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Z is For


Two hot steaming bodies rocked against each other. The mattress squeaked in protest, but they didn't notice it. Bright green eyes starred into the deep violet as the pale white hand moved over his golden skin, and lighting every nerve aflame.

Suzaku panted harshly and drew them closer together. He wanted more; he wanted to feel Lelouch meld into him as he entered him.

"L-Lelouch." Suzaku whispered. There was a deep chuckle above him and the hands flitted over the hot flushed skin.

"Yes love?" he asked softly into the brunette's ear. Suzaku felt his member twitch; he knew what his voice did to him, the bastard.

"M-more." Suzaku mewled as the hands eagerly groped his bottom.

"More what?"


Lelouch chuckled. "What would you like me to do love?"

"I-I wanna feel it~" he moaned.

"Feel what?" Lelouch teased as his slick fingers circled Suzaku's entrance.

Suzaku gasped and writhed on the satin sheets. "I wanna feel you inside."

"Like this?" Lelouch smirked as he slid his slick fingers into Suzaku. The brunette gasped and arched as the slick digits caressed his insides. He thought his nerves were going to light up ablaze and the pleasure flooded through him as they continued to stretch his tight entrance.

"L-Lelouch~" Suzaku moaned.

"What love?" he asked with an arrogant smirk on his face.

Suzaku looked up with his glazed green eyes and said, "I wanna feel your big juicy cock slam inside me."

Lelouch smirked and easily withdrew his fingers. He aligned himself along the puckered entrance and—


Kallen's face now took the same bright red as her hair, and she quickly pushed the paper aside. What the hell was she thinking?

What the hell was she thinking?

She slammed her head against the metal desk again and groaned. She couldn't believe she actually read that, and what's worse was that she was actually affected by it (if the heated sensation in her groin was anything to go by).

"I'm going insane." She cried as she gripped her hair. "What the hell made me do that?" she cried.

"Oh no worries you were just zapped by the yaoi bug." A joyful voice tittered.

Kallen immediately stood and turned to the culprit. "You did it!" she accused.

"Me?" Kaguya said innocently.

"You zapped me!"

Kaguya chuckled, "Well of course I did silly."

"What the hell did you do to me?"

"I'm just converting you to the yaoi side." Kaguya said. "You show great taste my young apprentice."

Kallen stared incredulously at her.

"Although, I have to admit that was more of a "porn-without-plot," and it was rather unrealistic, but all the same it is rather hot and steamy." Kaguya smiled. "I mean can you imagine Suzaku actually saying he wants Lelouch's big juicy co—"

"STOP! Don't even finish that thought!" Kallen yelled as she covered her ears.

"It took you long enough to stop me." Kaguya chuckled.

"I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you." Kallen said as she pinched the bridge of her nose. I must be insane."

"No worries." Kaguya said as she patted her back. "You'll get used to it soon enough. Now don't we have a story to finish?"

"I am not finishing it!" Kallen denied with a flush.

"But don't you want to know the climax?" Kaguya asked suggestively. Kallen still refused to budge.

"They have chocolate sauce."

Kallen twitched and slowly looked over, "Really?'

Kaguya smirked. Hook line and sinker. "Of course."

Kallen sighed and picked up the paper again. "Alright but just this once!" she said.

Kaguya merely smiled. She had no idea of the power of the yaoi side.


Rin's green eyes cautiously observed the flat plan of her daddy's stomach. She tentatively touched poked it.

"So my brother is growing in there?" she asked.

"Well we don't know if it's a boy yet Rin. It's still a zygote. Just the size of a peanut." Suzaku said.

Lelouch nodded and ruffled her hair. "Are you excited?"

Rin thought about it for while, "Hm, maybe, but it's going to be a boy."

"Really?" Suzaku asked.

Rin gave the trade-mark Lelouch-smirk, "Oh yes, it'll definitely be a boy."


Suzaku struggled with the zipper of his pilot suit. He cursed Lelouch for designing such a complicated outfit. As he tried to grip the zipper, a deep chuckle drifted from the door.

Speak of the devil. Suzaku grumbled.

