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--- ---

I watched my chest slowly heal over the next few weeks. I was glad that I didn't have to have the stitches removed and that they were going to dissolve on their own.

"You don't have a scar." Suzaku trailed his finger across my chest. "I'm glad." he pressed his lips to it and smiled.

"I'm glad as well...I don't need to remember that man every time I look in the mirror at my chest."

"How often do you look in the mirror at your chest?" Clovis laughed.

"Not often, but you know what I mean." I sighed and sat down, buttoning my shirt up.

Clovis, Suzaku and I had all found ourselves sitting in the library. Suzaku was standing with a grin on his face next to me and Clovis was smirking to himself while flipping through a magazine. Previously in the day, Suzaku and I were in court with my older siblings. I was slightly surprised to see Cornelia and Schneizel show up to support Suzaku and myself in his trial against the murder of the man who kidnapped me; but I suppose they see that I'm right and can fall in love with whoever I want to- especially if said person saves me. Either way, it was clear to the jury and many other people that Suzaku was only protecting his Prince as directed by such. I never truly realized it, but I had many people that approved of me and how "laid back" I was with things and more for the rights of all people and not just Britannians.


"Yes, Suzaku?"

"I- uh..." he blushed and bit his lip.

"What is it?" I sat down in a chair and watched Clovis as he tipped backwards in his own chair.

"Are you feeling well enough for...uhm well, C-Clovis has..." Suzaku turned to my brother who just nonchalantly pulled a key from his pocket.

"A room...?" I smiled a bit and crossed my legs. "Is that for tonight?"

"If you wish. It's for two nights and three days...Sort of a, honeymoon suite. It overlooks the ocean. Suzaku picked it out and I'm very proud of the place! I wish I could go~!" Clovis swooned. "One of the drivers will escort you there and pick you up in two days at checkout."

"Wow." I smiled. "Sounds very nice. I'm glad." I stood up and walked over to Suzaku. "Is it time to go now then?"

"Yes. I've had your things packed for you."

"Yes, bathroom products only. Lord knows you wont be dressed half the time you're there!" Clovis laughed and kept tipping in his chair.

I was seriously tempted to kick the legs out from under him and watch him fall to his doom- but he had just bought a room for two nights for Suzaku and myself. So I refrained.

I ignored Clovis and turned to my boyfriend, "Okay, well...If you're ready to go, Suzaku, than I am."

"Yes." Suzaku took my hand, helping me from the chair.

We walked to the limousine that was downstairs and Suzaku held the door open for me. As far as everyone that wasn't family knew, I was going on a business trip regarding the governing of some towns for Clovis. My heart pounded as I slid into the backseat followed by my lover who held the face of a military solder. I rolled down the window and spoke to the guards at the gate.

"I have some business to tend to for my elder brother, Clovis, out by the coast. I will be accepting no phone calls or messages. No need to worry, if anyone asks please explain to them that I am safe with Kururugi."

"Yes, your highness." the man stood at attention.

I rolled up my window and rolled up the separating window between my driver and myself before scooting into Suzaku's lap.

He smiled and took my shaking hands into his. "You're nervous, my prince." he kissed my fingers. "But you are very composed around your workers, are you not?"

"Yes...But there is reason for nervousness. These past few days, weeks, months, who knows how long, have all gone wrong. I want this to be romantic, as do you, I assume. Since everything else has gone astray, I wish to be as cautious as possible."

--- ---

I watched Lelouch fold his hands into his lap as he spoke. I understood what he felt about wanting things to go perfectly, nervousness was running through me as well.

"We are here, your highness." the driver stopped the car, buzzing in through a speaker.

"Thank you. Please, go home and get some rest and spend some time with your family. I do not need a driver for the few days that I am staying here. But I will call you when I am ready to be picked up along with Kururugi." Lelouch released his finger from the speaker button.

I held open the door and helped Lelouch from the car, followed by our bags in the trunk of the limo. Lelouch clutched a small bag and led the way to the hotel.

"Oh, Suzaku this is beautiful." he looked out at the ocean.

"Yes, but wait until we get to our room."

He smiled and walked into the building and directly to the front desk.

"Checking in? Name please?" the woman asked as she popped the gum in her mouth.

"It's under Britannia." he spoke and the woman placed her magazine down on the counter and looked up at him with adoring eyes. Lelouch gave a charming smile, causing the woman to blush furiously.

"Y-yes, your highness..." she handed him a room key. "D-do you need an escort to the room?"

