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Naruto, the shinobi meister

It is an average October tenth. Well, average in the shinobi village of Konohagakure( village hidden in the leaves). The birds were chirping, people were eating at restaurants, and a five year old child was being chased through the streets by a mob with torches and pitchforks. WAIT A MINUTE CHASED WITH TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS!!!!!!! Lets see whats going on, shall we.

Die demon!

Leave our village demon brat!

You'll pay for what you have done here!

Great, we have the greatest show of "humanity", who am I kidding, these guys are hopeless and are probably gonna get killed. We cut to the boy they were chasing, naruto uzumaki, who is now shaking in his sandals while at the edge of a cliff outside the village. Now being a jinchuriki(power of human sacrifice) is no walk in the park, but this is just ridiculous. Looks like the kid fell unconscious, we will see whats going on in his head in a minute, as the hokage arrived.

"What are you idiots doing!!! said Hiruzen

"We are doing what the fourth and you yourself could not do, eliminate the demon brat." Said one of the mob members.

"You idiots, are you so blind that you can't see whats in front of you, I see a child who wants to protect this village when he is older, not destroy it, but that could change, and if so, it would be ON ALL YOUR HEADS!" Said Hiruzen.

"Forgive me lord hokage, but this is no boy, he is a demon,he even has the marks to prove it." said another condemned mob member.

"I see" said hiruzen, as the mob looked smug, thinking they won out over the old man. "If that is the case, then I have no choice, BUT TO HAVE YOUR EXECUTION RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW those bastards on the council won't give you a pass this time." He said, looking at the mob who were really about to crap themselves.

While he is having that fun, lets check on our little protagonist, shall we?


Naruto woke to see that he was surrounded by water, in a sewer no less. ( remember he doesn't know that this is his mind , he IS five after all). "So the villagers tossed me in to the sewers huh, could be worse. he says to himself. As he is walking down the hallway, he feels an ominous presence, but it is not evil. As he gets closer to it, there is a faint red glow in the hall. The next thing he knows, there is a giant gate, being held together by a single sutra(it looks like that to me) with it as the lock. When he moves closer to inspect it, a giant claw rushes at him, with intent to end his life. Or it would have, had he not jumped at the last minute, and the bars preventing the claws from going any farther.

"DAMN YOU, I WAS SO CLOSE TO MY FREEDOM, DAMN YOU MADARA. I- wait, that scent, OH GOD, i didn't, please tell me I didn't just try to do what I think." Said the fox, who sounded angry, then afraid. Naruto being scared out of his mind asks,

"Whats going on, who are you, and why are you so angry?"he asks

The fox bows down and says, "I am so sorry my lord, if I had known who you were, that would not of happened, I humbly ask for your forgiveness, please, forgive me."

Naruto looks at the fox, "Lord, i'm not a lord, and you didn't answer my question."

"I am sorry, by your scent, you seem to be related to Shinigami-sama himself, had I known, I never would have embarrassed myself in front of you. As to who I am, I am the kyuubi no kitsune, and you are my vessel. As to where we are, this your mindscape."

Naruto looked at the fox wide-eyed, M-me related to the shinigami, that can't be."

"My nose never lies, I can see your DNA, both have signs that connect you to the lord of death, you could be his great-grandson."Kyuubi says

"You seem nicer then most people make you sound."naruto says.

"What, didn't think that the queen of hell and daughter of the juubi could be so nice."she says.

"Q-queen, YOUR A GIRL, but you don't sound like it." naruto exclaims.

"I know, those ignorant men, thinking that they are better than women."she says with a huff.

"Why did you attack the village, you don't seem like the kind of person to do so with no reason. Don't you have a human form or something, it's weird talking to you like this?"naruto asks.

"Whatever you desire my lord."Kyuubi says.

After she said that, the being in the cage shrank until it was human sized. When naruto got up to look inside the cage, a pair of arms scooped him up, and brought him in. As he looked up, he could of sworn that he was looking at a goddess. Long red hair that flowed to her butt, heart-shaped face, a body women would kill for, and breasts that looked liked tsunade's. Naruto looked and said" K-kyuubi, wooooow, I had no idea that,that." "That what naruto-kun." "That you were so beautiful." naruto said. Kyuubi blushed, "T-thank you, no one has ever said that before." she said.

"Now I know that you are wondering why I attacked right." Naruto nods. "Well, it started with me sleeping in my den, when I was awakened by a man with red eyes Madara Uchiha, he wanted me to attack your village, and tried to use his eyes to control me, to which I refused to allow at first, then, I could not control myself, the next thing I knew I was sealed in the son of the man who defeated me, from what I saw in your memories. And now here we are."she explained. Naruto felt a mass of emotions at this, anger at the one who caused all this, sorrow over what happened, and a sense of forgiveness for the angel in front of him. Then the fact that the fourth was his old man hit him like a brick. "THE FOURTH WAS MY FATHER, WHAT THE HELL."he screamed.

Yeah, he is taking it well.

"Naruto-kun, I know it is a lot to take in, but, do you hate your father for what he has done?"she asked. "I know that I should, but I can't, because I know what he was going through. I probably would of done the same thing."he said.

As he said that, the third was too distracted by the mob to notice one was near naruto. The chunin managed to make it to the edge of the cliff where naruto was , he sneered and said" good luck being saved now you disgusting monster, no one has ever survived a fall from this cliff GOODBYE YOU FREAK. And with that, he pushed our hero over.

At the bottom.

"Naruto-kun, I think you should wake up now, we were thrown over a cliff, this area is dangerous, as it was sealed so only shinigami-sama's children can enter, and only then they must be stronger then how you are now." kyubi said.

As naruto awakes, kyuubi continues to explain, " this area is where lord death sealed away his death scythes, his personal weapons."

Naruto says"Okay, I am related to him, right, so I have no problem here." Up ahead, he sees three sets weapons, twin guns, a scythe, and a chain-scythe. As he approached the weapons, the chain scythe started to glow and a women appeared, "hello, my name is tsubaki, I am a dark-blade class death scythe, and- who are you exactly?"tsubaki asks. "My name is naruto uzumaki, nice to meet you, tsubaki."

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