"I have to admit I outdid myself this time." Lelouch said.

Suzaku glared at the emperor. "Just help me get out of this." He growled.

Lelouch smirked and strode over to the struggling knight. He gently swatted Suzaku's hand away and pulled the tiny zipper down. Lelouch slowly revealed the hidden golden skin, and marveled t the tough sinewy muscles that lied just under the tantalizing skin.

Lelouch bend his head down and slowly trailed his cool lips over the hot skin. The muscles twitched and reflexively jerked away, but they soon relaxed and leaned back to Lelouch's touch. Lelouch smirked and continued trailing kisses down Suzaku's back.

"You're a jerk." Suzaku groaned.

Lelouch merely smirked and wrapped his arms around Suzaku's waist. "I'm not a jerk." He said as he tasted Suzaku's skin. "I'm a demon."



Oh how he loathed Milly Ashford. Curse the day Satan sent his underling to earth, and curse imbecile who made up that "New Year's kiss" rubbish. Those two idiots were the reasons why he's hiding behind the trees from a pack of galloping rabid fangirls.

Lelouch rubbed his temples. Curse Fate for ever letting Milly Ashford cross his path.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. Lelouch sprang up and got ready to run when a flustered Suzaku emerged from the hedge. His green eyes lit up when he spotted his lover.

"Oh thank God you're he—!" Lelouch slapped a hand over Suzaku's mouth.

"Shhh!" Lelouch chastised, "Fangirls have Vulcan hearing."

As if guided by Fate herself (curse that bitch), muffled steps and giggles started to come closer. Lelouch cursed and quickly led Suzaku and himself elsewhere.

"Damn Milly and her stupid New Year's Kiss chase." Lelouch grumbled as they slinked up to the roof.

Fortunately they made up to their safe haven without any mishaps. Lelouch allowed himself a moment to sigh in relief as he locked the door behind them. He glanced at his watch; it was eleven forty. Twenty more minutes until this was all over.

"Milly really did it this year." Suzaku chuckled.

"I don't think that's anything to laugh at Suzaku." Lelouch grumbled. The tired teen slumped against the wall, and patted the spot next to him.

Suzaku smiled and sat in the "reserved for Suzaku spot."

Lelouch then leaned his head onto Suzaku's shoulders. The brunette laughed quietly, but he understood that his lover was exhausted from the chase.

"I'm surprised you made it that long." Suzaku said, "But I'm proud of you."

Lelouch scoffed, "You better be, I only reserve me kisses for you or Nunally."

Suzaku blushed prettily and pecked his lover's cheek. "That's sweet of you Lu."

Lelouch merely smirked as they watched the mayhem unfold below. It was a lot funnier when you're not actually in it.


"It's almost New Years." Suzaku said. Lelouch nodded silently.


"Do you believe in a New Year's kiss?" Suzaku asked.

Lelouch shrugged and grasped Suzaku's soft chilled cheeks in his hands.

"I don't think it'll hurt our chances." He smirked.

Suzaku smiled. "I don't think the clocks quite reached zero yet."


Lelouch rolled his eyes and put down his hands. "Che, traditions."

Suzaku chuckled.


"What about now?" Lelouch asked.

"Not yet." Suzaku said as the crowd yelled out the countdown to New Years.


"Ne Lelouch."

"What is it Suzaku?"

"I love you."

Lelouch smiled and leaned forward until he was just a hair's breath away from Suzaku's sweet lips. Their eyes glittered in the moonlight and Lelouch gently cradled Suzaku's face in his hands.


He smiled tenderly and whispered, "I love you too."


And they leaned in as the fireworks bloomed in the dark New Year's sky.


Suzaku quietly pulled out his camera as he tiptoed to the couch. He stifled his giggles as he took the endearing picture of his husband and two children. Lelouch had his head lolled to the side, and a book was precariously balanced on his lap. On one side was Hiro, who was curled up beside his father, and on the other was Rin, who was leaning against Lelouch's arms. The soft firelight gleamed on their skin and lighted their hair like a halo.