"Oh, no thank you. I'm sure we can manage." he took the key and flipped the hair from his eyes before walking over to the elevator.

"You're such a flirt." I whispered behind him.

He laughed and pressed the button on the elevator. "No need to worry, my love, I'm all yours." he gracefully stepped into the opening doors and turned around to face me. "Besides, no one could ever attract me as you do." he flung his arms around my neck once the doors closed and began to kiss me.

"Ahh...This is too soon..." "Lelouch, wouldn't you rather wait until we've gotten a chance to relax and what not?" I smiled at his hand that had made its way into the front of my pants.

"Ah, I suppose you are correct." he pecked my cheek as the doors dinged open and we stepped off into a narrow hallway with windows only to the left and two single doors on the right.

"Interesting." he looked at the key number and opened the first door stopping dead in his tracks. "W-whoa."

I nudged him forward, "Go look around."

Once you walked through the door, there was a beautiful kitchen to the left with a bar counter that had a built in stove and grill. The room stretched out far. Further off the kitchen was a raised platform with a bed on it in the shape of a heart. The rest of the room was a sitting room that had a large couch and television. The bathroom to the right had a large jacuzzi tub and a glass shower with stone flooring.

"Oh this is so beautiful." Lelouch caused me to drop our bags when he hugged me and nipped at my neck.

"A-ah..." I ran my hands down his back and shuddered at the kisses he was placing on my neck. I felt the warmth begin to grow in my groin. "Lulu..." I whispered his name and ground my hips into his.

"Oh! I'm sorry." he smiled and walked over to the blinds that covered the large glass doors. "What's out here?"

"The best part." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist as he pulled the blinds.

We gazed out at the deck that held a deep hot tub, a patio dining set and a total privacy divider between our deck and the one next door until the view caught his eyes.

--- ---

We looked over the deck but what really amazed me was the beautiful view of the ocean and the soon to be setting sun. My heart jumped and, even though I wasn't hungry, I wanted dinner to happen that instant.

"I-I'm hungry!" I turned around and bit my lip.

"Liar." Suzaku nuzzled my neck with his nose and took me back into the room. "The fridge is stocked...I'll coo-"

"-No, I will cook. You can't cook."

"I so can cook! You've had my cooking before!"

"Suzaku, you baked a cake with my brother and sister, it had eggshells in it and it looked like the kitchen blew up. You can't cook."

He pouted a fake pout. "Okay..."

I laughed and opened the fridge gazing around for something quick and simple. I found some steak and broccoli and decided that would do.

"Ah, there's wine in here?" I pulled out a bottle and looked at it.

"Yes, thanks to your brother." he sat at the bar and watched as I threw the broccoli in a pan to steam it.

I smiled and tried to hurry. I tossed the steak onto the grill and seasoned it with pepper and salt cooking it until it was medium rare. The steak had a nice golden brown crust on it and the broccoli was al dente. I quickly tossed them onto a large plate and poured two glasses of wine and set them on the table outside.

"Le dîner est servi!" I smiled and sat down.

"You're more enthusiastic than I've seen you in a very long time." he sat down across from me. "We are sharing dinner?"

"Yes." I stuck my fork into a piece of broccoli and popped it into my mouth.

Suzaku did the same and I noticed he was rushing through his first few bites of steak. We had just a little more than half of the steak and our wine gone when I spoke up.

"I'd say slow down, but..."

"We should just...skip dinner..." he dropped his fork and looked at me.

"Uh huh." I dropped my fork as well and stood up.

"W-where would you...want to..." he trailed off and blushed as we stood together in the twilight of the night.

"Romance...Suzaku..." I wrapped my arms around him and began kissing him gently. Our lips clashed and our tongues mingled in each others mouths.

Suzaku walked me backwards into the room and carefully up the steps of the raised platform, our lips never parting. My bottom hit the bed and I was soon lowered onto my back. The room was silent other than our breathing.

"Nng...Suzaku. It's quiet in here..."

"Music then?" he grabbed a remote that was beside the bed and turned on a radio. The station was set to love songs, (naturally).

Suzaku continued with kissing me and worked his way to my neck. The light butterfly kisses sent shivers down my spine and caused goosebumps to raise on my arms and legs. I spread my legs and pressed my hips upward into his and tried to contain the noises that wanted to escape my lips.

His hands moved up and down my sides then worked across my chest to slowly unbutton the shirt I was wearing. The cold air hit my chest, then my stomach and Suzaku smiled at the buds on my chest as they perked up. A blush swept across my face and I turned away.

