Title: Letter's Of Love

Chapter: X Is For Xerox

Author: The Akuma's Sakura Violin

Word Count: 1,572

Rating: K+

A/N: I… I'm not even going to try and excuse myself. I'm sorry that this chapter took so long, especially approaching it's end but… no excuses. *starts dancing to 'Sorry Sorry' – Super Junior in hopes of forgiveness*

Let's just say, between last chapter and this, life has happened.

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Warnings: Male x Female pairing. 'Bad' language (yes, the quotation marks are needed), but not BAD language. You wouldn't consider it swearing, but you wouldn't say it around young children anyway. I haven't written in a long time, so the quality may have suffered from that. A million apologies. *bows* Oh yeah! There's a spoiler, but like, from the first couple of chapters. You should have read it. If you haven't… what are you doing here?

Disclaimer: I seriously doubt Hiro Fujiwara has to worry about exams anymore… bah =/

"Hello, dragon. Pilot light lit? Good. Now, listen up. Let's get this relationship straight from the start: no sneezing in the middle of the night, no setting fire to my books or computer, and no frightening my teddy bear, OK?" ~ David Rain – 'The Fire Within' – Chris d'Lacy

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Misaki sighed as she walked down the corridor towards her locker. Who knew getting a new printer could be so troublesome?

First of all, the old printer finally printed it's last page, painting half the student council room as it did, then the student council had to go through pages and pages of information to pick the new printer. After finally finding one that would last, do the job well, and was within the price limit, the thrice damned machine had to disappear, somewhere between the school office and the council room!

'Or get stolen… either way, this is a damn mess!' Misaki slammed open her locker, almost missing the paper that fluttered down.

"What now…?" Misaki grumbled to herself, bending to pick up the paper. Except it wasn't paper, it was…

'A photo?' Misaki stared at the (admittedly pretty) picture of a blooming cherry blossom in her hand.

Odd. She didn't take photography…

Flipping the photo around, Misaki gasped in recognition. Xerox! Whoever printed this must have the printer!

Looking closer, Misaki noticed a message scrawled at the bottom left corner of the back.

"'It's a pretty picture, isn't it, my blossom? This picture pales in comparison to you, but will you be able to put the pieces together, I wonder?' …the hell?"

'You mean not only has this creep stolen the printer, but he's got a pet name for me too?' Misaki snapped. This creep was going to pay, she'd show him. But just what did he mean by pieces…?

A light switched on in Misaki's mind. Of course! Hurriedly shutting her locker, Misaki took off in the direction of the school courtyard.

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Once reaching, Misaki whipped her head around, where was it…where was it… whe- there! Near the gate, the giant cherry blossom tree. Misaki rushed to it, only to see what looked like another photo, stuck comfortably to the back.

Misaki cursed and ripped it off the tree.

And stopped.

"You have got to be kidding me!" There, looking innocently back at her was a picture of a locker.

Her locker, to be exact.

'Stupid creep is playing with me! But wait… if there's something there… that means they're still here? I must be right behind them!'

Impatiently flipping the card around, Misaki found there was a lot more writing this time, starting in the top right corner this time.

" 'Looks like you figured it out, congratulations! One step closer, my blossom, and I'm guessing you probably want to know who I am, am I right? Well, I'll give you some clues. If you figure out who I am in four clues, I will return the printer to you. Here is your first clue: There is an 'A' in my name.'

'… well that cuts out, hmm.. NO ONE! Ughhh…' This guy was playing her! But if she wanted to get that printer back… Misaki shook her head and ran back to her locker.

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Panting slightly, Misaki screeched to a halt in front of her locker.

'There!' Misaki snatched the photo from where it was taped to the locker.

" 'Outstanding! You're already on your third clue! Perhaps I should give you another hint to my identity? Hmm? Well, you've probably already guessed this but I am a male. Hurry to the next destination if you wish to know more~!' Damn right I already guessed… no girl would be this creepy."

Flipping the photo around, Misaki saw a picture of the information board outside the student council room, it wasn't that far away, and whoever put the picture here might still be there!

'Looks like I have to run again…' Shaking her head, Misaki took off.

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Not even bothering to look at it first, Misaki snatched the picture off the notice board, leaning on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

Once she felt her breathing was under control, Misaki straightened up and read the message on the back first.