Suzaku smiled and patted a growing bulge on his stomach. Soon there will be two new members of their family.

"I'll delete that picture when you're not looking." Lelouch mumbled through his sleepy haze.

"I don't think Nunally will appreciate that." Suzaku answered softly as he sat next to Hiro. The boy turned and started cuddling Suzaku's side.

"Hn, probably not." Lelouch answered. He turned slightly so he could see his husband. "Are you tired?"

Suzaku shrugged, "As tired as a pregnant man can be."

"Are the twins keeping you up?"

"Yeah, they're even worse than Hiro." Suzaku laughed.

Lelouch scoffed, "I find that hard to believe."

"Then you can get pregnant next time." Suzaku quipped.

Lelouch grumbled, but he didn't retort, and the pair fell into a warm silence. Lelouch could see Suzaku's head lolling, and he smirked.

"I think mama bear needs to catch some z's. He needs all the rest he can get."

Suzaku chuckled and leaned towards Lelouch. "I think papa bear needs them too."

"Of course."

They let the silence settle in as the fire crackled in the hearth. Slowly Suzaku's eyes drooped down, and his breathing fell into a soft even pattern. Lelouch smiled and closed his eyes, letting the sandman drift him away.


Suzaku casually flipped through the paper on Lelouch's bed. Not surprisingly, the assignation attempt on the emperor was on the front cover.

"Zealots Snuck into the Palace. Thwarted By Knight of Zero."

"Hm, you have an army of zealots on your back." Suzaku commented to the working emperor.

"Ohh I'm so scared." Lelouch replied monotonously.

Suzaku chuckled, "Just a warning."

"Duly noted."

"You don't seem to be worried."

"And you don't seem to be too concerned." Lelouch replied, "Could it be that you want me to be skewered?" he said in a mock hurt tone.

"At times." Suzaku teased.

"Hn, well these zealots seem to have forgotten that I have a very powerful, not to mention sexy zealot to protect me." Lelouch said as he groped Suzaku's bottom.

Suzaku rolled his eyes. "Sometimes I think you let them in on purpose so you could see me fight them naked."

Lelouch smirked, "What can I say, I love seeing that naked ass in action."


She never told anyone how much she missed her brother terribly (though she had no doubt that Suzaku knew). There was that constant ache in her chest as she longed for Lelouch to stand beside her and help her along. But not matter how much she cried for him at night, he would never come.

Nunally sighed as Zero wheeled her into her room.

"Thank you Suzaku." She said.

"It is my pleasure your Majesty."

Nunally smiled softly. Suzaku was always so proper, but it was nice to have that constant familiarity. She wheeled over to her desk, but paused as she found a picture tucked under her papers and a purple flower next to it. She carefully picked it up and twirled it in her hands. It reminded her of a marigold, but it was purple and it was a lot less fluffy. There weren't as many petals on it like a marigold.

It was strange, but she put it down and looked at the photo. She could feel her eyes start to water as she looked at the photograph of her, Lelouch and Suzaku. They were in a garden and she was making some flower necklaces for the two boys beside her. Suzaku still had the carefree smile on his face, and Lelouch had a small smile on his lips as he watched them.

She flipped the photo over and saw a note written on the back.

Let this Zinnia be a constant reminder of their lasting love and affection. Even in the absence of friends and loved ones, they'll always be with you.

Nunally smiled widely and chuckled as the tears fell on the flower.

Outside Suzaku smiled softly as he heard her soft laugh.

"She's fine now." He said. There was a pause as Suzaku waited for the silent response.

He chuckled. "Yeah I got it you big idiot. I'll take care of her."

Again he waited for a response. Suzaku smiled tenderly, "I miss you too Lelouch."


A soft spring breeze flitted through the tall grass. The white snow melted a few weeks before, just as the spring warmth was settling into the country. The birds came back from their winter getaway and were now building little nests for their new brood. The air carried the scent of wild flowers as they started blooming in the warm spring sun. Fresh leaves were starting to paint the forest green once more, and the various animals finally emerged from their winter's sleep.

