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Chapter 1:

It wasn't a secret that Hermione was adopted. She had known for what seemed like forever, ever since she started showing her 'gift,' she supposed. Her parents told her that she was their adopted child when she received her letter from Hogwarts. When they found her, she had a letter with her that told her she belonged to the Maifovs. They had found the piece of paper a few weeks ago. Hermione had read it numerous times and nothing had seemed to be out of place. The parchment was in a beautiful calligraphy and she didn't see any reason to doubt what it told her. She decided that she needed to find her biological family, maybe not get too close, but she did need answers. Maybe that was the bookworm side of her, she didn't know. She concluded that since she was a witch, it was possible that her biological parents were listed in the Ministry of Magic somewhere, whether they were dead or alive.

She walked down to the sitting room where her parents were sitting watching the television. Neither noted her presence until she hit the bottom step that always creaked, even under the weight of Crookshanks.

"Hello sweetheart, how are you doing?" Her mother asked.

"I'm alright. I mean, given the circumstances and everything," Hermione replied with a slight smile. "Actually, I need answers. I don't know where it will go but I just need to know."

"OK, what did you have in mind?" her father asked.

"Dad, I overheard you say that you had an opening at noon tomorrow," her father nodded in response. "Could you take me to the Ministry of Magic?"

"Of course, would you need me to bring you home too?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. If I do I could wait, or I could find another way back."

"Done Princess."

Hermione smiled a large smile and hugged him. Mrs. Granger simply looked at the sight of her only child hugging her father before said, "I'll go start dinner."

The family of three sat down an hour later to ate a typical sized meal. The conversations drifted to the Dentistry business and Hermione's plans for her summer. After dinner they sat to watch the television. After about two hours, Hermione couldn't fight the sleep that was slowly claiming her body. She got up, kissed her parents goodnight and walked up the stairs to her room.

When she reached her room, she grabbed her things for bed and went to the bathroom across the hall to get ready. When she walked back into her room, she sat on her bed and noticed the letter on her nightstand. She crawled under the covers and turned the light out. She was going to get her answers soon enough. Now it was best to sleep. Again, the exhaustion took over her body and she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

The next afternoon, Hermione's father dropped her off at the ministry at 12:30. On the way, she decided that she would take the bus home. As her father drove away, she turned to the doors took a deep breath and went in. As Hermione approached the desk she noticed a very frantic looking woman.

"Excuse me ma'am, I hate to bother you, you look very busy, but do you think that you could help me?"

The woman looked up and sighed, "No you are alright," she set down her pen and looked at the younger woman that stood in front of her, "What can I help you with?"

"I am actually looking for someone to help me find someone, where would I go?"

"Are you looking for someone who works here?"

"No, I am looking for my family, I haven't ever met them and I would like to know how to get a hold of them."

"Oh alright, that we can do. You need to go to the Magical Beings Locations Department. That is located on the third floor; go to these lifts here," she indicated with her index finger to the lifts on her right. "Go up to the third floor, go right and follow the hallway down go around the corner. There are doors going all the way down the hall and you are going to want the third door on your left. Follow that hall down and you will run right into the sitting room for that department."

"Ok great, thank you so much.

She followed the directions and, sure enough, she reached her designated destination. She approached another desk and said, "Hello, I was directed to this department and I was wondering if anyone was available to talk to me. I am trying to find my family."

The lady sitting opposite her looked at her with a smile that was all but genuine. "Of course, if you could simply fill this out," she handed her a clipboard with a stack of papers on it, "and hand it back to me, I will see who is available to meet with you"

Hermione nodded and found an open seat in the empty sitting room. She got comfortable and started the paperwork. The questions were simple for the most part; they asked for her full name, birthday, etc. there were also a few other questions pertaining to her reasons for being there and such things like that. She finished and handed the clipboard to the front desk and sat down. She didn't know how long she sat there, but eventually an older gentleman came and called her back behind the desk. She followed him into a cubical where another man sat seemingly sucked into whatever he was reading.

The man who led her back into the cubical said, "Mark, Miss Granger is here to see you."

The man addressed as Mark looked up from the paper, waved his hand and the other man left without another word. "Please come in Miss Granger, have a seat." Hermione paused nervously but quickly took the vacant chair across from Mark.

"Hello, so I was just reading over your paperwork and noticed that you said that you hadn't ever met the people you are looking for." Hermione nodded. "You also said that they are your family." Another nod. "Well, how come you never met them if they are your family?"

Hermione explained everything that had been explained to her, and when she finished she sat quietly and waited for him to respond.

"I see, so you would like answers from the Maifovs."


"Well, my database is temporarily down and so I will have to take note of your name and names of the people that you are looking for. You are my only client currently so if anyone comes along, you take priority. I will search the database when it is up and I will let you know what I find."

Hermione then nodded in gratitude before shook Mark's hand and walked out of the department. When she reached the main lobby, she looked at the clock taking note that it was now 2 o'clock. She hadn't realized where the time had gone but she needed to get home as she had things that needed to get done before her parents got home. She summoned the Knight bus and rode it silently all the way home.