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Chapter 15: Epilogue

It's been months since Paul and I got back together again. We've done really great. He's already gained my full trust. We still have a few fights here and there, but they're very minor. Today is our 8 month anniversary and Paul told to me to get dressed up. I asked him where he was taking me, but he wouldn't tell me. Emily and I were now in her house as we tried to get myself ready.

"Stop fidgeting," she ordered.

"Sorry," I muttered.

She worked on me for a bit longer until she released me. I'm wearing a blue flowy dress that ended on my knees. She gave me black ballet flats to wear and a black headband. She gave me a natural make up look. I loved it.

"Thank you Em," I gave her a hug.

"No problem Bella, go on he's already waiting outside," she shooed me out.

I took my time walking out. I didn't want to look that excited. As I opened the door, I came face to face with Paul. A smile formed on his face. I returned it. He offered his arm to me and I grabbed it.

"Seriously Paul, where are we going?" I chuckled as he carried me.

"Somewhere special," he answered.

"That's very vague don't you think?" I asked.

"No, not at all," I playfully slapped his shoulder but instead he grabbed my hand and put a gentle kiss on it.

"Come on beautiful," he teased.

I got into his car and put on my seatbelt. I crossed my arms and huffed with a pout.

"That is so not fair," he groaned.

"Yeah it soooo isn't," I agreed.

"I can't help but give in when you look so damn cute," he added.

"Well are you going to give in?" I asked hopefully.

"No," he said plainly.

"Fine," I huffed. He just chuckled at me. My features started to soften though. I just couldn't stay mad at him long.

After a few minutes of driving, he finally came to a stop.

"Uhh Paul? You do know that we're in the middle of nowhere right?" I asked as if he was crazy.

"I know, we just gotta walk a bit inside the woods," he said with a grin.

"Alright," I said while pinching his cheeks.

"Bella," he complained.

"What? You have cute cheeks," I said.

"I'll show you cute," he started advancing on me but I ran away.

I ran into the woods and I could feel him running after me. I thought I was outrunning him, but then someone grabbed my waist from behind.

"You thought you could run away from me now did you?" he asked huskily in my ear.

"Oh no, I could never outrun my big bad wolf," I whispered in his ear seductively. He shivered under me.

"You're gonna pay for that," he said with an evil smirk.

"How sir will you punish me?" I asked innocently.

"Later," he answered, "now stop interrupting or we'll never get there."

I nodded. We walked hand in hand for a little while until we finally reached a clearing. I gasped.

"It's beautiful," I whispered.

"Not as much as you though," he said.

The place was amazing. There were rose petals all over the floor. A table and two chairs were set up with red and white coverings. There were also lighted candles that surrounded the place.

"Happy anniversary," he added.

"I love you Paul," I said.

"I love you too," he replied.

He brought me in for a kiss. We made out for a few minutes before pulling away. He grabbed my hand and led me to the tables. He pulled out the chair for me and gestured for me to sit down. So I did.

"This is lovely," I said in amazement.

"Only the best for you," he said.

He grabbed a picnic basket from under the table. He set up food on the table and they looked delicious. After he set up, we began to eat the food. They were amazing!! It felt like heaven on earth. We talked and laughed as we ate. I was having a really good time.

"Time for dessert," he announced.

"Great," I rubbed my hands in excitement. He laughed at me as I stuck out my tongue at him.

He pulled out a cake from underneath the table. Damn, how much stuff did he have under there? There was writing on the cake but I couldn't quite make it out even with my werewolf sight. Finally he placed the cake in front of me and I read what it said. 'Happy 8 month anniversary. Will you marry me?' And underneath the question was the ring.

"Paul," I whispered.

"Marry me?" he asked.

"Yes, yes, YES!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I lunged at him as he sat on the chair and I ended up knocking him down as he brought the chair with him.

"I love you Bella," he whispered lovingly.

"I love you too with all my heart," I replied.

