Chapter 43: Epilogue

Hermione and Severus stayed true to their vows and loved each other every day for the next one hundred and fifty years. Severus and Hermione would end up taking the horses from Ohmare up to the castle and they kept them there until they died in 2002 and 2003.

They had eight children; Silvia Patricia, Emmeline Grace, Aiden Connor, Sabastian Abraxos, Minerva Jane, Narcissa Rose, Michel Blaise and Wesley Mark.

Draco and Ginny would marry too in October of 1997, they were married for 155 years and have seven children; Lucius James, Ohmare Mitchell, Blaise Arthur, Molly Diane, Hazel Cade, Joslynne Bailey, and Albus Brian.

Harry married Susan in the July of 1999, on his parent's anniversary, they would go on married for the next 145 years, they had five children; Hermione Lily, Amilia Molly, James Sirius, Severus Draco and Brenda Quincy.

Silvia Patricia looked like her mother except for she had black hair, she was sorted into Slytherin, was a chaser for seven years and became Head girl in her seventh year. Her cousin Lucius, who was the spitting image of his father, would join her in Slytherin that same year and join her side as head boy. She would go on and marry George's oldest, Charlie Ethan after graduating from Merlin Academy with a degree in herbs and potions, she would have three children; Dayne Scott, Bethany Catherine, and Kristi Morgan. Eventually she took her father's place as Potions mistress when he retired in 2047. Lucius would end up becoming minister of magic after twenty years of being an Auror. He would end up Marrying Amilia Molly, and have one son, Logan.

Emmeline Grace was her mother's mini-me, she loved to read and followed in her footsteps all throughout school, starting with being sorted into Gryffindor, sticking to books and cheering for her house in quiddich. She was best friends with her mother's namesake, which looked just like her mother, even though she was sorted into Ravenclaw, but avoided her Slytherin cousin Ohmare as much as possible due to his 'I am the best' attitude; he looked like his mother but had ice blue eyes like his father. Hermione and Emmeline would also become prefects for their houses and both fallowing her sister into the University to study Transfiguration. She would go and marry Neville's son Frank, and have two children, Brandon Xenophillius and Piper Ginerva. Emmeline would replace her mother in 2067 after teaching at Beauxbatons for forty years. Hermione would marry Emmeline's cousin Ohmare after two years of him chasing her around and have one child, Emmeline Paige. She would end up working in the department of accidental magic while Ohmare would end up working as an Auror.

Aiden Connor and Sabastian were twins and Aiden was the spitting image of his father and was sorted into Slytherin as well He would become both prefect and head boy in his seventh year, Sabastian, the perfect cross of Hermione's genes with Severus's with his Brown straight hair, tan skin and black eyes. 6'2" Sabastian would be sorted into Hufflepuff and would be deemed prefect. They would befriend Amilia Molly and fallow her around like puppy dogs, she would become head girl and she never took it easy on the boys when she played beater for Gryffindor. Aiden would play quiddich as a keeper and Sabastian would be a beater for Hufflepuff. Aiden would study Charms at a University in Scotland, and teach in America, Sabastian would go on to play professional quiddich for the Hornets and Amilia would go on and study law, which would end up leading her to becoming a member of the wizengamot at the young age of twenty five. Aiden would marry a beautiful red head from America, Jennifer and have five children, Margaret Dana, Lindsay Taylor, Avery Ray, Daniel Seth and Jacqueline Brenda. Sabastian actually met someone like him, Sharon Beverly, he talked her into marrying him after about fifteen proposals, but they were unable to have children so they adopted Heather and Morgan from an orphanage in America.

Minerva Jane was her Mother's little girl, she had dark curly hair like her sister Silvia but had light skin and black eyes, she would enter Hogwarts with her cousin Blaise and Friend James, they became known as the new golden trio, all three were sorted into Gryffindor and all played quiddich, Minerva became a chaser, Blaise a keeper and James a seeker. All would get top marks and Minerva would end up being head girl with James as head boy. She would intern under her mother after she graduated but she would lose interest and went to work for the Ministry in the education department. James proposed to her on her 18th birthday, she said yes and they would go on to have three children; Lauren Elizabeth, Julia Susan and Harry Draco. Blaise would marry Daphne, a girl from Hufflepuff a year younger, but they wouldn't have any children.

