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The above (minus the random spaces) is where you can find the comic this is based off of. I was so inspired when I saw it that I HAD to write this. Plus, I haven't written in a while either. So credits go to YoukaiYume for her amazing talents in drawing and of course to Naoko Takeuchi for bringing us these wonderful characters.

Btw, Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The night was frigid as the December air stung the faces of two teens walking the streets of Tokyo. The taller of the two, a boy with a long flowing ponytail and shaggy bangs of raven black, was shivering in the ungodly temperature. Despite warnings from his companion, a blonde female who wore her hair in quite an unusual food-themed style, he had only worn a light jacket with a fuzzy hood, proclaiming, "I'm tough enough to endure the weather!"

Now he regretted it as he watched his hands turn purple with every icy touch of the wind. His cheeks were equally frozen and he feared frost bite would settle into his handsome idol face by the time they reached their destination.

"Why is it so cold out?" he complained, bringing his hands up to his face to try and generate some body heat.

"It's called winter, Seiya," said the blonde. "And it wouldn't feel as cold if you were smart like me and wore more than just a stupid jacket. My hands are nice an toasty in my gloves." The pretty girl's face had the faintest flush as she was indeed much better incubated than her friend.

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to steal some of that warmth, won't I?" The boy grabbed the girl by her wrists and put her hands over his cheeks, instantly feeling warmer just by touching her.

"Hey! Cut it out!" she cried indignantly.

"Now my face is toasty. You wouldn't want my good looks to be damaged by this weather, would you, Odango?" Seiya laughed lightly as his 'Odango' struggled to free herself.

As he was about to let go, he opened his midnight blue eyes and stared directly across into two crystal pools of saphire. Immediately, he was lost in that gaze, and his face turned pink. Those eyes of hers had a tendancy to make him fall in love again and again.

Before he knew what he was doing, Seiya closed the gap between them, wrapping one arm around the small of Usagi's back, and connecting their lips. He savored every last second of the kiss, hoping that if any moment could last forever that it would be this one.

But the shocked girl needed to catch her breath and slowly he broke away. His eyes were half-closed when they met once again with hers and found them shocked but not angry. He whispered, "I love you." taking both her hands in his and bringing her even closer.

Usagi had an equally hard time turning from Seiya when their eyes met. Their depth and emotion were captivating, especially now when they filled with all the love he carried for her. She was frozen to her spot where they had stopped and all thoughts were lost from her mind.

Before she could even attempt to think clearly, Seiya's lips were upon hers again, showering her with the most passionate, but tender, kisses she had ever experienced. He brought a hand toward her face and gently caressed it as they kissed. To the surprise of both, Usagi did not use her now free hands to push away the young singer, but to grab hold of his jacket and pull him closer.

Needless to say, the two of them were now quite warm.