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Chapter 18: Council, fights, romance.

(Konoha council meeting, after the invasion)

Sarutobi stood at the elder's table. Sarutobi said, "I have called this meeting so as to evaluate the genin that participated in the finals. Three of whom who shall be promoted to Chuunin. For their excellent performance in both the exams, as well as the invasion of our village, it is my honor to promote Naruto, Ryu, and Shikamaru to the rank of chuunin."

One of the civilians shouted, "Why on earth is the demon brat being allowed to be a Chuunin? Where is Uchiha-sama? He should be promoted, not those slackers."

Sarutobi smirked, and said, "LEARN YOUR DAMN PLACE! I have you on this council for a reason, and you are grossly over stepping what you are supposed to have. I do not know how the hell that idea got into your head, but last I checked, I ran the village, not YOU. I decide what goes on with MY ninja, not YOU. This is a NINJA village, and if you don't like that then GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Tsume and most of the clan heads were laughing, even Danzo could barely keep a straight face. Sarutobi then said, "IF that is all, then we shall move to the next topic. Now the Mizune family has asked that they be made a formal clan in our village, and as such, they have been allowed to do so."

A civilian then said, "If that's so, then the young man, Ryushikon, should be put under the CRA, and have arranged marriages." Sarutobi was fuming, and said, "Not a chance, as it seems the boy will not only refuse such things, but you cannot do such things without his consent." The civilian grumbled, but said nothing more. Sarutobi then said, "Now then, seeing as all topics of discussion are done, you are all dismissed."

Danzo slipped out, and had one of his ROOT go find Ryu.

(Konoha- Streets)

Ryu saw a ROOT ANBU in an alley, and knew Danzo was asking for a meeting. Ensuring that Hanaodori was taken safely to his room, Ryu went into the alley, and saw Danzo at the end of it. Danzo then said, "My, caring for your little girlfriend there, how touching. Ryu blushed, but said, "Sorry, not my girlfriend, besides, I wouldn't do that to Hanabi-chan."

Danzo then said, "Not only that, I came to congratulate you on your promotion." Ryu blinked, and asked, "I got promoted?" Danzo chuckled, and said, "Yes, you did. You, Naruto-san, and even Nara-san were all promoted, for both your actions in the exams and the invasion. Sarutobi was very impressed, he even put the foolish civilians in line." Ryu then turned serious, and asked, "How dd your men do?"

Danzo said, "My men ensured that there were few casualties on our end, and ended many sound ninja lives." Ryu bowed, seeing as Danzo was finished, and said, "If that is all, I must go."

Danzo saw him leave the alley, and thought, 'Strange times are upon us, I wonder how things will turn out.'

(Konoha streets)

Ryu walked home, and when he passed the Hyuuga compound, Hiashi greeted him from the gate, and asked, "Hello Ryu-san, nice to see you after the craziness of that invasion, yes?" Ryu bowed respectfully and said, "It certainly is. May I ask what has you so cheery?"

Hiashi smirked, and said, "I need to ask you to bring your mother and aunt over to discuss something very important, and I hope you would attend as well. It will be in two hours, is that fair to you?" Ryu nodded and said, "Certainly, I'll let them know. Thank you." Hiashi chuckled and said, "It's no trouble at all my boy,' He sees Ryu head into the Namikaze compound. 'It's certainly no trouble at all."

(Namikaze compound)

Naruto, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, Crona and Medusa were speaking Shinigami, giving their reports on what happened. Shinigami then said, "My, that's quite impressive. It's good to see how much you all improved." Spirit was next to him, and he said, "Even I have to admit, Medusa, what I saw out there was nothing short of incredible. Makes me glad you're on our side. Made shivers go down my spine."

Naruto chuckled, and said, "We all knew Medusa-Chan was tough, but she just proved it." Spirit mumbled, "Understatement of the century."

