Title: Letters Of Love

Chapter: 1 ~ A Is For Apple

By: The Akuma's Sakura Violin

Rating: K+

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~A Is For Apple~

"Apple!" ~ Talking

Apple! ~ Thoughts

Apple! ~ General

~A Is For Apple~

Misaki sighed, life just seemed to keep getting busier and busier. In all reality, her time spent 'working' was more like a much needed break.

"So Master, what will it be?" She asked the young man seated in front of her.

"Hmmm...well...I'm not sure.. but I'd like something sweet...but I just can't choose! Tell you what? Would you ask the chef for something? His recommendation, If you will,"

Misaki nodded and jotted it down. Surprise you ehh?

"Would you like anything else? A drink perhaps?"

The man looked at the menu in thought before smiling up at Misaki, " Why not? I'll have a chai tea thanks!"

"No problem!" Misaki added the order to the list on her notepad.

"I'll be back with your order soon," And with that, she walked into the Cafe's kitchen.

I wonder what Usui will make?

"Yo pres!" Misaki was greeted by a smiling Usui, "What'll it be?"

Misaki just sighed and said, "A dessert of your choice and a chai tea." She replied, almost tartly.

Usui just looked at her thoughtfully, "My choice ehh...go and make the tea while I make it,"

Misaki just snorted a "Fine," before going over to the tea machine, and began to make the tea.

"So... what are you making?" She was kinda curious...

"Ahh... why does pres want to know? Curious?" Usui smirked at her before continuing to make the Mystery dessert.

"No I'm not! Baka Usui!" Misaki blushed, looking down. "I just need to tell the customer...that's all!"

Usui glanced at her skeptically, "Right... anyway, tell them it's called 'Apple Surprise'"

"Apple Surprise?" Misaki asked, "That's not on the menu..."

Usui chuckled, "No it's not, but it soon will be, it's one of the new desserts for summer."

Misaki made an "Oh! I see!" face before looking skeptically at him.

"So what's in it?"

Usui snorted, "Apples,"

Misaki rolled her eyes, "And...?" she prompted.

"Why pres? Do you want to know?" Suddenly, Usui was directly in front of her, peering curiously down at her.

Misaki flushed bright red again. "I...I guess..." she lowered her head even more, who knew the floor was so interesting?

"Well... there's come cinnamon...and some sugar..." She felt her head lifted and she tasted the sweetness of cinnamon sugar in her mouth, but how...? Usui! He was sprinkling it into her now open mouth! But it was oh so sweet...

"Some butter..." He popped a small piece in her mouth where it melted, mixing with the cinnamon sugar.

"Some flour..." She felt him dab some on her nose, that's leave a mark...

"A tiny bit of salt..." She tasted the saltiness of it, but somehow, when mixed with all the other ingredients in her mouth, it didn't taste half bad! But it didn't seem quite complete yet...

"Some milk..." A few drops of the sweet liquid rolled down her tongue.

"And of course... some apples..."

Suddenly, soft lips pressed down on her own, and a small slice of apple passed through her parted lips.

Without realizing it, she began to kiss back, loving the sweet taste in her mouth, unknowingly, placing her arms around his neck, while pulled her closer to him, sliding his arms around her waist.

After a few moments, their lips slowly separated.

Misaki breathed in for a second, her head buried in Usui's chest, smelling something akin to a mix between strawberries, apple's and sugar, before realizing what just happened and turning cherry red.

She tried to take a step back, but was trapped by the arms around her waist.

She looked up at him fiercely, "Let. Go. Of. Me." she said through gritted teeth.

"Dun wanna." Usui said nonchalantly, smirking at her as he did.

"WHAT?!?!?!" She screamed, outraged, "LET GO OF ME YOU PERVERTED OUT OF SPACE ALIEN!!!" Misaki yelled.

Usui just chuckled softly, before leaning down to Misaki's ear level.

Well that shut her up.

"Ayuzawa is so cruel..." he whispered, his breath tickling her ear.

"What do y..." Misaki began but was cut off by Usui's lips on her own again.

Almost instantly, she relaxed into that sweet, gentle kiss, that tasted like the apple she had eaten not minutes before.

When they finally broke the kiss, Usui looked deeply into Misaki's eyes, nuzzling their noses together.

"I love you, Ayuzawa Misaki, and I have for a long time. Would you please be my girlfriend?

Misaki's breath caught.

Usui was asking her to be his girlfriend! To go out! To...be a couple! It was all to much for her!

"Uhh...I...umm..." Misaki spluttered, not able to think properly.

Usui pulled her closer to him.

"I...y...yes..." Misaki whispered, before burrowing her face in the crook of Usui's neck.

They stayed like that for a few moments until a high-pitched squeal broke the silence.

Misaki jumped away from Usui before looking at the door.


"Oh I'm so sorry! I interrupted something! I just came to check on a customers order and..." Another squeal came out of her mouth.

"Oh! I'm so glad you guys are finally together!" She was practically bouncing around. She then floated her way into the kitchen, while Misaki and Usui just stood there like statues, before giving Misaki a big hug, picking up the chai tea and the apple surprise, before floating over to the the door, but just before leaving the room, she looked over her shoulder and said, "You guys can have the day off! See you tomorrow!" She winked and left the room, no doubt it wouldn't take long for everyone to find out...

"Ma...manager-san..." Misaki was facing the door with a sweat drop visible behind her head.

Then with a soft thud, she found herself pulled against Usui.

"I wonder how long it will take before she tells everyone...?" He muttered into her hair.

Misaki snorted, "Knowing her, not very long..." leaning back into Usui.

He chuckled, "True...so...what do you say we go to the park and have some 'Apple Surprise'?"

Misaki thought about it for a moment, "Sure? Why not? I'll go get ready,"

Usui let go of her and went to go pack up the dessert.

Misaki turned to go get changed, but just before she left, she turned around and said, "You know what?"

"What?" Usui raised an eyebrow at her.

"You taste like apples,"

~The End

~A Is For Apples~

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