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A is for…


"Lulu you need to show more affection towards people, other than your sister." Milly whined shrilly in his ear.

Lelouch could only roll his eyes. "I do show affection."

This earned him a scoff from the president. "I have yet to see that."

Right then Suzaku entered the room with a stack of papers. "I have the pa…pers…umm did I interrupt something?" He asked as he looked between the two glaring friends.

Milly was the first to break from it, "Suzaku, tell Lulu he needs to show more affection!" She asked desperately. Suzaku 'hmmed' and straightened the papers. Lelouch took this moment to come over and kiss his forehead, while stroking his soft curly hair. Suzaku smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and cuddled against him. Milly looked dumbfounded.

"I dunno Taichou, he seems to show lots of affection to me." Suzaku said cheekily.


Nina hated Suzaku because she could not help but admire him. He was strong, determined, and brave. He was loved by his friends and many other people. He was able to keep going when his precious Euphie died. Most of all, though, he had the courage to say 'I love you' to someone he truly loved.

'Still,' Nina thought silently, 'I wish they would be a little quieter' She sighed as she heard another moan of "Lelouch" coming from the janitor's closet.


"Lu I think you're like an apple." Lelouch lowered his book and looked at Suzaku quizzically. The said boy was sitting next to him, biting into the crispy red apple.


"Well…you're very attractive, but cold on the outside. However, once you get inside it is soft and sweet."

Lelouch gave him a funny look. "You're so weird." He replied.

Suzaku laughed. "Yeah I guess," He scooted closer to Lelouch to give him a peck. "But that's why you love me."

Lelouch laughed and nodded. "However," He said taking the apple and inching closer to Suzaku's blushing face. "I'm the one doing the biting."

Needless to say Suzaku was very sore the next day.


Lelouch had never liked to look at other people's abs. Mostly male, females with abs are just plain scary. Back to the point though, they looked really obnoxious and gay on the guys. To him they were either too big and prominent, or they were nonexistent and looked like skin and bones or a pile of fat. But for some reason, he can never take his eyes off of Suzaku's abs.

Abs II

Lelouch gave a wicked smirk and rubbed Suzaku's abs. The other boy yelped and blushed furiously.

"L-Lelouch, you really need to stop your ab fetish." He whined.

The black haired prince only chuckled. "Maybe, but." He nipped Suzaku's ear, "Your abs are the only one for me."

Yeah Suzaku was just at the medium point, firm, but soft and smooth with a hint of the protruding pecks. Lelouch sighed in contentment. They were perfect.


"Hey Suzaku why the funny walk?" Rivalz asked.

The poor brunette blushed furiously.

It didn't make it any better that Shirley also joined in the unintentional interrogation."Yeah you've been walking really weird and you seem to be in pain whenever you sit."

Milly being the good fangirl she was chuckled, "Has Lulu been giving you a lot of love?" she snickered.

The rest of the student council looked at her quizzically. It furthered their confusion even more when Lelouch slung an arm around his adorable uke and said, "I can't resist President, he has such an adorable sexy ass."


Lelouch loved arches, whether it was Miky D's falling arches or the grand arch in Italy. There was just something majestic about them. Of course his favorite one is the one Suzaku makes when he comes.


Milly was one to always find answers no matter how trivial. So when Suzaku started to show a limp one day she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, the brunette didn't really give her a straight answer, provoking the she-demon even more. That's how she found herself stalking the poor boy to the roof. She pressed her ears to the door and a blush formed on her face followed by a maniacal grin. By the end of the day she had a great film of hot steamy boy's love and something to blackmail her vice-president with.


Whether people realize it or not, Nunally was very analytical. She could put things together like a jigsaw puzzle and see things no one else could see. She prided herself for this. So it was no surprise when she noticed her brother and Suzaku were going out. However what really surprised her was that Lelouch was top.


Cupid usually had a lousy aim now-a-days, so she didn't start freaking out when she accidently shot a love arrow into the wrong partner for Lelouch. It ended up on a guy named Suzaku instead of Shirley.

'They're going to separate like all my other couples' she thought sardonically. Days turned into months, months into years. Somewhere along the road Cupid started studying them more intently, cheering for their happiness. Helping them in any way possible. They were special, and the gods could tell, even when the war threatened them apart, they clung on. Even as death tore them apart, Suzaku stayed strong and waited patiently for him to meet his beloved again. Cupid smiled as she saw his lover's spirit watching him, protecting him.


The student council members were very worried for their dear Lelouch, he had been sulking for a long time and Suzaku was nowhere to be seen. He was in his angst mood, they could see dark clouds hover over his head bringing forth rain and thunder. The dark atmosphere was almost too much, but just as they were about to leave Suzaku, red in the face and in a frilly cat maid costume complete with the ears, tail, collar, and underwear. As soon as Lelouch looked up the dark clouds lifted and he had the most perverse smirk they had ever seen. So the student council decided it was time to leave as Suzaku walked up to him and sat on his lap, dragging a fangirling president with them.


"Lu promise we'll be together always?"

"Yeah Suzaku, always."

It was a promise he and Suzaku made when they were children. It was strained through the test of time and threatened to break entirely. However they managed. Lelouch kept his promise to Suzaku even in death, in the form of Zero, he was with Suzaku. Because they promised to be together, always.


The students backed away fearfully as Lelouch walked down the halls. He was really angry, probably because Schniziel ruined his plans again. For like the billionth time. He wanted to punch something, not that it'll do any damage or anything. He heaved a sigh and went to the empty student council room, hoping it would solve his problems. He stared at the empty seats around him glaring at the imaginary people in them. Suddenly two arms wrapped around him.

"Still mad?" a soft voice asked. Lelouch didn't need to see that it was his green-eyed brunette and he relaxed in his embrace. He smiled, for some reason Suzaku always managed to make him feel happy again.


There was something Lelouch never understood, and that is why Japanese people love anime. He never understood it. Most of them were perverted cartoons that had no meaning to life. They had HUGE-ass eyes and a perfect figure. The men looked like supermodels and could pass of as women, and it bothered him to no end.

When he asked Suzaku why he loved anime he just said, "'Cuz it's great."

Lelouch felt a morbid urge to strangle someone that day, but he decided that understanding the point of those cartoons (anime Lu) was one of those things that were just unexplainable.


The first word Lelouch learned in Japanese was 'arigato', but he still had that Brittanian accent to it. Suzaku had laughed at him because of it. The boy had said that it sounded like he was saying ar-e-gay-toe. It was rather fitting to him, that it was the last words he said to Suzaku, all Brittanian accent and all.


Suzaku had a strange habit of saying 'aishiteru' before they part, and it unnerved Lelouch to no end. The guy knew he did not know Japanese too well and he still does that. When he finally found out, it was quite a shock. It wasn't until Lelouch was in the safe haven of his palace that he turned to Suzaku and said,

"I love you too."


Lelouch was never religious. He never believed in God or the angels and saints above. God was a hindrance, a weakness in the human soul. So fragile and weak. No powerful leader can believe in a god because God is the essence of purity and goodness, who is all about the people. However, even when the leader loves the people, they must kill, they must stain their hands, their purity. A soft voice brought him out of his musings. He looked at Suzaku, the very being of purity and God. He was a frickin' saint! Doing the right thing for the sake of mankind. Slowly, he stroked the brunette's cheek. Funny how he didn't believe in God, but he believed angels existed on earth, in the form of one Suzaku Kururugi.

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