Shinigami soon turned serious, and said, "We have a problem, and it involves that Draven character." Maka and Soul walked in at that point, and Maka said, "What do you mean? We saw him killing sound ninjas earlier, before they all just ran off." Shinigami sighed, and turned to a mirror next to him, and when it showed an image, it made Tsubaki have her eyes go the size of dinner plates. The reason, it was an image of Shin village, the village of needles, set ablaze. Draven stood on one of the rooftops that wasn't on fire, torch in hand, and he walked off, bodies laid on the street, and Draven disappeared, the torch falling on the rooftop, setting the last building on fire.

Shinigami then said, "This was taken not even a week ago, I'm sure you remember this place Tsubaki-chan, this village gave you and Black Star a hard time, due to what family he was from."

Tsubaki nodded, and said, "Yes, I remember, we went to get the soul of my brother, who was on the verge of becoming a Kishin. When we got near the village, the villagers saw Black Star's tattoo, and they immediately drove us out."

Shinigami nodded, and said, "Sadly it seems Draven found out about that, and this is his revenge. He has quite a problem with those who harm others for appearance reasons. Sadly I am to blame for that."

Maka shook her head, and asked, "How could you be? I mean, it's not like you tried to kill him or something."

Shinigami sighed, and said, "No, but I did something just as bad. You see due to my laws, those who have gone down the path of a kishin, or in Draven's case, appear that way, are persecuted in a manner similar to how Jinchuuriki are treated. Sad to say while it was not my intention, average people do not share my views. Draven was treated as a freak, a monster due to his appearance, and he now resents me for it, and will take it out on any who do such things to others."

Naruto had a dark look on his face, and he said, "Strangely, I should feel angry at him for what he did to that village, but, in a way, he's exactly how I would've been." Tsubaki and the others were shocked to hear it, and Naruto continued, "I was beginning to hate the villagers, they would hunted me down, treated me like a beast, a monster that never should of existed, but then I met all of you, and that feeling went away. My guess is, that Draven never had anyone to start with, and because of that, the feeling never went away, only grew. And now, he goes on like this."

Shinigami hung his head low, and said, "I can't help feeling that this was my fault, that he is this way because of me."

Naruto shook his head, and said, "No, Draven became this way because of the hatred humans showed him, after all, hatred shown is hatred returned."

Medusa and the others could only watch on, even Maka having a slight tear in her eyes, Soul hugging her from behind. Ryu heard it all from around the corner, watching from the hallway, after he went to check on Hanaodori. Her condition was improving, even if it was slowly, his aunt and mother were ready to go to the meeting with the Hyuugas, and he went to change into his formal wear.

(Hyuuga compound- Grand meeting room)

The entire Hyuuga clan was sitting in the room, having been told that this was a great occasion. The main and cadet branch sat separately, as even this occasion would not let them get past old wounds. Hiashi stood in front of them all, Ryu and the Mizune sisters in both their adult forms sitting next to him, Hanabi and Hinata on their fathers other side.

The Hyuuga wondered why those outside the clan where attending the meeting, but before any of them could ask, Hiashi cleared his throat and said, "Thank you all for coming to this grand occasion, this is a great day for both this clan and this village. For starters, we have the Mizune clan, who earlier today, were officially made a clan within our own village." The Hyuuga were surprised, as they never expected something like this.

Hiashi continued, saying, "And, to the reason this meeting was called. A clan alliance was made with the Mizune, and it was finalized in the only way it could be." A smirk went onto Hiashi's face, one which the Hyuuga elders knew they would not like the reason why. Hiashi then said, "In an agreement between both myself and the current head of the Mizune clan, an arranged marriage between my daughter Hanabi, and her son Ryushikon, was discussed and agreed upon on both our parts."

Ryu and Hanabi looked at each other, then their father/mother, and then back to each other, and to the amusement of said folks, fainted with large red blushes, each making a tomato look pale. Hinata sighed and said, "Why am I not surprised, the strangeness of kids."

This made even the elders laugh a bit at the pure irony of what she said. The Mizune sister were giggling, thankful that the plan went perfectly, and saw that Ryu and Hanabi took it better then expected.

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