"That's so...cute." he caressed my chest with his thumb in small slow circles causing me to moan quietly.

"Sh-shut up." I blushed more and covered my face with my arms.

He chuckled and kissed my chest, slowly licking the nubs. My hands gripped his hair and I groaned, moving my hips slowly against his. He continued to remove the rest of my shirt, discarding it onto the floor somewhere. My hands worked at the buttons on his shirt and I pushed it gently down his shoulders and off onto the floor. My hands gripped his tan, muscular back.

--- ---

Lelouch's hands were hot across my back as he dug the pads of his fingers in to me. I could feel the heat of his groin against mine as our hips slowly rocked together. Lelouch pushed my shoulder gently, rolling me off of him. I laid down as he gripped my growing bulge through my pants and rubbed slowly. I moaned and thrust my hips up into his hand. He smiled and crawled up onto of me, kissing me gently with those soft, warm, velvet lips of his. His hands ran down my chest and stopped at my stomach. I closed my eyes and relaxed as he unbuttoned my pants, releasing the pressure on my erection. I felt it spring up slightly even though it was still contained by my boxers and part of my pants.

"Am I doing this right...?" he asked quietly.

"Mmm..." was all I could manage to say.

I could feel it as he pulled my pants down the rest of the way, followed by my boxers. I gasped when I felt his hand grip around my erection and slowly jerk it. I opened my eyes and watched him slowly flick his wrist.

"Don't do that too much..." I smiled and thrust my hips to fuck his hand.

"I wont, but I want to try something..." he lowered his head and softly placed a kiss on the head of my cock.

I gasped and tried to keep my eyes open so I could watch his movements, but failed once he took my whole length into his mouth. It was so hot and moist, I had to refrain from following his movements with my hips, knowing that I would choke him if I did. I ran my fingers through his beautiful black hair and groaned his name quietly.

--- ---

I had seen in many of the books I read that the boys would put their mouth around the others length and suck on it slowly. I later found out that it was call a 'blow job' and I wanted to try it with Suzaku. I dipped my head down and kissed the tip of Suzaku's hard length before slowly placing my lips around it. I sucked gently, hearing the noises that were coming from the back of his throat. The feeling of his hard, spongy flesh in my mouth caused me to become even more aroused than I had been; so I rocked my hips against the bed as I moved my head up and down.

Suzaku caressed my hair and groaned my name, causing me to shudder and pull away from him.

"Suzaku..." I slowly crawled up on top of him and pressed my hips down onto his. "Make love to me..."

"Is that an order from his majesty?" Suzaku inquired.

"What a foolish question to ask, Kururugi." I bent down and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Now, obey me..." I whispered.

Suzaku whimpered in protest as I removed myself from his lap to lay beside him. His hands worked quickly in removing the rest of my clothing.

--- ---

I undid Lelouch's pants and slowly pulled them off, revealing the bulge between his legs that was covered by a thin layer of fabric. I licked my tongue across the bulge in his underwear, making him moan. I continued my actions for a while, licking, pulling with my teeth, kissing and working my way up his slender, pale stomach to gently dip my tongue into his navel. I listened to the noises he made and realized that I would truly never hear anything more pleasing than the sound of his voice and the quiet moans that let out between his lips. Thinking this caused my erection to twitch and throb, aching to be touched.

I removed Lelouch's underwear and smiled at the site. His body still had no sign of hair and that made me happy for some strange reason. He just seemed too...feminine, for that. Lelouch blushed, noticing that I was admiring his body.

"Such smooth skin here..." I ran my hand up his stomach and back down. "And...even smoother here." I placed my hand just above the base of his erection and rubbed slowly.


A smile spread across my lips as I reached for the bottle of lube that was on the bedside. This boy was finally going to be mine- after so long. The pain ached all over my body, wanting to ravage him, but I knew I wanted to be gentle with his preparation. The lube on my fingers was cold and slick as I poured it on.

"What are you doing...?"

"Preparing you, you don't want your first time to hurt. Ne?"

He nodded and spread his legs for me. I gazed at how vulnerable he was and how he belonged to me. I took my first finger and pressed it against his small entrance, slowly pushing it in. He gasped and clenched around me. I soothed him by laying at his side with my hand between his leg, gently caressing his hair with my other hand. He seemed fine with one finger moving inside of him so I carefully inserted another finger. Lelouch winced at my action and tried his best to relax.

"Oh...ow..." he whimpered and closed his eyes. "I, th-thought...this was, suppose to feel g-good..." he winced again and dug his nails into my arm.