In the village, farmers were starting to see their summer fruits growing. New calves and lambs were joining the herds, and the children ran around in the soft earth with their bare feet.

Two children in particular were running farther out of the village towards the long staircase that leads to the village shrine. One was a brunette with eyes like the forest. The other was much paler than his friend. He had dark hair with eyes like amethysts. They were running up the stairs, at least until the darker haired boy crumpled into a gasping heap after the sixth step. The brunette laughed and sat there with him.

"Wow, you actually made it to the sixth step this time." he teased.

"Shut—gasp—up—wheeze—Suzaku." The other boy panted.

Suzaku laughed, "Well then hurry up Lelouch. I want to get there before anyone else does."

"Remind me again why—gasp— we're going up there?"

"Because we need to say a prayer to Zephyr." Suzaku answered.

"Can't we give it to her another day?" Lelouch whined.

Suzaku pouted, "No, it's our little tradition to offer a prayer after the first twelve days of spring."

Lelouch sighed and got up slowly. "Alright, but no running. I don't think I can survive if we took another run."

Suzaku laughed, "Agreed."

They walked up to the temple where a statue of Zephyr, the wind goddess, stood. Her hands were outstretched and her wings were spread. Her feet were worn from the many hands who touched them for her blessings, but her lips were still upturned in a kind warm smile.

Suzaku and Lelouch kneeled down before her. Suzaku clasped his hands and bowed his head. He closed his eyes and prayed for fertility, good rainfall, and protection for his village.

And please let me be with Lulu forever. He added just as he always does.

As they headed down Suzaku asked Lelouch, "What did you pray for?"

"It's a secret." Lelouch answered.

Suzaku pouted, but he didn't pry, "Well I hope that she answers them."

Lelouch turned to Suzaku and smiled warmly, "She always does."

Suzaku flushed, and felt a warm pleasant heat spread from his chest. He smiled shyly back and as they walked back t their village their hands were intertwined.


He tried to hide his limp, but from Lloyd's shit-eating grin, Jeremiah's sympathetic glances, Cecile and Sayako's flushed faces, and C.C's all-knowing smirk, it seemed that he wasn't doing a very good job.

"Had a rough night?" C.C asked knowingly.

Suzaku glared at her, "Shut up C.C."


Lelouch walked smugly to the throne room. Suzaku had thrown him the most quelling glare the brunette could produce, which thankfully wasn't much, it actually looked like a small cute bird fluffing up to look menacing. It helped that he was covering his naked body with the sheets. Then he tumbled out of the bed and stumbled into the bathroom on his shaky legs.

Yes, Lelouch definitely felt accomplished.

"I see you had a heavenly night." C.C said with a smirk.

"Of course." Lelouch answered.

"I didn't know you had it in you." She teased.

Lelouch rolled his eyes and gave her a weak glare, "Shut up C.C."

Zebra Stripes

Suzaku's green eyes flitted nervously from side to side. He hated how they stared at him as he walked to the sleek dark Ferrari. It was like they were judging him and criticizing him…actually, he was pretty sure they were criticizing him. They always looked at him with this strange expression of disdain and wonderment, like he was some kind of creature, or maybe a banana slug.

He could feel the heat rising to his cheeks as he saw them whispering to one another, and some were even blatantly gawking him.

Gods how he wanted to run and just hid under his blanket. He was already stared at because he wasn't who you would call a rich kid, and at Ashford Academy only the richest and the most privileged children can enter.

That said Suzaku is who people would call a commoner. The only reason he was able to enter was because the kendo coach Kyoshiro Tohdoh scouted him out and gave him a full scholarship to the academy, as long as he joined the kendo club of course.

Then of course he just had to trip somewhere and fall into the arms of Lelouch vi Britannia, hottest male on campus, and of course said boy would end up doing something drastic.

{Two week before}

Suzaku sighed as he watched the students walking around. They looked like speckled dots of red from the roof, scattered about the campus. He turned back and sat on the bench with his homemade obento. He didn't have any money to spare buying the cafeteria's gourmet lunch specials; besides, he liked his octopus sausages just the way they were thank you very much.