Can you believe that I'm 25 years old already? Oh yeah, I'm so old. Mine and Paul's life has been doing great for the last 7 years. After he proposed to me, we decided that we weren't going to get married until after we had graduated. So we did, and eventually got married. At first my dad wasn't very supportive of us marrying at such a young age, but he gave in. He said that he could literally see all the love that poured out from us.

Jacob….. he took it well. Kind of. He really wanted to beat the shit out of Paul, but I had a long chat with him about never interfering with my decisions. He gave in. No one else really had an objection with our marriage. Everyone was just happy that we were finally together. Sam and Emily got married a year after us, then Jacob and Nessa got married a few months after.

Jared and Kim got married 3 years after us. Then Quil and Claire got married a month after them. Embry and Leah were the last to get married. Don't ask me. I have no idea either Seth, Brady, and Collin were currently dating these three girls. Yes, they were actually their imprints. I couldn't be any happier for them than I already am.

A year after mine and Paul's marriage, I became pregnant. I was ecstatic. Paul was so proud that he was going to be a dad. He announced it to the whole Rez. So after nine months of weird cravings and morning sickness, my baby was finally due. We were watching a football game that day when my water broke. I freaked out. I let out a few cuss words here and there. You know nothing major.


"FUCK YOU PAUL!!! We are never having sex ever again!!" I shouted through my lungs as another contraction hit me.

"But – " I cut him off.

"I'm going to cut your dick off. And before you know it you'll be never able to reproduce ever again – AHH!!! Mother fucking bastard of hell!" I screamed in pain.


Okay, maybe I cussed more than I should have. Don't blame me, giving birth hurts like hell. We named our son, yes we had a baby boy, Cameron Marc Meraz. He is beautiful. When he first opened his eyes and saw me, his mouth twitched up in a little smile. Paul got over excited and bought a camera in the spot as he took a picture.

After our son was born, we decided to stop phasing. We wanted to be able to grow with our child. Our baby is now 5 years old. He's such a mommy and daddy's boy. He has us both around his tiny little fingers. We loved him just as much as we loved each other. He is our prized possession.

"Mummy," Cameron's voice echoed in my ears.

"Hey honey," I cooed as I picked him up from the floor.

"When is dwaddy going to be home?" he asked in his cute baby voice.

"Soon baby," I answered.

Just as I said that, Paul burst in through the door. Cameron jumped off of my lap and ran towards Paul.

"Dwaddy!!" he yelled as he raised his arms up for Paul to carry him.

"Hey sport! How was your day with mommy?" he asked as he picked him up.

"It was vewwy fun. We cowored wots of pictures then she made me my favowite cake," Cameron answered excitedly.

"Did she now?" Paul turned to wink at me, "Did you save me some?"

"Yeah, yeah!! It's in the kwitchen," Cam pointed to the kitchen.

"Come on mommy, mind giving me some?" Paul asked innocently. I felt like he had a double meaning to his words.

"Uhuh," I said suspiciously.

As I walked to the kitchen, he slapped my ass. I gasped in shock.

"Dwaddy no hitting mommy," Cammy chastised.

"Yeah daddy," I agreed.

"You guys always double team on me," he laughed.

"What does that mean?" Cam asked.

"Nothing kid, come on let's get some cake," Paul changed the subject. Cameron's face lit up again at the mention of cake.

I got into the kitchen and took out the cake from the fridge. It was a double chocolate cake with kisses chocolate surrounding it.

"Cake!! Cake!!" Cameron chanted excitedly.

I cut him a piece and gave him the plate. He carried it immediately and disappeared out of the room. I heard the TV turn on from the other room. I popped my head from the door and shouted, "Don't watch TV for too long. And make sure you don't make a mess."

"Yes mommy!" he replied. I smiled. He was so obedient.

Warm arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back from the door. Paul's lips immediately attacked my own. He twirled us around and locked the door from behind him. His tongue hungrily tasted the inside of my mouth as my tongue did the same on his. I let out a soft moan.