"I'm sorry...Maybe I'm doing it wrong?"

"Mayb- Ah!" he screamed and arched his back. "There! R-right there!"

I moved my fingers over the spot I had found while toying around inside of him and he screamed again. I looked down and saw his cock twitch and pre-come seep out of the tip. I moaned at the sight and pressed my fingers against the spot that had caused him to scream so much. He thrashed around and screamed once more.

"Are you ready?"

"Uh-huh..." he bit his lip and pulled me on top of him. "Fuck me."

"Ah, we went from love to fuck so quickly?"

"Suzaku!" he whined.

"Okay okay!"

--- ---

Suzaku had his fingers deep inside of me and they weren't doing much other than hurting me. That is, until he moved them just right. We considered the thought that maybe he wasn't doing it correctly, but just as I spoke I screamed from the large amount of pleasure his fingers gave me. I couldn't wait any longer, the feeling was too much and I wanted more of that pleasure, more of Suzaku...

Suzaku positioned himself between my legs and gently nudged at my entrance before inserting himself into me.

"Stop!" I screamed, no longer feeling the pleasure from before. Pain shot up my lower back and down my legs. "It's so, big!"

"I'm sorry!" Suzaku tried to pull away.

"No! L-let me get used to it..." tears welled up in my eyes and I tried to fight them off.

"Okay..." he bent down and kissed me gently and ran his hand down my cheek wiping away the few tears that fell from my eyes.



"Move your hips..."

Suzaku nodded and pushed his hips closer to mine, thrusting himself deeper inside of me.

--- ---

It was getting unbearable to hold still any more and once Lelouch told me to move I wanted to fuck his brains out. I slowly pushed and pulled my hips thrusting inside of him. He was so tight and hot my cock felt like it was melting inside of him. He moaned and wrapped his arms around my back, thrusting himself down on me.

"Faster..." he whispered and kissed my earlobe.

I moved my hips faster and snaked my hands slowly down his sides, grasping his small hips and lifting him up slightly. He moaned and screamed loudly, squeezing around me. There was a beautiful pink blush that was spread across his cheeks that gave cause for me to be more aroused.

I could feel the sweat drip down my back every time I thrust myself forward into the small body beneath me.

"Suzaku!" his hips started moving faster against mine.

--- ---

There was a warmth building up in my stomach and hips as we thrust together, our bodies joining. I couldn't help but squeeze around the thickness that was inside of me as I felt myself nearing climax.

"I'm...Oh gosh, Suzaku!" I pulled him down on top of myself so our bodies were pressed fully together.

My cock rubbed on his stomach and the friction combined with his thrusts was just enough to send me over the edge. I dug my nails deep into his back and screamed, arching my back as the warmth or my climax ran through me.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku groaned and held himself still, gasping, allowing the hotness of his cock to flow out inside of me. "Ah..." Suzaku laid down and held me close in his arms.

Our breathing was heavy and our bodies were hot. With everything in my life, I had never done anything so physical; nothing had put me to the point of exhaustion that I was completely relaxed.

After several minutes our breathing slowed and Suzaku spoke up. "Are you okay...? We were sort of rough..."

"I'm fine...A little sore, but fine." in all truth, my body was in serious pain. But the pleasure I felt inside was overpowering that pain. "I'm getting cold..." I closed my eyes and pressed my face close to Suzaku's chest.

He reached over and pulled the blankets up to cover us. His arms draped gently over my form and held me.

"Goodnight, Lulu." Suzaku pressed his lips to my forehead.

"Goodnight, Zaku..." I kissed his tan, muscular chest and held onto his body as I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke to the smell of eggs and ham. I suppose it couldn't be too hard to cook some eggs and heat up a slab of ham; so I wasn't too worried that Suzaku would mess it up.

I sat up in bed and hissed at the pain I was in.

"Oh, you're awake. Are you okay? I made breakfast for us."

"What time is it..." I rolled off the bed and pulled on a robe that was conveniently placed beside the bed.

"Around ten. You seemed very tired so I didn't think I'd try and wake you again. I tried before but you called me a brat and hit me and whined."

I laughed a bit and tried to walk down the steps of the platform.

"Are you okay?" Suzaku looked at me.

"Just my ass..."

"Oh, come here princess." Suzaku placed one arm around my back and the other under my legs, lifting me up bridal style.

--- ---

Lelouch mumbled to himself and frowned as I picked him up. I smiled and placed him on the couch.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt your ass anymore by placing you on the stool at the counter."