Of course another reason he was avoiding the cafeteria was his rather embarrassing mishap in the hall. He could have sworn the teen was smirking at him, but he after he stuttered an apology he ran as fast as he could.

He sighed again; he was safe here from the rabid fangirls at least.

Suddenly he heard the door open. Suzaku turned and faced the same prince-like face and violet eyes.

"Ah, you again." He drawled. It almost sounded like Suzaku was some cockroach. Suzaku puffed his cheeks, and the teen's mouth twitched slightly in amusement.

"Well excuse me for being in His Highness's presence." Suzaku said.

"Hn, I suppose I could overlook your folly." was the flippant reply.

"Y-You!" Suzaku said indignantly, "Who the hell do you think you are? God?"

"Of course."

Suzaku groaned, "You're such an arrogant bastard!"

Lelouch smirked, "Hm, indeed. You're rather bold for a commoner."

Suzaku glared. "If you're going to insult me there's already a club."

Lelouch scoffed, "Pft, why would I want to join such a distasteful bumbling swarm of locusts? I am clearly on a higher level than those buffoons."

"Clearly." Suzaku mumbled. There was a pause, and Lelouch sauntered to the bench and sat down next to him. Finally Suzaku broke the silence and asked, "So why are you here? I thought you would be with your girlfriends."

"Girlfriends?" Lelouch asked.

"Yeah, the blonde and the strawberry blonde."

Lelouch shivered, "Ugh, don't even call them my girlfriends, that's just terrifying."

"What about that C.C.?" Suzaku asked. He met the strange girl during his entrance exams, and she left quite a strange impression.

"I don't want to talk about that witch." He said.

Suzaku sighed and poked at his octopus sausages, "Then why are you here?"

"Because I want to get away from people."

"I'm a person." Suzaku stated.

Lelouch smirked and turned to him, "I wouldn't call you that."

Suzaku huffed, "Are you just going to insult me?"

"Yes, unless you stop setting yourself up so easily like that." He easily replied.

"Why are you even here?" Suzaku asked exasperatedly.

"Because you intrigue me."

Suzaku blinked. "What?"

"I'm rather bored, and you intrigue me." Lelouch said.

Suzaku was at lost for words so he merely shook his head, "You're crazy you know that?"

"Well, isn't the pot calling the kettle black."

Suzaku pouted and huffed before he shoved a sausage in his mouth and chewed harshly. He glanced at Lelouch's lunchless hands. Again his conscience started to pester him, and he shyly nudged his lunch towards Lelouch. He stared at it strangely and looked at Suzaku.

"You don't have a lunch, and I don't want to you to go hungry." Suzaku replied.

Lelouch smirked and grabbed a sandwich, "Your an odd one no doubt."

Suzaku glared, "Am not."

"No, probably just bipolar."

Suzaku answered by bopping the prince's arm.

After their little incident, they lunched everyday on the roof. They would quarrel, sometimes chat about themselves. Lelouch was not fond of student council, and he hated the student body president, Milly Ashford, but he had to because Ashford required at least one club, and Lelouch figured that Student Council was the lesser of all the evils, even with Milly.

Suzaku bowed his head again as he felt a wave of pure loathing wash through him.

He sighed again. Why? Why the hell did Lelouch have to drive up to his apartment, and say, in that deep, spine-shivering voice of his, that he was going to take him to breakfast and take him to school?

Thank God his father wasn't home, or the man would have had an aneurism.

Suzaku, of course, just dumbly nodded as all his brain functions ceased to work at the immaculately dressed teen in front of him.

Breakfast was interesting, well, Lelouch was interesting in general. The princely teen was just as graceful in speech and thought as he was physically, if not more so. Suzaku had more than once seen him double over and gasping for breath after a fifteen meter dash. It was quite funny.

The grating whispers drove him out of his mind and Suzaku shook his head discretely. The walk to the car looked so long and scary with the pillars of watching students on either side of him. Suddenly the prince himself finally lost his patience and went out of the car. Their eyes locked and Lelouch raised his eyebrow.

Suzaku flushed and hurried over to the car. On the way he heard the whispers floating through his ear.