"I love hearing your noises," he whispered huskily.

"We can't do this now Paul," I reminded him.

"Why not?" he challenged, not letting go of my lips.

"Cameron will hear us. He's just in the other room, mind you," I answered.


"So… he's going to wonder what's up," I said finally pulling away from him.

"Later then?" he asked hopefully.

"Yeah, Dad's going to pick him up today. He wants to bond with him," I put air quotes on 'bond.'

"We made a pretty good kid huh?" he added.

"Yupp, we did," I agreed.

"Wanna go for another one?" he asked. Is he crazy?

"You're pushing your luck buddy," I patted his shoulder teasingly.

"Oh come on, Cameron would love to have a little sister," he persuaded.

"So we're aiming for a girl now?" I asked.

"So is that a yes?"

"That's a maybe," I answered as I kissed his lips once more.

That's officially the end of it!! Unavoidable Circumstances is now completely over!! But don't worry, I have a new story that I have been working on and it's called I'm In Love with a Rockstar. Please check it out and here is a preview:

I looked at my map and started following the route she highlighted for my homeroom. After a couple minutes, I had bumped into someone again.

"What the – Oh it's you again," I said.

"Are you my personal stalker now?" he said teasingly.

"In your dreams rockstar. If I wanted to be your stalker, I would be a part of your stupid fan club. No thank you," I replied harshly.

I walked past him again, but he caught up with me.

"Wait!" he shouted after me.

"What do you want now?" I groaned.

"Room 37?" he asked. I looked at him in confusion.

"Room 37. That's your homeroom right?" he pointed to my map, "Luckily for you, it's mine too."

He gave me another one of his smiles. Damn, those cute dimples – wait, what am I thinking?!?! No Bella, rockstars are bad for you. They're stuck up and snobby.

"Great," I muttered. We walked side by side through the halls.

"Just wondering, but did I do something to make you dislike me?" he asked.

"Well, for one you're a rockstar," I said simply.


"I just don't like you or the type of guy you are," I answered.

"But you don't even know me," he whined.

"Exactly," I said with a smirk. (AN: I got these lines from the movie Starstruck. I thought it was really cute so I put it down)

"If you knew me, I bet you'd think otherwise," he gave me another smile.

"Can you please stop doing that?" I groaned.

"Doing what?" he asked innocently.

"Oh please don't act so innocent. You know exactly what I'm talking about," I told him.

"No, I really don't," he replied.

"Whatever. Come on rockstar we'll be late for homeroom," I said.

"Rockstar?" he asked amused.

"Yup and that's all you are to me. No more, no less," I answered before entering my homeroom class.

I immediately took a seat on one of the empty seats. I could hear whispers about why I just walked in with Blake Stone by my side. Who the hell were they kidding? He's not that hot. Yes he is!! Shut up stupid brain!!

I introduced myself to the teacher and got him to sign my program. He asked me to introduce myself, which I did. Rockstar's eyes twinkled again when he finally discovered my name. Then I returned to my seat. Suddenly, the door opened and a girl walked in with two others flanking her. She looked so fake. She was wearing a short ass skirt and a shirt so tight that her boobs were practically falling out of them. I bet those were fake too. One word: silicon. Her face was also covered with lots of make up. It wasn't even attractive anymore. Just plain ugly. Her eyes snapped to mine and glared at me a bit before turning around to face rockstar. That fucking bitch.

"Hey baby," she said in her supposedly sexy voice as she took a seat in his lap. Talk about gross!!

"We've been over this Stephanie," Blak – ahem rockstar started.

"When are you ever going to give in?" she whined.

"Never," he said in her face, "now get off of me before I tell the paparazzi that I have a crazy hooker stalking me."

There was a chorus of 'burns,' 'ouches,' and 'snaps' that filled the air. Even my own mouth dropped open. He just called her a hooker. She huffed and turned back the other way, then took a seat in a chair that had her name engraved on it. Really? What a bitch.

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