"Maybe after you eat you can take a nice warm shower or bath to relax?"




"What's wrong?"

"Tired, hungry, pain."

"I'm sorry love." I kissed his cheek and handed him a plate of food, sitting next to him to eat my own.

We ate our breakfast in near silence. I felt bad that Lelouch was in pain because of me, but I felt worse because he wasn't talking. Normally he would at least talk, even if it was a few insults here and there about how I couldn't cook or how stupid I could be sometimes. I wanted badly to talk to him but I felt like I was annoying him, so I scarfed down my breakfast and walked over to the kitchen to do a bit of dishes.

"I think I'll go take a bath now..." he handed me the plate that he had cleared and walked to the bathroom. "Feel free to join me, you're a mess."

"Ah, there's the insults." I smiled and happily turned off the water, heading to the bathroom.

Lelouch turned on the bath water and sat on the edge of the tub, waiting for it to fill up. I listened to the water hit the bottom of the tub as it filled from the sides. Lelouch slid into the water and sighed as his eyes slid closed. He took a hair clip and clipped his hair on top of his head and sunk down into the tub until the water was at his neck.

"Comfy?" I smiled and stepped into the water, hissing at the heat. "Shit, Lelouch. How hot is this?"

"Don't like it?" Lelouch lifted his arm up, showing that it was turning red. "I love hot water...so relaxing. Besides, it also burns germs off your skin." he smirked.


--- ---

I sighed and ignored Suzaku. I wasn't mad at him or anything, I was just completely frustrated with the fact that my ass felt like I'd fallen from a ten foot building and landed on it. Not that I honestly know what that feels like, but I could guess. I relaxed and washed myself gently.

Suzaku spoke up quietly. "So...after last night...when we go back home..." he trailed off and I could feel his gazed locked on me.

I opened my eyes and looked at his sad eyes. "You will still be my boyfriend, under one condition." he blinked. "Let me stay in your room with you every night...maybe now that everyone knows, we can get some true alone time." I smiled and leaned over, kissing him gently.

His lips worked against mine and his hands rubbed slowly at my hips. I crawled fully into his lap and kept my lips on his.

"Promise me..." I whispered against his parted lips.

"Promise you what?" he whispered back.


Suzaku smiled and kissed me, rocking his hips up against mine. I moaned slightly and frowned.

"I'm in pain."

"I can turn that into pleasure though." Suzaku's hands snaked up my back and pulled me closer.

"Yes, but, it will hurt." I smiled and rolled my hips against his.

"Nng..." Suzaku groaned and lifted me up. "May I?"

"Fine." I frowned and held myself steady over Suzaku as he slowly slid into me. I gasped and dug my nails into his shoulders.

Suzaku moved my hips up and down, thrusting in and out of me. I dug my knees into his hips and began moving on my own wondering if I was doing it correctly- but by the sounds he was making, I assumed I was. I rode Suzaku slowly, pushing my hips fully against him and gasping every time he grazed my "spot."

"Lulu..." Suzaku groaned my name, thrusting his hips up hard.

"Ah!" I bit my lip and rolled my hips faster.

"I'm going to come." he smiled and rubbed my lower back.


He smiled and thrust harder, making me scream for more. My body shook as he gripped my erection and began pumping it with our thrusts.

"S-stop!" I bit down on his shoulder and rocked against him. I screamed and ripped my nails across his back, coming in the water we were in. Suzaku kissed my neck, thrusting a few more times before releasing inside of me.

My body was sore and pleased at the same time.

"Your cock is twitching in my hand..." Suzaku giggled.

"Feels good though...Let's have sex again tonight..." I smiled and kissed him gently.

"Of course." he paused and brushed the hair from my face. "Wanna go for a walk?"

"Yes, if I could walk..." I frowned and stood up, bracing myself on his shoulders. "Help me, idiot."

"Y-yes. Sorry." he wrapped an arm around my back and lifted me up, carrying me to the living room.

We sat on the couch together, cuddling for a while and talking about our lives. During the day, we had sex three more times and were fully exhausted. My body had eventually fallen numb from the pain, but I could still feel his powerfully pleasurable thrusts each time we wanted more.

"Hey...Lulu...?" we laid in bed together, curled up in each others arms- watching the light from the sunset fill our room with beautiful hues of orange and pink.

"Hm...?" I nuzzled against his chest.

"I love you..."

"I love you too, Suzaku..." I leaned up and kissed him softly before placing my head on his shoulder.

--- ---

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