"—can't believe he chose him."

"…such a shame."

"…could have done better."

"Seriously what's so special about him."

Suzaku flushed and quickly walked to the man and gave him an apologetic look. "I'm sorry." He said, "Their stares are a little intimidating."

Lelouch scoffed and guided the boy to the car. "Let them be." He answered quietly, "They're just jealous."

"Brilliant deduction Holmes." Suzaku grumbled.

Lelouch merely chuckled and opened the door for him, "After you my dear." He said dramatically.

Suzaku flushed and gave a weak glare at the prince.

Lelouch paid no mind and as soon as he was in the driver's seat he took off.

It was silent for quite some time. Only the rumbling of the engine and sound of traffic entered the interior. That is, until Suzaku asked, "Why me?"

Lelouch turned to the brunette and asked, "Why not?"

Suzaku grumbled at the vague response. That jerk loved to confuse him. "Why did you choose a plain commoner like me, instead of the other wealthy impressive girls or guys?"

"That's just the reason why." Lelouch answered with a smirk, "You're not a dull impressive wealthy spoiled brat. You're an intriguing plain commoner."

"That's a bit ironic isn't it?" Suzaku said with a small smile.

"Yes, I suppose it is." Lelouch answered. Then he grasped on of Suzaku's hand in his own.

"You're not an ordinary black on white zebra. You're a white on black."

"That seems a little overused." Suzaku teased.

"Well, just because I fancy you doesn't mean I'll use my best intellectual analogies on you." Lelouch answered.

Suzaku laughed. He had to admit, Lelouch wasn't such a bad guy after all.


This was it. This was the end of the world as we know it.

Lelouch had a zit.

The bright red inflamed sac of puss was mocking him. It was mocking him.

Lelouch wasn't a vain man. Extremely cocky? Yes. Arrogant? Definitely.

But he was not vain. He just took pride in looking a little better that most mortals, which is why he religiously washes his face twice, once in the morning and once at night. So why was that infuriating zit mocking him?

"Lelouch are you almost done?" Suzaku asked from behind the door. Lelouch gritted his teeth and walked out slowly. There was a pause as Suzaku looked at the glaring red zit on the other boy's forehead.

"Oh can't you just cover it with your bangs?" Suzaku suggested.

He knew Suzaku wouldn't understand. He was called peparoni face in middle school for a reason. Still, Lelouch wanted to bash his head against the wall.

"That's not the point!" He shouted.

Suzaku looked unfazed. "Then what is?"

"I have a zit! A grossly inflamed pouch of puss and bacteria in the middle of my face!"

"I can see that."

"I have a zit! Me! Lelouch Lamperouge!"

"I believe you said that already." Was the calm reply.

"Do you know what this means?" Lelouch ranted. Suzaku's statement was completely ignored.

"Utter ruin?"

"Complete utter destruction!"

"Lelouch I know that you think the world revolves around you but it really doesn't."

"Why are you so calm?" Lelouch cried.

"Because it's just a zit Lulu." Suzaku replied, "Come on I'll put some Clearasil on it, and cover it with your bangs. Good think you didn't get them cut yet." Suzaku rambled as he fished through the medicine cabinet.

"Just put it on every night, and it'll go away in about three or four days. But don't pop it." Suzaku made a face, "I don't think you can handle it if your face starts spitting out puss and blood onto the mirror."

Lelouch glared at the brunette. "Shut up Suzaku."

Suzaku chuckled and gently applied the cream on the inflamed zit. Lelouch imagined it screaming in agony as it is slowly and torturously destroyed. That made him feel a lot better.

"There, all better." Suzaku smiled as he brushed some of Lelouch's bangs over the white spot.

"Thanks." Lelouch mumbled. It wasn't everyday that their respective roles were reversed. "It's good to know that you know what to do when I freak out."

Suzaku chuckled and pecked his lover's cheek. "Even his Highness can't understand everything we mere mortals go through."

Lelouch stuck his nose up, "Well, at least I know more than most."

Suzaku rolled his eyes and smiled. "Come on Your Majesty we need t get to school."