" 'Very good, you almost caught me that time! Now, for your next clue. I am taller than you.' Well so-rry for being shorter than almost the entire male population of _..."

Misaki pouted slightly and flipped the picture around, barely glancing at it before stowing it up her sleeve with the other photos.

Taking a deep breath, Misaki started out again, not noticing the splitting grin that had made its way onto her face.

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Reaching the entrance of the school, Misaki made a mental note to thank her sister for giving her gloves to her this morning. It was starting to get chilly, and winter was showing signs of appearing a little early this year.

Seeing the photo tied to the gate, Misaki reached up and untied it, sliding the ribbon it was tied with in to her pocket as she read the message.

" 'Even though this has been fun, all good things have to come to an end. One last clue: Although I'm not sure you know it, since meeting you for the first time, I've always been there for you, and always will. I… hope to see you soon.' …"

Misaki was… shocked. To say the least. All this time she'd thought it was some moronic creep with too much time and a thing for treasure hunts…

'No, it could still be a moronic creep… he might just be trying to throw you off your game… yes! That's it!' Refusing to even think of the alternative, Misaki turned the picture around and raised an eyebrow before glancing at the sky.

'Maybe I'll make it before it starts raining… or snowing feels more like it,' Shaking the thought off Misaki cracked her neck before taking off.

'One last time…'

~ X Is For Xerox ~

Panting slightly as she ran, Misaki caught sight of a familiar bench under a street lamp. As if on cue, the lamp flickered on.

Misaki glanced up, realizing just how dark it had gotten, before glancing at her watch and shaking her head.

Sure didn't feel like it was 6:03pm.

Walking over to the bench, Misaki looked down to see…

A note.

Not a photo, a note. Folded once and addressed to her.

Sitting down, Misaki unfolded the note and read aloud.

" 'Congratulations on getting here! I'm sorry it took so long, I didn't expect it to get so cold. Before I check you know who it is, I have one last thing I need to tell you.

Take the first letter of the first word of all the photos I've given you. Spell it out aloud.' "

Misaki blinked at the request, but nonetheless slipped the photos out of her sleeve and read out what was requested.

" I-L-O-V-E…!"

"You." A hand slipped across Misaki's eyes from behind her.

"What? 'You'? What do you mean…?"


Misaki could feel the chuckle resonating from the person behind her.

She huffed and refused to respond to the insult.

Silence reigned for a moment and then.

"You really don't get it?"

Misaki shook her head, then paused.

Wait… I-L-O-V-E wasn't a single word, it was

"I love you. Misaki, I love you,"

"Usui..." Misaki whispered, standing up and turning around to face the printer thief.

"Got it in one," Usui grinned, but Misaki could see how nervous he was.

It was kind of obvious, actually. He wasn't slouching.

Misaki decided to pretend she didn't notice his nervousness, and instead asked,

"Any reason in particular you felt the need to steal the new student council printer,"

"I wanted to make it special…" She had to strain her ears to hear the mumbled words.

Misaki realized she was smiling, and replied, "Well… I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty special when a certain Usui Takumi boldly announced he loved me, before stealing my first kiss and jumping off the school roof in order to protect me,"

Usui seemed to freeze on the spot, before all the tension seemingly melted out of him.

"Yeah, I guess so," He laughed, a warm smile making his face glow.

Misaki just blushed.

'Dammit! And I was doing so well!'

Looking up, Misaki belatedly realized there was no longer a bench between them.

"Well… I don't have a roof or a falling photo at the moment but…" Two long arms wrapped around her, "I would be happy to take your second kiss… with permission this time perhaps?"

"Pervert…" Misaki mumbled, burrowing herself into the warm, open jacket Usui was wearing.

"Well… may I?" Misaki was quite sure her face easily represented a tomato by now.

"…do whatever you like," she mumbled.

"I plan to…" Misaki squeezed her eyes shut, trying to prepare herself when…

She felt a soft pressure on her head.

As quickly as it came, it went.

Looking up, Misaki queried Usui with her eyes.

Usui just smiled.

"Changed my mind. Decided I wanted to steal your second kiss as well. Now, let's get you warmed up, shall we?"

Misaki blinked in surprise, before smiling softly and nodding in agreement.

"Yes. Let's."

And walking hand in hand, they went to do just that.

But not before Misaki realized she should return the favour.

'Stealing my first kiss… two can play at that game! Just you wait, Usui…'

The End. (Or is it?)

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