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A/N: This is angsty. Not nearly as bad as it could be but I felt like it needed to be written. It began swimming around in my head today after I finished watching "The Road to Sectionals" DVD. So, here it is. It's my first Glee fanfic and to be honest, I kinda like it.

Pairing: haha you're funny. But...if you squint, i guess you could say Quinn/Schue but honestly, this doesn't have a pairing.

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P.S: Uh, sorry it's so short and sorry it's so sucky at the beginning. I hate beginnings. :D

They had won Sectionals and now they were well on their way to Regionals. Her baby bump was getting bigger and each time she looked in the mirror she would see Terri Schuester's big pleading blue eyes then she'd see Mr. Schue's green ones. He'd been prone to being stoic and distant. Everyone knew he was having home problems and the abscence of Emma didn't help matters either. Though during practices he seemed like the good old Mr. Schue who had found talent in each and every one of them, they could all see the pain in his eyes, the bitterness laced in his previously happy smiles.

Despite the fact he talked to no one, she found herself rubbing her small fragile hand across his shoulders after practices as her little girl kicked the inside walls of her stomach. She'd feel those kicks and the guilt would begin to knaw at her. He had fallen in love with a baby that wasn't his; a baby that just happened to be hers. So as he sat and brooded and she comforted, she tried to remember what being normal felt like because this was anything but normal. She shouldn't be there giving support to a broken teacher who had no one else to go to. She shouldn't be in glee. She shouldn't be in love with two men at the same time. She shouldn't be pregnant either.

But, despite all her coulda-shoulda-wouldas, she was pregnant. She was in love with two men and she was in glee and giving comfort to the man who deserved none of what he had been through. He was a nice man, a talented man and he was relegated to the side lines of Lima looser-hood. Not that she thought of him as being a Lima looser. No, that title belonged to Puck. She did feel, however, that he needed bigger and better places. He had the heart of a small town and the ambitions of a big city. New York needed him not freaking Lima, Ohio.

She never thought to tell her curly headed glee coach any of this, though. She was afraid of what he'd say. She was afraid of what he wouldn't say. His bouts of silence unnerved even her. She considered herself strong--she was carrying a baby in high school, after all--but when he didn't speak, didn't even make a move to say anything, she felt uncomfortable. This was their coach. He had the solution to anything and everything. Now, they were stuck with his indecisiveness and his nonchalant tendencies. Though he still seemed larger than life, something was missing.

The baby, young Quinn Fabray thought. He's missing the baby. She absentmindedly dropped her hand from it's place on his shoulders and onto her belly.

Without moving, William Schuester said, "How's the baby?'

She jumped at the sudden sound of his voice. It felt like she hadn't heard it in so long. It was foreign to her.

"She's fine," she could feel her throat tighten. The tast of bile made it's way to her tongue. She shuddered.

"Terri was going to have a girl." Her world froze and the tears started.

"Mr. Schuester, I have something to tell you." The emotions made it hard for her to speak. She felt strangled and small and scared. He slowly turned to look at her. "It was mine."

She saw his green eyes cloud with confusion and she suddenly had the overwhelming urge to hug him.

"Quinn, what are you talking about?"

So, hug him he did. When she pulled away from him, her explanation came out in a jumbled mess. "I know you don't want to hear this--god knows you've been through enough--but I think I will die if I don't tell you. Mrs. Schuester-" his jaw clenched tightly and she quickly fixed herself "-your...ex...or whatever she is now came to me. I was nervous, I just found out. She made me an offer. She told me she wanted the baby. I was so happy. I knew you would make a great father." She smiled to try as she might to soften the mood. He didn't return the gesture. "I didn't have that. I still don't. I just wanted everyone to be happy." Her voice cracked and she looked down at her shoes.

A few seconds passed. "I know," Mr. Schue finally whispered.

Her head snapped up to face him. "What?"

"She told me before I left."

Quinn nodded and the pair fell silent. After a long time, she placed her hand back on his shoulders and began rubbing back and forth. He leaned into her touch and for a brief second she swore she saw the ghost of the old Schue smile flit across his lips. But it was gone before she could even decipher it. She felt bad. Even though she felt better, she hated to know what was going through his head. He already knew but it was still hard knowing she had kept him in the dark for so long.

"Thank you," he said suddenly.

It was her turn to be confused. "For what?"

"For having the guts to tell me what Terri never could."

"And what's that?"

"The truth."

She smiled and that time, he actually smiled back. He slapped his hands on his knees loudly and got up and faced Quinn. She blinked in confussion as he grabbed her hands, pulling her from her chair and spinning her around in an improvised dance. They laughed in unison. She felt so much better. If he was in pain, he wasn't showing it at that moment and it lifted her spirits higher. He spun her around again and she found herself flush against his dancer's body in a tight hug she was not expecting. She chuckled softly and willingly gave in to his strong arms.

She placed her forehead on his taut chest and, with a sigh, muttered, "Goodbye, apathy."

Above her, William Schuester blinked away the tears that had finally sprung up into his eyes.