Lelouch sighed and got up slowly, "Yet another thing I just can't understand: the reason for school." He grumbled.

"It's to get us smarter." Suzaku replied.

"Well it certainly hasn't worked for you." Lelouch chuckled.

Needless to say Lelouch was walking around school with a large bump on his head.

Zips By

A shrill bell rang through the empty halls, and almost immediately the doors opened the flood of eager students, ready to get out of the classroom for a few precious minutes.

"Ah finally I thought the bell was never going to ring." Rivalz said as he stretched out his limbs.

Shirley looked at him disapprovingly, "Maybe if you take notes you wouldn't be so bored."

Rivalz made a face, "Heck no. That might just blow my brain up."

"It's true." Lelouch said, "If he were to try to learn anything his brain might just explode."


Lelouch chuckled and slung his bag over his shoulder. "Kidding Rivalz."

His blue-haired companion huffed indignantly, "Whatever Lelouch." He pouted (or so it looked).

Lelouch merely shrugged it off and headed out, "Well it's not li—?"

He suddenly smelled the fresh scent of pine and felt the warm hard body crash into him. Suddenly he felt the hard cold marble floor under him and a sharp pain spread from his rear and back. He groaned and looked up to see a pair of wide beautiful green eyes staring down at him.

The weight on him seemed to instantly vanish and he felt his body sit up to keep those green eyes in his sight.

"I-I'm so sorry I didn't mean to bump into it was just an accident—" the boy frantically said as he started to help Lelouch up.

Lelouch could only stare in amazement as the boy with a rather baggy uniform and tattered backpack helped him up.

"—are you okay?" he asked.

"Hn." Lelouch grunted. The boy flushed (cutely) and stuttered another apology before running off into the crowd.

"Geez what's with that guy?" Rivalz said. "He looked like he was about to wet his pants."

"Maybe Lulu looks like an imposing figure?" Shirley said.

"Somehow I doubt a kendo kid like him would be scared of Lelouch."

"Kendo?" Lelouch finally said. "He's in kendo?"

Rivalz looked confused but he explained anyway, "Well yeah, didn't you see the badge on his jacket? He's one of the captains; I think Kallen or Gino might know him."

"Really?" Lelouch said as his mind pondered on the idea of finding the cute little brunette again. There was just something…odd about him, and it intrigued Lelouch very much. He was rather bored and so perhaps this endeavor may keep his mind occupied. It's wasn't everyday where a cute brunette bumps into you, apologizes profusely and then zips by.

"Maybe I will ask Kallen about this boy." He said with a mischievous smirk on his lips.


Even though she was only six years old Kaguya considered herself to be a smart child. She knew some really big words and even declared herself a child progeny. Her parents laughed, and then patted her head saying yes, she was definitely their little progeny. Needless to say she was very pleased.

So of course when a strange handsome man, Lelouch was his name, started staying over at Suzaku's house there was something going on. Her parents always got a strange "I have to poppie" look when she mentioned them, but they're probably just jealous that Suzaku and Lelouch have awesomer sleep-over parties than her parents.

Still, it didn't stop them from letting Kaguya go over to their house sometimes. Suzaku always made the bestest ramen, but sometimes when she was supposedly sleeping during her nap time she could hear Suzaku praying really loudly saying "Oh God, Lelouch I'm coming!". She never told her parent's this because her parent's always said prayers were personal.

But she was now drawing the line. She wasn't letting her cousin get fat and round like a blimp!

She didn't mind Lelouch so much, but she wouldn't let him feed Suzaku sweets, couldn't he see that Suzaku was getting fat? And he was patting the little belly and saying he looked pretty with it, how strange was that?

What was also peculiar (see she knows big words too), was that Suzaku was glowing a lot more. Kaguya thought he was bit by a vampire because she saw a big blue mark on his neck, but Suzaku said no.

So she let it go, for now she had to get her cousin skinny again. Kaguya nodded to herself as she packed a good number of zucchinis in her backpack.

She just needed to tell him that he was getting fat, but it's nothing a good few zucchinis can't fix.


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