Narcissa and Molly were born two days apart in 2005 and resembled their namesakes to the tee, except that Molly had blue eyes instead of brown and Narcissa had black eyes instead of blue. Each daughter was very close to Narcissa's older sisters, the cousins were even closer, and both were sorted into Slytherin and would end up going to Italy to study art together. Molly found Paulo, a muggle sculptor and a painter and married him two years later. They would only have one child as well, Kimberly Shain. Narcissa would go visit her brother in Scotland for a year and fall for Peter, a muggleborn who owned a vineyard. They would have five children; Courtney Minerva, Donna Gene, Parker Paul, John Michael, and Susan Kendra. Narcissa would help with Peter's business while Molly would end up with her own painting business in Diagon Alley.

Michel, Hazel and Joslynne would be born on the same day June 15, 2007, and were completely angelic; Hazel looked like her father and Joslynne looked like her mother, Michel on the other hand was another miniature of his father. However, once they hit Hogwarts and were sorted into Slytherin, they would become the Weasley twins plus one and they caused twice the damage. They would end up driving Trelawney from the school (Severus and Hermione couldn't punish the girls for that, after all the 'psychic' kept predicting their fall out.) Michel would end up marrying a young girl named Temperance and have two children, Naomi and Elaine, he would become an Auror. Hazel would fall for a boy in sister's year, Bryan and have three children, Kelsey, Lindsay and Christina. She would go on to work with Charlie Weasley in Romania for a good thirty years. Joslynne would marry a Slytherin in her Cousin Minerva's year, Trenton and have five children, Taylor, Stephanie, Susan, Benton and Patrick. Joslynne would end up becoming the Charms teacher at Hogwarts and eventually Headmistress.

Wesley, another perfect combination of his parents Genes with Black straight hair, tan skin and hazel eyes, and Albus, his mother's son with blond hair green eyes, were the quietest of the bunch, they didn't play quiddich, and they practically lived in the library and stayed single for most of their Hogwarts years. Albus would end up falling for Brenda Quincy and marry her shortly after graduation and have three children, Kaitie, Claire and Seth. Brenda would end up taking over for Divination when a new position curse took over after Trelawney left (of course she was going to break the bad luck streak). Wesley would end up falling for the youngest of George's girls, Colina and they would have one set of twins, Amber and Jenna. Wesley would take over his father in law's business with his wife while Albus would go on to teach at Defense at Hogwarts.

Severus and Brenda would enter school together and stay close despite being sorted into Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Brenda had red hair and green eyes while Severus looked so much like his namesake it was scary, he had black hair and brown eyes, both would have light skin. Each would excel in their studies and become head boy and head girl. Severus would marry a girl that he met from Greece while studying to be a potions master, Agatha and have five children, Alexia, Kendra, Scott, Bill and Mark. Severus would end up discovering a cure for Werewolves.

Hermione would join Severus next to the Headmistress, Minerva, after her grandfather retired in 2009. Albus would sadly die in his sleep later that same year; Minerva would join him ten years later. Severus was named Headmaster and Hermione Deputy. He was allowed to see his children all enter school and his Niece in law take over divination. Jane had died in 2000, finally joining her husband in the afterlife; that was so hard on Hermione and Severus had said that he didn't know what to do, she was on a breaking point and was one more outburst from going to St. Margo's psychiatric ward, and thankfully she had a wonderful pick-up with the birth of Emmeline. He also helped Hermione and Draco through the loss of their parents in 2030, Narcissa and Lucius had died in a boating accident while in the Pacific.

He and Hermione were named Godparents to Lucius, Ohmare, Blaise, Molly, Hermione, Amilia and James. While Draco and Ginny would be godparents to Silvia, Emmeline, Aiden, Minerva, Severus and Brenda; Harry and Susan were named godparents to Naricssa Michel, Sabastian, Wesley, Hazel, Joslynne and Albus. They hadn't planned on splitting up the children like that but when Draco suggested that they do what his and Hermione's parents died, everyone saw logic and split up the children, although thankfully it was never needed. Severus would die in 2147 and Hermione would join him twelve years later.

Draco would come to pass two years after his sister, Ginny would fallow only months later, Harry would die the same year as Hermione and Susan would fallow one year later. The one thing that never happened was the end of the line, each child had read up on what happened from inbreeding wizards so they made sure that they were not marrying anyone within the last five cousins just to be safe, however most of the younger generations would end up marrying ancient wizard families from other countries and muggles. Each lived a long and happy life.