As soon as the time for the second half of the Alpha Shift was up, Pavel Chekov and Hikaru Sulu calmly got out of their seats at the helm and went in the direction of the turbolift. A minute later, they were sneaking along a deserted corridor to where the meeting rooms were. Nobody ever went in there and it was close enough to the turbolift than either of their quarters because if they overshot their short break, they'd miss the shift and there would be hell to pay. If they were close enough to the lift, they could run if they were on the verge of being late.

Besides, sex in a meeting room was a lot more hot than in their quarters. It was risky and dangerous and turned both men on.

As soon as the door locked, Pavel was on Hikaru, backing him up against the meeting table with a hand behind Hikaru's neck to keep him steady as his mouth assaulted Hikaru's and another hand reaching into Hikaru's pants.

Hikaru groaned as Pavel's hand gripped his cock and pushed it gently and then rougher in the spots he preferred.

"Harder, Pav," he moaned as their mouths unlocked and they panted together in sync.

Pavel's hand went harder and faster around Hikaru's cock until Hikaru was moaning louder in pleasure.

"Fucking awesome," Hikaru breathed. Then Pavel's eyes shone in fierce excitement, startling the hell out of Hikaru, but also turning him on. The blue eyes that he knew so well were now passionate and enthralled, making Hikaru feel exhilarated.

"Fuck me, Hikaru," Pavel told him hoarsely.

Without complaint, Hikaru nodded in the heat of the moment. Pavel began to slide down from where he had been straddling Hikaru on the table, and his hands slid across Hikaru's side where he was the most ticklish. On instinct, Hikaru's knee jerked up. . .right into Pavel's babymaker.

Pavel gasped in shock and pain as tears sprung to his eyes. Hikaru's eyes widened as Pavel promptly fell to the floor, clutching his cock like it would fall off or burst into flames. From the moaning that Pavel was doing on the floor in a fetal ball, Hikaru assumed that his cock was definitely on fire.

"Pavel, dammit, I'm sorry. . .I didn't mean to knee you. . ." Hikaru knelt beside his lover and gently turned him to where he could see the tears streaming down Pavel's face. Pavel's face was contorted in pain and Hikaru's cock ached in sympathy.

"Dammit, I really fucked this one up," Hikaru muttered as he carefully lifted the Russian into his arms and proceeded to sit back on the meeting table with Pavel in his lap.

He could hear Pavel whimpering as the teen pressed his face into Hikaru's neck to avoid the pain that was assaulting him. Damn, Hikaru had gotten him good, hadn't he?

"I'm sorry, baby, I'm really sorry," Hikaru stroked Pavel's hair and whispered those words to him, "I know it hurts, but it's going to get better. You'll feel okay in a few minutes."

He kissed Pavel's hair and sighed in resignation. This was a new one, a new fuck-up for him.

He rubbed Pavel's back until the whimpering ceased and then Pavel lifted his head from Hikaru's neck. Hikaru frowned when he saw Pavel's face that had the remains of pain etches. He leaned in and kissed Pavel's forehead and then his cheeks and wherever else on the young Russian's face. He wiped away the tears that had fallen and erased the tear tracks that had formed.

"Any better now?" queried Hikaru, concerned.

"Da. Better. Do you always have that much of a knee-jerk reaction when you're tickled?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"I'll have to remember that next time," Pavel smiled.