzaku. It appears that your father needs to speak with me. Shall we continue later?"

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and smiled, "Sure thing, Sensei." I put my shinai away and bowed.

"I'll be back soon Suzaku. Relax for a bit." I watched Sensei Tohdoh leave the training hall and disappear into the darkness of outdoors.

I was an unhappy child. My father was neglectful and never payed any attention to me. He went off on business a lot, debates and other things that didn't interest me.

I didn't have any friends, I was normally always alone because I was such a violent child. If someone made me mad, I would hurt them and they would never bother with me again. My name is Suzaku Kururugi and I'm alone in this world.

--- ---

I didn't find out what Sensei was called off for by my father until nearly a week later.

"Your father found something out, Suzaku. You heard about the Emperor of Britannia and his wife, Lady Marianne?"

"Yes, it was all over the news and in all of the papers. Why?" I tightened the strings on my hakama.

"Well, three of the imperial family were put into an orphanage and your father thinks that it would be a good thing to have them come live with us."

"Britannian's are snotty and stuck up. Why would that be good for us?" I frowned.

"They just lost both of their parents and are of royal blood, your father thinks that it would be good not only for them, but for us to have Britannian royalty under our roof. It could help with preventing this war."

"It could help the war not happen?"

"Yes. It would be a big help if you could get along with them, Suzaku."

"Yes, Sensei." I didn't want to get along with Britannians.

--- ---

Within two weeks, Nunnally, Rolo and I had found out that we were going to be taken in by a family. The family spoke English, and with my clear understanding of several languages communication wouldn't be a problem for me. That is, if I spoke to anyone at all. I got along with no one. Children would beat me up laugh at me, but that didn't stop me from caring for my sister and brother.

A man showed up at the orphanage and smiled.

"My name is Tohdoh, and this is Suzaku."

I locked my eyes on the boy in front of me. He was a little taller than I was, his hair was a mess and he had a disapproving look on his face that most likely matched mine.

I could tell that we weren't going to get along.

--- ---

Okay everyone, I know this is short. But it's just the beginning.

I chose to have Rolo in this one because I adore that boy. He's just too damned cute.

If you didn't figure it out, Rolo and Nunnally are twins. Nunnally is NOT blind and is NOT in a wheelchair.

I took the actual plot and parts of Code Geass from when Suzaku and Lelouch were younger. Tohdoh was involved in their lives just encase you didn't know that.

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